last summer jesse, jen and i were in the car returning from a work trip, headed back to LA and really not wanting to go home. we were talking about how much we had to do upon returning and how we seriously wanted to avoid it. when we hit LA one of us casually mentioned that we shouldn’t stop in LA, we should just keep driving. so we did. we drove to palm springs and spent one night at the korakia and it was magical and liberating. it was one extra night away but it felt like the most luxurious thing in the world.  it felt like we were living the good life that day. we had breakfast by the pool and laid around in our bathrobes in the sun, it was perfect and i’ll always remember it.

recently launched a campaign called “” and when they asked me if i wanted to support the campaign, i was all ears. the project centers around getting a taste of the good life, the times when you actually get to do the things you dream about, like ditching work and having a spa day, or buying that couch you’ve been eyeing, splurging on a pair of over priced shoes or flying to see someone you love, just because. it’s about the things you could only imagine happening, actually happening.

today we’re giving away a chance for you to win that experience, to get to do the thing that would make you feel like you’re living the good life. together with , one person will win their dreamt up experience, up to $1000, whatever that may be. concert tickets, a night away, a plane ticket, trading in your old purse for the one you always walk by at the department store but could never buy…

now, this prize looks different for everyone and we want to know what it looks like to YOU! what could we give you that would make you jump up and down?

maybe it’s saying no more to hand washing everything and finally getting a dishwasher? or putting in the expensive tile in your kitchen just because it’s pretty. let us know what your world would look like if it tasted as good as and we’ll select one winner, at random, to receive their “taste” up to $1000.

here’s how to win…./ this giveaway is now closed and the winner has been selected and notified. 

1) leave us a comment below telling us about something we could give you that would make your world as good as the taste of diet coke. please remember that the prize limit is $1000 so try and make your idea something that would fall in that category.

this giveaway is open for one week. one winner will be chosen at random on thursday,  october 9th, 2014 to receive the prize the described in their comment (value not to exceed $1000) this giveaway is open to domestic readers only. the retail value of prize is $1000. this giveaway is hosted by designlovfest. read official rules and regulations, here

this story is brought to you by , thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow us to create original content for you. 

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Add your own

    Gabrielle Mizrahi says:

    My dreamt up award would be a plane ticket for my mom to Amsterdam. I just moved to London for graduate school, and had to take up loans to do so. But being in Europe, its important to me that I get the chance to travel. My moms favorite place in Europe is Amesterdam, so I would seriously feel like I was living the good life if I could buy her a ticket from the US, and meet her there for a couple of days (without the guilt of feeling like I should have put that money towards my loans!)

    two tickets to venice, which is an intra-European hop for us. check in at our favorite hotel. aperitivo that turns into a dinner of all the good snacks they serve. harry’s bar as a night cap. a water taxi if we have extra, and water bus if we don’t. and walk across st. mark’s. photos on the square at sunrise, when you have it all to yourself and a gondolieri or two as they set up their boats. espresso’s and cornetto’s to start the next day and head home… and this isn’t b/c of the sponsor of the giveaway but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’d be having a diet coke on ice at the airport…

    Danielle says:

    With one grand, I would probably buy myself a really nice camera for taking pictures on my blog, because right now, I have to take them with the front-facing camera on my kindle fire, and they are really low quality.

    nicole says:

    I’m a graphic designer, and I’m very passionate about design. I love creating something with my hands and my mind and being able to do so has brought me through the death of my mom + grandma this past year. I would love to use the $1000 to furnish and decorate my bedroom and home studio. I would love to have a completely inspiring space- somewhere to feel at home, to create, and keep on creating.

    Catherine says:

    I would book a holiday to Santorini for me and my boyfriend. I’ve heard so many amazing things about it – it’s totally beautiful, but vacations there sometimes add up to as much as a trip to SE Asia (from the UK) where my family lives, so it never quite seems justified.

    Edith says:

    As a shoe addict, since 2 years I am dreaming of a pair of Valentino’s flat rockstuds, as unfortunately I can’t buy them. But they are, for sure, my dream shoes.

    Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the
    good effort.

    Corrin says:

    A check made out to Visa to take a nice chunk out of my last remaining credit card debt, which would result in a fabulous nights sleep.

    Lauren S. says:

    I have been dying to visit Iceland, so I’d us it to fund my travels around the country and see as much as I can!

    Brooke says:

    My dream would be ab$1000 Anthropologie gift card!

    Kitty says:

    1000$, hmm… I’d buy two plane tickets to Portugal for me and my mom. We would bond over hiking trips, we’d go snorkeling. I could remind her and myself what adventure feels like. I feel like we both need this a lot, because we wanted to go there for many years. And with all the routine, we have lost our lust for adventures and magnificent wonders of life.

    Rachel says:

    I have been sewing on the same machine for 10 yrs. I would really love to treat myself to a new sewing machine. I just can’t justify splurging on a new one right now as I’m 7 months pregnant. But winning $1000 would certainly get me to treat myself!

    erin says:

    I’d take two weeks off from work the end of October to road trip with my bf to Montana and Colorado. I’m out of PTO for the year, and this… YOLO (he’s in between jobs). Biking, hiking, the mountains and fresh air with my main squeeze… yes, please!

    Flor says:

    It seems you ladies want to travel very bad! Mmmm, too bad is only for domestic readers 🙁

    Amanda U. says:

    Oooo great giveaway! Considering I just moved from Florida to Minnesota, I would buy lots of cute winter clothes!

    Barbara Moreira says:

    Out of the closet diet coke fan actually. Id use the funds to
    upgrade my upcoming nye trip which is currently a bit flat to be a true luxury!

    Carrie says:

    I would FINALLY feel ready to buy our dream house!! We have enough to cover the obvious things, but you know those pesky hidden costs are what getcha…This would give me the peace of mind to close my eyes, let go and sign away!

    Hannah says:

    I would buy a new camera! I already have a “beginner’s” DSLR, but to get one with faster fps and higher quality would be a dream.

    I would use it to help convert space in my room into a mini home-office. I’d buy a desk, office accessories and (if funds allowed) an iPad mini to take biz on the go!

    Ioanna says:

    with $1000 I would please like the Nikon D5300 kit (or similar) 🙂 I love my little bridge camera but I think I’ve outgrown it and would love the chance to experiment and improve my photography further. A new camera would make the world as good as diet coke (and I drink a lot of the stuff, in fact I’m drinking one right now with my lunch!) xx

    Rachael says:

    Oh Goodness! I would use it as a down payment on a new apartment. So my husband and I can move our of the in-laws! 🙂 a space to ourselves to create our own home!

    Kathleen says:

    I would buy the Lulu & Georgia rug I have been eyeing for my new condo!

    Taylor says:

    Since my boyfriend and I moved in together a year ago, we haven’t really been able to get away for ourselves. I would absolutely love a nice romantic weekend getaway at a B&B just relaxing with my loved one. It would make my stress go wayyyyyyy down! Good luck to all!


    Erin says:

    I would use it to get rid of stress by paying off wedding bills and then getting a massage!

    Lucy says:

    It would definitely be a trip to London – my fiance and I haven’t been on a trip together in so long, as we’ve been saving for our wedding, so a little time away would just be a dream! 🙂

    katie says:

    I would want to travel abroad with my boyfriend.

    I just got my beloved Fuji camera stolen, just before going on my honeymoon to California! Sad sad sad! I know it’s not the end of the world but it would mean the world to me to get it replaced! Especially after saving every little penny we own for this trip!

    Courtney says:

    A trip to Colorado to see a concert at Red Rocks!

