one winner will receive a $500 store credit to ! check out for some seriously beautiful home decor inspiration. and there’s a discount code, so make sure not to miss that!

ps. how amazing is this copper butterfly chair??



here’s how to win… 

1) enter the citizenry giveaway .

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, october 22nd at 10am PST. open to international readers! the retail value of prize is $500.

also! 15% off with the code DESIGNLOVE15 until october 21st, 12pm CST!


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    KatieB says:

    Those blankets are officially to die for!

    Jessica says:

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity to potentially win some amazing stuff!!!

    Wendy D says:

    I love their blankets – beautiful!

    Christina says:

    Wow those rugs are awesome!

    Mel says:

    Wow — what beautiful stuff. I especially love their blankets and rugs.

    catina says:

    Love a good cozy blanket!

    Deanna says:

    I love the blankets and the chair, they’re beautiful!

    leigh says:

    Ooo! Those striped rugs are wonderful!

    hannah says:

    Stunning products, love all the details and stories behind them all. Beautiful!

    All their products are stunning, but I love that butterfly chair. Wow!

    Chelsea says:

    That copper butterfly chair? Killer.

    Mia says:

    I love that white butterfly chair (and all the rugs)!

    Kimberly R. says:

    thanks for the giveaway.

    Amanda says:

    I have been in love with their chairs ever since I found them on Emily Henderson’s blog. Thank you!

    Samantha Simmons says:

    Wow. That chair is smoking hot.

    Christa says:

    The Del Campo blankets look wonderful. Great shop.

    Kelly says:

    Holy giveaways! Fingers crossed!

    Awesome giveaway. I love the Estrellas rug! Happy Wednesday, Bri 🙂

    judy o'brien says:

    any one of those blankets would be great in the chicago cold.

    Claire says:

    Ummmm, these may be the most beautiful housewares I’ve ever seen. That chair is AMAZING! The blankets and rugs, particularly the Sombra rug, are gorgeous too.

    Thanks for the chance!

    The rugs, the rugs, it’s all about the rugs! xo

    vanessa wilt says:

    I would definitely pick one of the rugs!

    Rachel H says:

    I SO want one of those butterfly chairs! Thanks, Bri!

    Andrea says:

    Oh my god I want it all <3 The throws are absolutely breathtaking. Cheers from Mexico.

    s.montgomery says:

    That Sombra rug is lovely! I imagining it in my entry right now…and it looks Good!

    i LOVE the throws…everything on their website is beautiful!

    Betsy says:

    So much goodness! Oh my!!

    Katie says:

    Oh man, that chair is amazing!

    It’s amazing for me to have a website, which is good in favor of my know-how.

    thanks admin

    chelsea says:

    Hi! First off, I am way behind the times and just found your blog, and it’s amazing. I love it!! Next, all of this is amazing, the chair the blanket -I love every piece and can’t wait to explore their shop.

    Patricia says:

    I love all of the pillows and blankets!

    Melissa says:

    Love those pretty rugs!

    Michelle says:

    wow, just goes to show how beautiful and unique artisan-made goods are. I love that there is a person and a story behind each piece.

    Ashley says:

    Finally, pillows I adore! The Verano is too cute. It would look perfect in my new apartment!

    Michelle Perenchio says:

    These prints and fabrics are making my heart skip a beat!! They’re stunning!

    Danielle says:

    WHAT! So beautiful. My fingers are crossed twice!

    Amanda says:

    I am in love with their chairs and blankets! So excited

    Dalina says:

    Holy moly. In love with absolutely everything! Praying to all the home furnishing gods.

    clémence says:

    Thanks a lot. This butterfly chair is awesome ! Perfect for my future home in Paris

    Alexandria says:

    That Butterfly chair though!!!!

    Elaine says:

    Love the sombra rug! In black and white. Thanks for the chance to win

    Ansley says:

    The butterfly chair

    Amy M says:

    Love those COPPER LEATHER chairs!! Eeeeek!

    Kari says:

    The Laguna Pillows are so simple and stunning!

    Cas says:

    THAT CHAIR. that chair, that chair, that chair. I’ve been coveting it from the first moment I heard of this shop about a month back. They promote such beautiful work from their international partners, and I love supporting a business with that a intention. The La Brisa throw is amazingly gorgeous as well. Thanks for this giveaway!

    Helena says:

    Love that copper chair! It’s just amazing!

    Sara says:

    I am really digging the rugs! Could use one desperately in my new apartment!

    Jackie says:

    love the rugs!!

    Yuna says:

    what an awesome giveaway! ( as always! ) Love that copper chair!

    maria says:

    omg!! i´d love to win this giveaway!!!

    Laura Hernandez says:

    That chair, that chair.
    I’m Colombian, love to see this partner projects. Thanks for the giveaway.
    (That chair, that chair).

    Tegan says:

    amazing giveaway!! swoon

    Lulu says:

    Go Argentina go! Love the chair and the rugs…

    carly says:

    Love it all… beautifully curated little shop

    Jessie says:

    Love those chairs!

    Melanie F says:

    Absolutely (literally) adore their entire store! I want to take a nap asap cuddled up in the Verano throw!

    Kate says:

    I love those gorgeous blankets. Thanks for the giveaway, Bri!

    Hayley Trone says:

    The Palermo Copper series…Wow<3

    Amanda says:

    That chair is everything.

    Amanda says:

    Loving that chair! WOW what a great giveaway

    Maddie W. says:

    Love the blankets!

    Lily says:

    Love the copper butterfly chair!

    Sarah Greenhaw says:

    love the copper on the butterfly chair and all the textiles. so beautiful!

    rossana says:

    Love the copper butterfly chair!

    khloe says:

    love the rugs!!

    KayBe says:

    I would die. We have been working on our basement for months and it still looks like a basement. This would blow me out of the water!

    Laurence says:

    hell yeah @!!!

    Alex says:

    The vista rug is so perfect for a kids room.

    Sunchicka says:

    Love the rugs

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