    A date night fund – to pay for babysitters and meals out. And to maybe even spring for a movie once in a while, which we never do. With my husband’s busy work schedule these times are so crucial for us to be able to reconnect!

    Carissa says:

    a plane ticket to Greece would be the most fabulous thing in the world. I’ve wanted to go since the 7th grade when we learned about Greek mythology and I couldn’t imagine anything better!

    Danielle says:

    My dreamt up award would be a plane ticket to visit my long distance girlfriend… living 3,000 miles apart (East Coast to West Coast, as far away as possible and still in the United States). The time we get to spend together is so precious. So even just a weekend getaway; I would make that 11 hour flight just to see her for a couple of days. With the leftover money, I would take her out to eat and to a movie. Regular date stuff made special just ’cause of all that distance 🙂

    Gnome Lover says:

    A weekend away with my husband. A very much needed weekend away. Thank you for the chance! Jenni

    Charity says:

    My $1000 prize would be well spent on: a shiny, new digital camera for filming and snapping photos, and the leftover change would surely be spent at a thrift store on a tiny treasure.


    dot says:

    I have four siblings, and we all live in different cities–DC, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Talahassee, Gainsville, FL. With $1000 to spend freely, I’d buy four plane tickets–one to visit each one of them! My family’s really close, and it’s been difficult living so far-flung!

    Mar says:

    My husband has never been to New York! I know it sounds crazy since we live on the east coast, but I would love to surprise him with the trip of a lifetime! We would walk in Central Park, take the subway all over the city, sit at a rooftop bar, and be touristy in Times Square! He has done so much for me, I would love to be able to treat him with this special trip.

    Brianne says:

    I would go to Blogshop!!!

    Megan says:

    For the last 2 years, my husband and I have been paying down credit card debt we accrued in college/graduate school. Every extra cent goes to paying it off. We want to start a family, but are hesitant to start trying until we have this debt under our belts. A $1,000 payment would help ease the stress so much and get us one step closer to family member #3 🙂

    olivia says:

    ahhh so cool. a ticket to paris, no question!

    Sarah says:

    Right now my biggest travel desire is a road trip with my boyfriend to New Orleans. By far one of the most magical places in the US and the closest thing to traveling out of the country while still being here. I want to go and try on masks in the quarter, see my family grave, wander the streets where my grandpa grew up and share all of it with that boyfriend. (And obviously stuff my face with beignets and all the cajun food I can get my hands on.)

    Abby says:

    If I won $1,000 I would love to go on a relaxing getaway! My husband and I own our own small business and work together and it’s rare that we get an opportunity to escape and fully relax.

    Jane says:

    It’s so hard to choose, but I’d probably treat myself to the Kitchen Aid mixer that I’ve been lusting over for years and a plane ticket to visit my best friend in San Francisco.

    Hope M. says:

    A plane ticket to Hawaii would be a dream come true :))

    jody marie says:

    I’d take myself to somewhere magical and stay forever–maybe a surf camp in south america? or a yoga retreat in india? Travelling for 1000 is my specialty and a nice big get away is just what the doctor ordered for 2014.

    Emily says:

    I would buy a trendy couch that I normally couldn’t afford for years for my new apartment!

    Lina says:

    My dream of Paris. I’ve wanted to go my whole life, and due to other travel, work and the rest of my life, it has gotten put on hold for one reason or another. A dream give-away like this would make that dream a reality FINALLY <3

    Allison says:

    My best friend Mollie moved to Winter Park, FL with her husband about three years ago and I’ve only been able to see her once. I’d love for my husband and I to be able to fly down there and Mollie and I spend the evening at the Park Plaza hotel while the boys stay at their home.

    Meghan says:

    I was leaving a meeting with some pretty high up folks in my company two weeks ago and on my way out, my long suffering work bag’s handles just gave out and all of my things tumbled to the floor. Since then, I’ve been carrying my work things in an old gap leather tote that has seen better days. If I had a $1000, I would replace my dingy bag with something beautiful and professional and eye catching. With whatever is left over? I would go out and grab a pair of repetto ballet flats. Because they make every day better!

    Maddie says:

    honestly? probably a gift card to target. I know that’s not the most exciting thing in the world but on a college student budget with college student debt, it’s hard to even think about things like luxury handbags or a vacation. A trip to target to get some new things for my bedroom and replace shoes/jeans with holes would make me about as happy as can be.

    Danielle says:

    My dream would be a surprise trip to Europe for my husband and I. He supports my dreams – even if it means he has to work a little harder – and never asks for anything in return. I have never been out of the U.S., and I would love the chance to experience the life there with him!

    Nicole G. says:

    I would splurge on a spa day, and then use the rest of it to have a massage once a month as long as it will take me.

    Mary Ann says:

    Some new workout gear! Currently on a health kick and would love some fresh duds.

    Annette says:

    I would buy a ticket for my mom to go to Hawaii to visit my brother. My brother is in the Navy and hasn’t been able to come home to visit us for the past year and a half that he’s been stationed there, and we don’t have the extra money to travel that far. I would give anything to give my mother the chance to travel to see my brother.

    Shannon says:

    I am getting married in January and my fiance and I will be moving in to our new home together. We are in desperate need of a new couch to snuggle on after a long day of work, to watch movies on rainy days, or to take long Sunday naps. (And to replace the futon he’s had since college that is currently serving as our only seating option).

    Jennifer says:

    My world would taste as good as diet coke if I could swing a girls trip with my sister and mom! Would love for us to go on a local adventure to New Orleans, as that’s where my mom is originally from! The $1,000 prize would help get us there and start our adventure!

    amanda says:

    well first of all, great giveaway! i lovvvvve diet coke! 🙂

    what would i do with 1,000 bucks?hands down, without a doubt, i would buy a bed for my new house! after years of moving and sticking to the same bed we’ve had since college – it’s time for an upgrade!

    Quetzalli Aquino says:

    My husband and I just bought a house, and there’s so much to do! I’d use it to improve it so we get our dream home so much sooner 🙂

    Nancy says:

    I would visit my sister and we would stay in a nice hotel, eat good food, and get pampered in the spa. We both work hard. It would be nice to relax.

    Emily says:

    I would use the money to take my boyfriend to Hawaii…he’s never seen the ocean!!

    maureen says:

    I would host A HUGE party for the holidays, no expenses spared…Invite the entire family, great times!!!

    Beth says:

    New flooring for our living area and some scones to replace our lamps…and maybe a few cases of diet coke ; )

    elizabeth says:

    As a classic girl, there are few purchases that will last longer than simple pair of Louboutin pumps. With the money left over, I’d treat myself to a lavish dinner for me and my friends (while wearing the pumps of course).

    Jillian says:

    I would buy plane tickets to San Francisco, and one night in a fancy hotel, to spend some much needed heart to heart time with a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time and who is needing support at this time!

    Cristina says:

    I would use it to pay for a flight to visit my family in Italy 🙂

    Mel says:

    i’ve always always wanted to head out for date night with my hubs and instead of going to our typical dinner and movie, just drive to the airport and grab any flight that’s about to go out! we’d spend maybe just one night – or however long we could afford – exploring whatever random city we ended up in!

    Emily M says:

    I would have a heated floor and new tile installed in our bathroom! It would be such a luxury on cold Chicago winter mornings.

    Elizabeth says:

    plane tickets for my sister to come visit me. And then tickets to a concert by her favorite band.

    Meifu says:

    One of those visa gift cards that can be used pretty much anywhere. Ive always wanted to have a shopping spree because im very frugal and try to save most of my money. However, it would be nice to splurge for once! 🙂

    Meegan says:

    Plane Tickets somewhere in the US. My husband and I have been trying to pay off loans and we haven’t had a lot of time to go on an adventure!

    Cathy M says:

    Honestly, I’d rather gift my Mom with a plane ticket to Italy. She has wanted to go for so long, but is now on a limited income and hasn’t been able to justify the cost to herself for a plane ticket to get there.

    brit says:

    I would love a Frye company bag, and some cute moccasins for the little one!

    Britt says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I’d buy a new bed. We’ve lived in our current place for 4 years and haven’t even begun to decorate the bedroom or make it feel inviting. A new bed would be a great start!

    Emily says:

    I work across the street from the Nomad Hotel, and I’ve always fantasized about having a staycation there. I’d go right after work, have dinner and drinks in their beautiful restaurant, take a luxurious bath, and have breakfast in bed.

    Jess Zimlich says:

    Embarrassingly enough, I’m still rocking the hand me down furniture that I got in college. It’s extremely outdated and I’m ready to move on from it! I think starting with the couch and then adding pieces that tickle my fancy from there would be the perfect way to go 🙂 You gals rock!

    Jen says:

    I would put it towards decorating the bedroom in my apartment.

    Nicole (Chicago) says:

    Hello! Getting a taste of my dream is to update my apartment painting studio with a new work station and shelving that can hold multiple painting projects. I work with fluid acrylics and soak paper over and over. I would love to have more space for the work to dry while I am working on other paintings simultaneously. Better lighting for this room, and overall storage space that is minimal, organized, and inspiring to look at would be a spectacular dream come true! Thank you for the opportunity to maybe get a taste! 🙂 NP from Chicago

    Alanna says:

    Gosh…I would treat myself to a trip back home to Boston to spend time with my family and especially niece and nephew who I rarely see and who are growing up before my eyes. And, I wouldn’t feel guilty about taking the vacation days that I hoard.

    Elizabeth says:

    I’ll be 30 in February and am planning a party weekend with friends. It would be so nice to be able to cover everything – or at least most of everything!

    Catherine says:

    The $1000 would go towards new furniture and decor for my dream apartment!

    Catherine says:

    Travel! I want to spend more time seeing new places. I live in LA, but have never been to SF, so that’s next on my list!

    Hana says:

    I’d visit my grandparents in Beijing. I haven’t been able to see them in 2 years because I live in NYC!

    Lynne says:

    I would splurge on a beautiful new rug for my living room! It’s so much fun to update your space. Every time you walk into the room it put’s a smile on your face. When you do these things slowly you can really pick out the perfect thing and remember exactly why and when and with who you bought it. I love special memories like that.

    Jessica says:

    A plane ticket to Greece. Not only is it gorgeous – and, hello, *cheese* vendors on the street – but I’ve never visited due to financial constraints (or traveled internationally, for that matter). My family is there, and I want to meet them. And, as a painter, I can’t even imagine the direction this would take my portfolio. Please help, Diet Coke & Bri!

    Kristina M says:

    My boyfriend and I have been dying to go to Iceland to hike, photograph and take in the unworldly scenery. Plane tickets to Iceland would be amazing!

    Laura says:

    I would want a beautiful fall weekend out of NYC! We would rent a car and drive up to Hudson, NY. Have dinner at Fish & Game, go antiquing for the perfect souvenir and stay at The Barlow. Ah, just dreaming of that sounds wonderful.

    Jac says:

    I’m going to give you the nerdiest response ever, but whatever.

    I would bring my family together for Thanksgiving. A sister & her two kids in Georgia, a sister and her S/O in Iowa, my husband & I in Virginia Beach, and my Dad in New York. I’d rent a cabin somewhere in the blue mountains, fly my sisters and their families in, and have my Dad drive down. It would be the first time that all of us were together in 3 years when we weren’t totally focused on my mom’s illness or passing, and it would be glorious.

    Sarah says:

    I would treat myself to a trip to the San Juan Islands, including a cute airbnb, kyaking and a good girlfriend!

    Kimberly says:

    A trip to another country or a remodeled kitchen would be great!

    kaisse says:

    i would use the g to go on a weekend getaway to Charleston, SC. My husband and I haven’t been to a beach since our honeymoon 3 years ago, and we’ve daydreamed of going to Charleston to experience to sun, sand, history, and food, food being the most important part! Good luck all!

    Jessie heckman says:

    If I won $1000, I’d use it to take my boyfriend on a romantic weekend getaway to a cute BnB in Cape May. Included would be snuggling in front of a fireplace and walking on the beach and some delicious indulgent dinners. Maybe even a trip to the spa

    Tiffany says:

    I’ve always wanted a pair of Manolo Blahnik d’Orsay pumps. No particular style in mind, but the d’Orsay is key. If not that, I could use a decent DSLR for my shop and general photography because my iPhone isn’t cutting it anymore.

    Cristina Rose says:

    One thing I have always wanted to do was go to Ikea or West Elm and fix up my mother’s kitchen. She keeps a beat up bedroom dresser in the kitchen to store her food! She works 6 days a week and refuses to treat herself! I have been eyeing something like this..

    I’ve talked about re-painting and fixing up her kitchen for YEARS but never had a chance to do it. It would make me feel so good to know she comes home to a beautiful kitchen we can spend Sundays in cooking together! For me, that’s the GOOD LIFE. 🙂

    Tammy says:

    Oh man… $1,000. I think my dreamt up prize would be a new bed/bed frame/mattress down payment. It’s the ONE THING I put off doing for myself and I use it 1/3 of everyday. Silly, uh.

    Alice C. says:

    I would get a plane ticket to India to attend the Iyengar Yoga Workshop in December. I’ve been wanting to go there for yeassssss. They don’t have it often, it is such a special opportunity!!!

    Maria says:

    My dream would be to give my parents a great housewarming gift. Since I am half Chilean, it would be wonderful to give them a rug made by the Mapuche people. These are quite expensive, and my husband and I are teachers. I know this would mean the world to them to own such a piece for the new home. They are currently downsizing and have provided my husband and me so much support. They have made many opportunities possible for us that otherwise would not be. It would be wonderful to use this giveaway prize to return the favor! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Katia says:

    Bri, if I win, I would buy anew dsrl camera and lenses as my equipment got stolen from my husbands car. He is a film student, so this will help him so much! He wouldn’t have to borrow his classmates equipment anymore!

    Chelsea says:

    We’ve been putting off getting engaged and married for seven (!!!) years because splurging on a ring just doesn’t fit into our financial situation right now. Slipping a (tasteful and unique) rock onto my ring finger without feeling guilty for not putting those funds toward expenses would be so liberating and exciting.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    Alex says:

    A couple months ago I lost one of my dogs in a very tragic accident that brought lots of heartache to me and my partner. We miss her everyday, and if I won, I’d love to be able to adopt another rescue dog so my other dog, Gus, wouldn’t be so lonely, and hopefully help heal some of the pain from losing our little girl. With the remainder of the money I’d love to go somewhere with my partner and dogs. Maybe a cabin in upstate New York. Just a little getaway for rest and relaxation.

    Leah says:

    I’d buy two one way tickets to Wellington New Zealand for my husband and I. We’ve been saving for a chance to live outside of the US for a while now and well, that’d be a great push!

    i absolutely LOVE this idea. i am all about spending money on experiences…I’ve been wanting to do a fall weekend trip up east, so i’d definitely spend the $1000 on flights/a weekend in either boston or maine.

    Sharon says:

    I would totally use it to take my parents on a vacation. They deserve it!

    Hilary says:

    I’ve always dreamed of flying out to California to attend one of your workshops, Bri! That’s a luxury I’ll probably never be able to afford, but as a Graphic Designer, it’s been at the top of my wish list since I started following your blog back in 2010! I’m so inspired by everything you do.

    I am going to Paris for the first time in May and I would love some spending money for my trip!!!! PS- diet coke is everything!

    Marisa says:

    I think I would either buy myself a new camera so I could take awesome high quality pics for my blog just like you Bri! Or maybe send myself to Blogshop! 🙂

    Stephanie says:

    I have a crazy idea of my boyfriend and I moving to Thailand. We’re 2 years out of college, and needing to explore the world and other cultures to find a path for our lives. $1000 would cover our plan flights to Thailand! Then…who knows! That’s the beauty 🙂

    Yehsong says:

    I’d buy a mirrorless camera with video capabilities. I’ve been dreaming of breaking into art, film, photography, but art is an expensive field to break into. The camera would be the perfect boost to help me overcome my fear of new things and just go and do.

    Avery says:

    With one grand – I would buy a plane ticket to visit my most loved people in my life at home.

    Nicolette says:

    A round trip ticket to Europe! I love getting a taste of the world!

    Clare says:

    A grand still buys a small pair of diamond studs. The sort of non-essential that is NOT falling in the budget right now. They’d just feel so, so lux. And go with everything.

    Lucy says:

    I would pay for my parents’ plane tickets to wherever they wanted to go. They never take vacations just for themselves (where they are not also working or taking care of other people), so I would really love to just gift them this opportunity to just think of themselves!

    Melissa says:

    I would put that $1000 towards a beach vacation for me, my hubby, and son. I want to show him the ocean, the way I remember it when he was in my belly.

    Shelby c says:

    I would put it towards a ticket to Gulu Uganda <3 I visited and have been so anxious to get back. xo

    Michelle says:

    I would book a weekend away for our five year anniversary…complete with massages and a fancy dinner out.

    Natalie says:

    This is such an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance! With $1000 I would my dream camera!

    Maya shaw says:

    As a college student graduating in the spring I study fashion design. After working in New York over the summer for my internship I fell in love with the city and I have plans to move there right after school! I would use this $1000 to go towards my first months rent in the city that truly makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world.

    Emma says:

    It will be me and my husband’s first year wedding anniversary this coming December and we would love to take a trip somewhere we haven’t been since we did not get to have our honeymoon last year. It will be a dream come true!!!

    Lindsey says:

    I would finally get a tattoo with my sister, and stow the rest away for the trip we’re planning to Scotland! Permanent ink and sister time – what could be better?

    Alex says:

    A weekend get away to Tulum!

    Nicole M says:

    I’d buy a new handbag and wallet. I’ve been wanting a new one for a long time now, but guilt always settles in and I don’t end up getting it.

    Jana says:

    I would spend a few nights at my favorite hotel in Santa Cruz, right on the beach, just reading and lazing by the pool without a care in the world!

    Amy Reed says:

    My husband works full-time and is in school full-time. Between our two paychecks, it’s still not enough. Luckily, we’re scrappy and get creative with ways to save money. I can’t tell you what a relief it would be to win this money. A little breathing room would feel better than any expensive purse.

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    Diana Navarrete says:

    I would use the money for my birthday trip! In may,I turn 29 and while I’m not exactly excited about the number, I am excited about spending a week away from real life with my close friends and also my parents. Were all planning a trip to Tulum and the 1,000 would be very helpful!

    Libby says:

    I’ve always imagined a trip to Europe when I finish grad school (May 2015) to see all of the amazing artwork that I’ve studied. A plane ticket to London to get me started really would be a dream come true!

    Jamie O. says:

    I would purchase some sort of clothing storage system for my house as leaving them on my guest day bed and bathroom radiator isn’t really any sort of system. I have an old house that has small bedrooms and very little storage so purchasing some sort of armoir or closet system for my guest bedroom would be amazingly helpful.

    Andrea says:

    If I won this prize I would use the money to buy a plane ticket to Puerto Rico and spend time with my family. I do not get to see them often and with a tight budget I do not think I will be able to visit them any time soon. This would be great since my grandmother is getting old in age and my cousins are growing up so quick. A trip to the island would be a dream. Scuba diving, hanging out on the beach and relaxing is exactly what I need!

    Michelle says:

    A thousand dollars would pay for my bills for the month, which would result in less anxiety attacks, a good night’s rest, and maybe I’ll finally get to see my friends in San Diego! I live in Phoenix now, and I haven’t been back for 5 years now.

    Maggie says:

    Plane tickets for a relaxing get-a-way. Starting a small business and having a baby all in the same year leaves little time for each other. It would be great to connect and explore a beautiful location. We’ve had our eyes set on Whistler, BC!

    Logan says:

    My life has been a little hectic lately, I graduated college and (finally) got my license but I’ve found my stuff stuck in a rut. Student loans looming over my head, no job, and defeat in my voice with the dreaded “so, what do you want to do now that you’ve graduated college?!” question. The real answer is that I just want to travel.

    $1,000 could take me pretty much anywhere in the US and I’m not so sure where I’d want to visit most! I’ve always had a dream of Alaska but I found apart of myself in California two summers ago and wouldn’t mind heading back. Hell, a road trip to New Orleans sounds incredible!

    Stella Marie says:

    If I were to win the $1000 prize, I’d throw myself a way over-due birthday party that my family and friends can enjoy and have a great time at. My birthday is December 31 and I haven’t celebrated my birthday the traditional way (with all of my loved ones present) since I was, probably, 18 years and old and I’ll be turning 27 this year. With the prize money, I’ll be able to throw an awesome birthday party where I and my favorite people can celebrate the gift of life, love, and friendship. Good luck to everyone who has entered this awesome contest!

    bola tangkas says:

    If you have an election related issue you’d like to see explored,
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    Alyssa says:

    If I won this contest I would love a check that we could put towards our adoption fees. We cannot wait to have a child and this would really help accelerate the process!

    Mia says:

    My absolute favourite place in the world is Burlington, VT, and I really wanted to visit this fall and bring my best friend along, who’s never been there. I want her to experience how magical it is and understand why I get all starry-eyes every time I talk about it. If I won, I’d visit with her and show her everything I experienced while I lived there.

    Mia says:

    I would take my best friend to Nashville! We’ve been dreaming about making the trip forever but it’s hard to convince a newlywed to go on a girls-only trip, even for a long weekend! But fun music, biscuits and some good old Southern charm is good for the soul. 🙂

    Ella says:

    I would love a plane ticket to Scotland to visit my brother and two friends! They all are there doing a year of service and being able to visit them would mean the world to me! I am a college student with no money and beig able to visit them would literally be a dream come true!

    Mara says:

    I’d love to have $1000 to do a little shopping and pick up clothing that works post-baby.

    Rhiannon Del Grande says:

    My favorite place in the world is honestly in my own bed. It is my personal sanctuary away from the world where I can create my own dreams and clear my head. If I were to win this $1,000 prize, I would spend it spoiling my bed. A super plump & lush mattress to adorn this extrememly cute bed frame I just bought for my new apartment. To match, a comfortable so soft I could feel like im sleeping on a cloud everynight. With this prize I would be able to create my magical cuddly getaway. <3

    Bonnie says:

    A mid-century dinner room set, with pair of white eames chair and a nice round rug underneath.

    Kayleigh says:

    DEFINITELY a surfboard! I’d be grindin up on that wood. Seriously what better way to feel renewed and refreshed (like diet coke wink) than to catch some waves??

    Kate says:

    I’m a graphic designer, but I have a cheap computer and photoshop elements. I make do with what I have, but owning all of Adobe’s design programs would be amazing. With new programs, I could create *anything* to my heart’s content. Also coding programs, so I can learn how to code like a pro! Winning this would kick start my dreams for becoming a full time designer.

    Amber says:

    $1000? Hmmmm…my mind jumps to putting that money towards a plane ticket to Australia.I have yet been able to fly back with my boyfriend to visit his family and home country because the funds are not there. But, my health has taken the turn for the worse this past year, and I am making some huge changes in my lifestyle. One thing I really need is a new mattress to help with my back and sleeping issues. Not just any mattress though, I want a non-toxic IntelliBed 🙂

    Brenda says:

    I would buy a wide format printer so that I can continue my goal of starting a small card company and take a handful of classes on hand lettering, illustration and different techniques, upgrade my computer system and get an adobe cloud subscription and purchase a Rosetta Stone set, because greetings in more than one language are always fun! yay diet coke + bri! thanks for the opportunity!

    Carrie says:

    Honestly? Honestly I would love to shop without constantly worrying about my budget. If I won this contest, I would match right down to Town Center with my diet coke (:) and funnel money right back into the market(; And I would shop to my hearts content at a few of my favorite stores.

    Tasneem says:

    My husband is addicted to diet coke…no grocery trip is complete without it and cans fill up our recycling bin every week. He says it’s his way of relaxing and his one true vice and with that in mind I would love to use the money to take a trip. I am currently pregnant with baby number two and have been itching to go on a babymoon. We didn’t take one the first time around and this time around it feels especially important as we haven’t had much time or energy to devote to us as opposed to other life things in general. I would love to go somewhere quiet where we can see the stars. There is a house I found in the middle of the desert I would love to rent so we could get away from everything for a few days.

    Allison says:

    With $1000, I’d buy two plane tickets to Seattle, a ferry ride to Victoria, B.C., and a couple night’s stay in an adorable airbnb home.

    My sweetheart and I are overdue for a trip and nothing sounds lovelier than bundling up and exploring a beautiful city together.

    Holly B says:

    It’s always travel for me (or travel + food)! I’d grab a plane to Japan and hopefully have enough left over to eat at one of the cheap but delicious Kaiten Sushi in Tokyo. My mouth is watering just thinking about it 🙂

    I would love to donate half to a local dog shelter to help contribute in anyway possible, and use the other half to get a portrait tattoo of my chihuahua, that I’ve always wanted!

    Emily says:

    I would give the $1,000 to my parents! They have helped me in more ways than I can count!

    Hannah says:

    Realistically if I won I would put the money towards art school! But let’s be real, if I were to win id take myself to New York to find some internships and maybe do a little shopping 😉

    lauren d. says:

    I so badly want to grab my sister and go to the Avett Brothers New Year’s Eve show in North Carolina. . . one night, one awesome concert – now that would an experience

    i would take my mom for a full spa day, just the two of us!

    Sarah says:

    I would rent a cabin or house in the woods for a few days, somewhere close enough that my older brother and sister and their families could travel to meet at the house. We haven’t seen each other in years, like over 10, let alone been in the same place together all at once. We all live on opposite coasts. My mom would be completely ecstatic that all of her kids and her 4 grand babies were all together, too. My dad hasn’t even gotten to meet my youngest niece yet, so really everyone has a reason to be together and the $1000 would greatly help make this happen! I can’t think of anything better than my family to spend that kind of money on so we
    Can all be together finally even for just a few days.

    Sarah says:

    I would plan a surprise anniversary trip for my husband and I. We have been trying to save and keep to a strict budget, so a stress free vacation would be amazing

    Elyse says:

    What an AWESOME giveaway. I would love to take the $1000 and fly to LA with my boyfriend to meet his parents for the first time, and then spend a week there! They can’t travel the distance because of their age, and we’re both trying to save and pay off loans at home. Would be amazing to win!

    daphne says:

    I would use the money to buy this beautiful wooden bed frame I have been coveting for over a year. I have never had a proper bed frame since moving away from home, and it would make me feel like such a grown up!

    Najja Meeks says:

    So if I had an extra $1000 lying around I’d definitely spring for a brand new bed (queen-size) for just me and the Mr. At the moment we’re in a king size and have 2 daughters and have been co-sleeping for practically four years. So why on earth would we want a smaller bed right?! Because mama is ready to have her man back! Less room in the bed = more snuggle time for me!

    Emily Love says:

    definitely a plane ticket to Thailand, I studied abroad in Bangkok for seven months and have not stopped dreaming about returning since then!

    Jess says:

    I’m transitioning to working for myself full time in the next year, and $1000 would go in to investing in a business coach!

    Courtney says:

    My dream would be for my boyfriend and I to take our daughter to Disney world. She’s always wanted to go but we just can’t justify a trip when we have so many repairs to do around the house and a credit card we are working hard to pay off. That would seriously be such an exhilarating experience for my family!

    Stefanie says:

    $1000? How fun! As a newlywed, I’ve watched my new husband work so hard for our family. He’s graduated college, survived a wedding with me, and goes to work bright and early every morning to support the two of us. I’d love to be able to give back to him! With a vacation, or an update to his wardrobe, or to put toward his musical hobby. Anything he likes!

    Annie says:

    I would buy a fancy new couch and take this lumpy brown thing to the dump!

    kim boswell says:

    My fiancé and I have had the same terrible mattress for about 7 years now. We did not buy it new, as we couldn’t afford it. Instead, my friend sold us hers – which she had since high school! The mattress is easily over ten years old, is only a full size mattress (a queen would be amazing, a king size would be incredible!). We have had to put off buying a real mattress because, well, life happens. I believe it would be life changing to have a beautiful, new, large king size mattress and bed. Currently ours is simply on top of a box spring which is on the floor. I can only dream of the perfect full nights sleep we would both have. It really would be life changing!

    Mallory says:

    I’d love a weekend trip to Austin for my family of four. We just had our second baby and would love a fun getaway that gives us quality family time.

    Jenny says:

    A new bathroom steam shower for sure! No more shower curtains sticking to you while you clean up – ewww.

    Grace says:

    I would spend the $1000 on a trip to Europe. I studied abroad there and have dreamt of going back ever since. I also have friends and family I would love to go visit as well.

    Grace M. says:

    My husband spent a semester abroad in London and loved it. We’ve been dreaming of a trip back, but it’s always just been “someday.” I would use the money to help take him there for his birthday. $1000 would be a huge jumpstart to our travel fund.

    With $1000, I would buy the materials to build the studio my husband and I can’t afford right now. We have big dreams of expanding our studio outside of our house and out on our farm, but haven’t had enough saved to start our dream project! A thousand bucks would go a long way in this project!

    daphne says:

    I would use the money to take my fiance to this wonderful, totally romantic little inn in Big Sur for the weekend called Deetjens.

    Joyce says:

    We would use the prize to elope! (Trip to Chinati Mountains)

    Caitlin says:

    I’d love a new set of dishes and flatware for my kitchen. Mine are mismatched hand me downs that I inherited during college, and I’ve been out of school for almost 6 years now. Other things keep coming up and taking priority. This would be the perfect excuse to upgrade!

    Oh how fun…. While I should probably use the $1000 on our kitchen remodel, what I really want to use it for is toward taking my husband to Italy/Greece. He has never been and he adores history… Would love to show him the beauty there! If I couldn’t do that, I might use it for new countertops in our kitchen! 😉 XOXO Great blog, fun giveaway!

    I’m lying in bed looking at my Pinterest board ‘special places’ and dreaming of going somewhere special. Ahhhh I could do this every day! I would pick Iceland. A $1000 can get me an airplane ticket to Iceland for an experience of a lifetime!

    kate says:

    I would use the $1,000 to buy (one) of our plane tickets to Greece for our honeymoon!! Any extra would help pay for the second…hey, it’s not a honeymoon if you’re by yourself 🙂 It would be amazing to have extra money for flights!

    Sarah says:

    My heart forever aches to return to the place that overflows my heart and mind with infinite inspiration. A destination where the north woods and great lakes meet upon a town if only to reacquaint oneself with a childlike sense wonder set deep within the soul. A majestic melody of lush forest, jutting rock and soft blue waves crashing gently upon a shore that flourishes into the sloping town set upon a hill, Duluth, MN. It is here that I would love a getaway for a few days to relax, be filled with inspiration and enjoy a taste of the good life.

    Laura B says:

    Definitely a fall or winter mini-vacation of some kind…NYC for the first time or something beachy like Costa Rica or Cabo. I am itching for a vacation!!

    Kristina says:

    Oh I would hop a plane somewhere… ANYWHERE that feeds my wanderlust.
    Somewhere new, that I’ve never been before. Somewhere with a story to hear. Somewhere to be experienced and explored.

    Emily says:

    I would love the 1000 dollars so my husband and I don’t have to stay at his brothers house (on the couch) while were in Hawaii for our late 1st anniversary… Hotels are a treat and that is where the 1000 would go!

    Cathya says:

    With my $1,000 prize I would use it to give a down payment on my first car! I am twenty two years old and I just graduated college this past summer and finally will have the opportunity to go car shopping & walk out with a car of my own. I would totally use the money to make that first payment and make this dream more of a reality RIGHT NOW. I am blessed in every single way xo.

    Jenna Rainey says:

    My husband and I both work 6 sometimes 7 days a week. A nice relaxing vacation, maybe to Mexico or wine country, to help us recharge and step away from “busy” for a few days.

    Heather says:

    A wedding dress.. my fiancé and I just decided to elope on our 5 year anniversary on Oct 30. With that kind of cash I would knock his socks off with a stunning white dress 😀

    Maren says:

    I would spend it on a fancy hotel and dinners out during the trip I just booked to Paris for next spring (plane fare is already paid for, so $1,000 should just cover the rest of it!)

    vanessa joie says:

    I would love, love, LOVE a good camera. I have has my eye on Cannon’s Rebel EOS SL1. As I’ve started blogging again I miss having a decent camera. There’s also a pretty Chloe disc necklace I’ve had my eye on.

    Thanks, Bri for this amazing giveaway!

    Meghan says:

    It’s been a rough year, starting with a car accident and ending with a friend/roommate bullying me out of my own apartment. I would spend the money on fixing up the yard of the place I’ll be moving into–some comfortable chairs, a table with an umbrella, a BBQ, and some pretty lights. I want my home to be peaceful, relaxing, and a nice place to hang out. And with California winters being mild, I can enjoy my yard all year round.

    Eliza says:

    Eek so fun!! I would either use it to buy my husband & I tix to NYC to visit his siblings and just explore the city together (something we’ve always wanted to do) or out it towards a ticket to visit my gf who just moved to London. Either way, some sort of travel!!

    Cassie H says:

    My boyfriend and I have been so busy as of late, he is working 96 hour weeks (fireman) and I am preparing to go back to graduate school, that we could really use some time to slow down and re-connect. While we are planning a trip to Cambodia in the spring, a $1000 bonus would be great to get us out on a nice 3 day weekend to wine country for now.

    Carolyn says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for a chic winter wardrobe. I go to ski in Whistler every year and always feel so frumpy next to all the well dressed women. I’d love a nice and chic pair of snow boots with coat, hat and clothes to match.

    Seattle Lulu says:

    My son passed away unexpectedly in August. It’s been brutal. But there is still so much goodness in my life. I’d love to grab my loved ones and get a nice beach house for the weekend. To celebrate all that we still have…

    Wendy says:

    I would definitely use the money to take my brother and his family with us on our yearly weekend to Gatlinburg, TN. My brother works so hard and never gets to do anything fun so I woud love to treat him!

    Marie says:

    I’d surprise my husband with a trip to San Francisco and reservations at all the restaurants we want to go to there! We’ve been hoping to go ever since we moved to LA five years ago, but money and time and going at “the right time” have always stood in our way. The right time is now!

    Diana Miclea says:

    If I had $1000 around, I would visit my sister in Texas. Plan, a getaway in Austin. Rent a room at a nice hotel. bond over good food & Drinks. Buy ourselves a new outfit. Go to a country music show. Visit Dallas & see my cousin.

    Maddie says:

    This is fun! I would use it to buy a new lens for my camera that I’ve had my eye on for…forever. Would be amazing!

    ingrid says:

    I would love to get a plane ticket to my hometown. Although some of us yearn to get away, I yearn to get back “home” for the Holidays – when flights are ridiculously expensive (usually $500-600, now around $1,000 – grrr!).

    Yolonda says:

    As lame as this may sound, I would pay off a credit card. That would make me smile forever. I hate debt, evens little.

    Krissy says:

    The thing that would make me the most happy – even bubbly – would be to fly from Chicago to Oakland to visit my best friend and take a trip with her down to Big Sur to stay two nights in a yurt along the beautiful California coast. I’ve always wanted to see Big Sur and the ocean feeds my soul, so it would be amazing to share it with my best friend who I don’t get to see but once a year!

    Tammy says:

    I am trying to increase my business as a freelance graphic artist, so my dream would be to use the funds to update my office space. I would invest in some cute storage solutions that would make the space more user friendly AND inspirational.

    Kate says:

    I’m a broke, recent college graduate with dreams of becoming a writer. If I had a disposable $1,000, I’d definitely spend it on a writer’s retreat to finish my novel.

    Kari Stewart says:

    I would grab my twin sister and take that trip to Ireland we’ve always talked about! Just to see those rolling green hills, hear those accents, and drink a pint of Guiness in a real pub! SWOON….

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to pamper my mom for her birthday, on the 10th! She deserves the world, but since that’s not possible, $1000 would help a ton.

    Diana Miclea says:

    If I had a $1000 to spend, I would go to Texas & visit my sister. I would then, plan a getaway with her to Austin. Buy ourselves an outfit & attend a country music show. Have a nice dinner & drinks. Visit our cousin in Dallas & grab dinner with her. The three of us end the time at a spa. Where we all get massages. Xx

    Megan Evans says:

    My hubby and I have had a rough go. Unemployment, and unexpected expenses have made making ends meet, well not something easily done! We had saved 1100 dollars to buy a new mattress until all the crazy happened and the money was needed else where. With a thousand dollars I would surprise him with that long coveted mattress and for once, we might wake up without pain! Oh the loveliness of comfy sleep! I can’t even begin to imagine!

    Dawn reed says:

    I just bought a new house and the backyard is a desolate wasteland. I would love to make it an oasis by fixing the broken irrigation system and planting beautiful plants!

    Ilana says:

    That would go towards giving this new mama a break- maybe a sitter hours a week, or a night out of town with my little family!

    Andrea says:

    I’d treat my boyfriend to an omakase sushi dinner at Urasawa.

    Emily says:

    I would buy the Roxy Rocker (rocking chair) from OneFortyThree that I’ve had my eye on for the past year but can’t justify buying. I have the PERFECT place for it in my apartment. The rest would go towards tickets for my new husband and I to go on a trip together!

    Amy says:

    I’d love to fly into L.A. and road trip it around California for a week, taking pics, eating at restaurants that are too cool to mention, and people-watching along the way…

    I would invest $1,000 more in my design company that is launching in December. It has always been my dream to start my own company and I am making it happen. $1,000 would be an essential part to help me to further fulfill my design dreams.

    I’ve a passion for helping the homeless and with $1,000 I could buy a table and chairs and a ton of food, and feed many people in MacArthur Park. I just moved to LA and homelessness is a real problem. That would not only brighten my day, but so many others, as well. Thanks!

    Carly says:

    I’d hire a contractor to come sand the hardwood floors in my bedroom and then stain or paint them white! The floors have been painted 4 or 5 times and were maroon when I bought the house. I quickly painted them black but regret not hiring a professional to do it correctly. I think white floors would brighten up the room but I just can’t justify spending that money right now!

    Jessica Pearson says:

    I would feel like I’m living the good life… if I could make my house a house. I feel like my whole life is defined by the fact that I am a single mother (of a 5 yr old, 3 year old, 7 month old) and it shows in everything. My identity is in being a mother, and how well I provide for my children. I dream of having actual dishes (NOT paper plates and plastic cups) and a table to share meals at, coffee tables to stack the books my daughters is learning to read on, a television to cuddle up and watch Frozen on.

    Katie says:

    It’s been a tough couple of months for me, and I would love to put that $1000 to a relaxing weekend with me and my ladyfriends. Maybe book us a couple nights on the Oregon Coast complete with massages, book club & wine night, and fried oysters…. aaah… 🙂

    Elizabeth says:

    This is such a nice giveaway! I would love win a $1000 dollar gift card to Bloomingdales so I can get started on my holiday shopping for my family!

    Kathy Te says:

    If I had a $1000, I would rent out a nice hotel suite for my friends and have a party full of food and fun! I love spending time with friends and this will be a great treat. With anything left over, I’d buy some nice shoes.. because I also love shoes 😀

    Reagan says:

    With $1000 I would be able to buy a MacBook Air, which would come in handy with school and work. Especially since I just sold my iPad to catch up on bills.

    A one-night in Santa Ynez for my husband and I. We haven’t had a real night away from our little one and I think we’re in need. Santa Ynez is driving distance and it woudl be so great to check into a nice place up there, go wine tasting, eat a wonderful dinner at the Los Olivos Inn, and maybe come back with some good wine.

    kayla hood says:

    I’d fly to NYC and meet my parents and we’d do the trip we’ve always talked about doing: walking around Brooklyn Flea, eating until we busted out of our seams and laughing till our cheeks hurt. There’d be no crying at the airport like most trips where we’re reunited because it’d be a bonus trip.


    kerry says:

    i think i’d use this prize money to take our first little family vacay with my husband and 6 month old son. just sneaking away to santa barbara for the weekend sounds like just the ticket. thank you!

    Amanda says:

    My husband and I have been married for two years and we have lived with family since the beginning- some by choice and some not by choice. Getting alone time means leaving the house which often means spending extra money. My husband and I are artists desiring to grow our own businesses, but right now we are both working two jobs. It gets really hard working so much and living with family still. If I could dream up a thousand dollars I’d use it to drive us to LA, stay at the ACE hotel, and spend the weekend with my husband (alone!) We would go to art museums, get a massage, and maybe see one of our favorite bands. Oh and we would eat very good food and drink those fancy cocktails that we could never afford otherwise. Time to reconnect and play pretend will really help to inspire us to keep pursuing our dreams because they are worth all the sacrifices.

    Allison Michelle says:

    I would buy a ticket to see family back in Montreal that I haven’t seen for years! Eat some proper poutine and indulge in a beaver tail! <3

    Kelly McKinley says:

    With $1000 I would start buying some nursery necessities for my first child due in March. What a dream it would be to win!

    Marissa says:

    I would buy a luxe office chair to make every 12 hour work day more beautiful and comfy!

    You know, I am constantly dreaming up things in my life but when it comes to this prize, I would love to share it with my husband. I would use the money to have a staycation. We would stay at The Nines in Downtown Portland where we could rest up and relax, do some shopping, and stuff our faces!

    Lauren says:

    I’ve yet to explore America’s deserts and would take a trip out west to Arizona to roadtrip and visit the Grand Canyon!

    I would use it to take my husband out on weekly dates after our baby arrives in the next few weeks. Working together to keep the romance alive is really as good as it gets!

    Eliza says:

    A week long adventure in New Orleans with my boyfriend is something I have been dreaming about for a while. I am fascinated by the history and culture of the deep south and the grittiness of it all. I would use the money to buy two plane tickets and a room at a haunting but luxurious bed and breakfast. 

    It’s actually a nice and useful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared
    this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Duyen says:

    If there was a way to, I would give the $1000 to my mama and let her do whatever she wanted with it. I just recently graduated from college and am living at home til I find a job. My mom has been supporting me all of my life, paid for all of my schooling and it would be a small gift I could give her in return for all the awesome things she has done for me. She seriously is a hustlahh and the best mom ever 🙂

    A down payment on a new car. We just got in an accident:( so we are kinda desperate with four kids:)

    Kelley says:

    Hmm…$1000…the responsible thing to do would be to upgrade the electrical in our house so we can finish our basement! The thing I would want to do is go visit pretty much any ocean!

    Mallory says:

    I would without a doubt buy a plane ticket to Europe! i’ve never left the US, and have been dying to do some adventuring. This $1000 would make all the difference in achieving this dream!

    Kimberly says:

    I would spend it on a beach vacation to Tulum with my sister during the cold winter. Two tickets please! 🙂

    Anna says:

    I’d take a weekender with my husband to Asheville, NC! Close enough that we don’t have to fly, but far enough away that we can wander the forest, drink craft beer, and eat some yum Vegan food!

    Chance says:

    I am saving up, and I need $1000 more to pay for my last semester in college!

    Kendra says:

    Something I daydream about all the time! I love love love to finish up lingering home projects…like making our exterior a bit more appealing…painting all the trim in our house white and finishing up the playroom basement for my girls!!

    Teresa says:

    First, I am a die-hard Diet Coke drinker and have tons of photographic evidence to prove it. Love me the DC. Second, my husband and I were planning on having me piggy back a work trip of his in Spain for our one-year anniversary, but decided we shouldn’t really because of finances… especially because our dog just had an expensive surgery. This would cover my plane ticket, though, and allow us to do that!

    Diana says:

    Expecting my first child in February, so I’d put it toward decorating the nursery! (Which er, I need to get started on….)

    Alexandria says:

    I compare every purchase I make, every paycheck, to plane ticket values. I search plane ticket prices to various destinations daily, just to dream. Right now, I’d buy a ticket to India, the place I’ve most wanted to visit since I was a little girl. If I can get myself there, I have an internship waiting for me where I would be working on farming with rural villagers. Tickets from the West Coast right now are right around $1,000!

    Anjelica Rehl says:

    I would buy myself an all new fall wardrobe! I need new clothes very badly! I’m tired of feeling drab in my first professional job out of college!

    Kayla says:

    I would visit a long time friend down in Florida. She moved away a couple years ago and haven’t been able to visit her since she moved down there!

    Pati Reis says:

    We just got married last Friday. Really small wedding, only 4 people (us + 2 grandmas 🙂 We do not have time to go anywhere until the holidays. So I would love to give us our ONE PERFECT WEEK. We love our jobs, so that’s not a problem. But we would go to have breakfast in a new place everyday (that is our favorite meal), have couple massages (we always wanted to do it), have a cleaning company to deep clean our apartment (he is in charge of the 2 bathrooms and I am in charge of everything else 🙁 , and give each other an opportunity to buy a really special surprise for one another. And finish it up with a staying in the Sienna Hotel (here in Chapel Hill, NC), not because they are a great hotel, but because they have the BEST BRUNCH EVER, so we could have that as room service 😉

    Stephanie says:

    I would use it to buy a beautiful wedding dress from BHLDN 🙂

    Caroline Carthey says:

    ohhmygoodness….This is a great idea! Mine hit the practical side:
    -Student Loan assistance (yeeep)
    -A class (or two!) for next semester would be wonderful as well
    -Ok…maybe even a plane ticket to somewhere fabulous
    -OR even that Burberry trench coat I’ve longed for…..

    Samantha Simmons says:

    This is easy. I would donate $250 to my Grandfather who is recovering from his second battle with cancer. Then I’d take the rest and fly my Mom (who has never left the country) to Ireland where we would drink guiness, trek over to Paris via train and splurge on some Chanel lipstick and N0.5.

    PS: Diet coke is my number one addiction. That and this blog, obviously. 🙂

    Mellanie says:

    A ticket to PARIS would be as good as the taste of diet coke! I’ve been dying to plan a trip there this next summer!

    i would use it to buy a sofa for my living room! i have been in this house for 5 months, it’s my first place, and after a break-up it really is MY first place and it needs so much love. i am still in need of a dining room set of chairs to surround a free (!!!) 8 foot oak table i just got, a coffee table, sofa, and a couple candles and fresh flowers wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

    anything leftover from that would be spent on groceries for a dinner party (since people will finally have a place to sit) with friends and family 😉

    thanks for the opportunity diet coke and DLF! xoxo

    Jubilynn Sigrah says:

    I would love to spend that on the that beautiful sewing machine my mother was eyeing. Christmas is just around the corner and buying needs for my family would be the most wonderful thing! although its the thought that counts, it would be beautiful to have a little help!!!

    M.E. says:

    With $1000, I would get to plane tickets to Costa Rica to treat my husband for finishing his PhD in May 2015. It has been a long haul with very few vacations and it would be so nice to celebrate such a huge milestone! You have definitely gotten me thinking about travel now 🙂

    jasmyne rose says:

    I would take my seven month old son (from Texas to Arizona) to visit his Great-Grandfather– who just turned ninety! He may never have the chance to meet his only remaining maternal great-grandparent.

    Chelsea says:

    With $1000, I’d hire a professional team to come in and help us clean and de-clutter the house, and then re-imagine the spaces (paint, decorate) to make them more beautiful to live in. My mom and I have been through a lot since Dad died, and it would be so wonderful to feel free to relax in our house, without worrying about this endless to-do list that feels overwhelming before you even get started. It might not be the most glamorous dream, but it would make a huge difference in everyday life!

    Joanna bak says:

    I’d take a trip to LA/the bay area. I’ve still never been to the bay area!!!

    christine says:

    A new patio/deck where my daughter can play safely outside. We never ever use our backyard and plan on redoing it next year, so $1000 would help a lot!

    Jamie N. says:

    I’ve been dreaming about paying off some credit card debt!! What a weight off my shoulders that would be. Living debt free is definitely living the GOOD LIFE!!

    Danielle says:

    I would love to plan a trip to visit a handful of friends across the US. One in NYC, one in Phoenix, and one in Denver. Although they’ve lived in these places going on a couple of years now, I still have yet to find time/money to visit them.

    Lili Chaparas says:

    I would join my local Yoga studio and work towards getting strong and balanced. But I would take my children too, because more than anything I want them to learn to center and be calm and happy and effervescent like a soda. Smooth and clean and filled with energy.

    We would rise and shine and sparkle.

    Tina Martinez says:

    I’m training for my first Marathon and I could use some new running shoes. It would be awesome to outfit myself with new running gear and all the training essentials like GU’s. Love this giveaway!!

    Lisa M. says:

    I have always wanted to visit Paris. A trip for two with my love would be exactly what I would do and shop with whatever is left over. Here’s to wishing for luck!!

    jessica says:

    Love the idea of just taking off and traveling. My husband and I have always wanted to head to New Mexico and actually stay a while. So with him and our new puppy I’d head that way and just take a week or two off exploring the beautiful landscape and culture.

    Ann says:

    I just moved, so I could definitely use the money to buy a cool vintage dresser I have been eyeing at a local store!

    Irene says:

    If I won $1000, I would use it to buy a 13-inch MacBook Air. I’m a college student and I’ve never had a well working laptop. I’ve only had two laptops in my lifetime, and I’ve always used Dell, but I’ve always had problems with them: viruses, laptop being too heavy, software updates, etc. I’ve wanted to get a MacBook for the longest time, but could never afford it. Having a MacBook Air would help me so much with my studies and not having to carry around a bulky and heavy laptop.
    Thank you so much for this giveaway! This is awesome!

    Much love,

    Rachel says:

    With $1000, I would buy a couple of Max Wanger prints and pay to have them framed. Every since Bri introduced me to his art, I’m obsessed—I know exactly which prints (and sizes) I’d like to purchase. Just need the $$ to do it right! 🙂

    jamie says:

    I would probably pay off this macbook I”m getting charged super high interest for!

    Emily says:

    A trip to California to visit my parents with my husband would be my dream right now! We live in the east coast now, have been married for 2 years, but haven’t been able to spend time with my parents much (they only met once!) and would love for them to get to know my husband better in person! It would be also be a great opportunity for my husband to “get a better taste” of what my hometown in CA is like, because I would love to live there again someday 🙂 <3

    Jackie says:

    I’d put it toward new flooring for my home, which I also work from. The carpeting is old and it’s depressing to work from here all day, let alone have clients over. It’s hard to justify the large expense now, starting a business, but this $1000 would certainly clinch the deal!

    Caitlin says:

    Two tickets to New York City for my husband and me. We’d see the sites and take in the culture. We’d use a bit of the money to buy some art (we get at least one piece every place we go together) and you know, maybe a few articles of clothing for me 🙂

    BethanyCynthia says:

    My sister is getting married in Berlin next fall and I am trying desperately to save up money so I can travel from Minneapolis to be there for her, but with student loan payments and car repairs it is getting harder and harder to imagine dropping over $1000 on a dreamy vacation/sister time.
    If I won $1000 I could get myself to her wedding on time, and use the money I have saved so far to pay bills and eat food….

    Jillian says:

    I’d use $1,000 to take my mom on a surprise trip to New Orleans! My family has never had room in the budget for frivolous expenses like vacation, and I’d love to make some memories that are purely fun. New Orleans is her favorite!

    Tamara says:

    I would love to use the $1000 for a birthday party for my son. Reading the comments, though, I wish everyone luck with their awesome wishes!

    Ashley W says:

    I would give a little bit of it to me and two of my other college roommates so we could afford to fly to Miami to see our other roommate have her baby. We all live so far apart and it is so hard to get together. It would be great to see them all and be together once more. It’s been years since we’ve made it happen.

    Marissa says:

    We recently had a tiny human and our house renovation project had been on hold due to our inability to get it appraised, therefore be granted a loan 🙁 so i would definitely put $1,000 towards helping make that #redbrickvic (a gutted out 1888 Queen Anne brick Victorian) a home for our little family.

    Kelly says:

    This is so wonderful! My fiance and I are planning our wedding for next October, and we’re paying for everything ourselves, so we’re being pretty conservative with our spending. I would use this to get the ring I’ve been dreaming of, but can’t afford right now.

    Olivia says:

    I would pay my mom back for the car she gave me when I needed one. Althought the remaining balance is low, I said I would pay it every month and fell on a really hard time. She still pays the remaining balance on it every month and pays for her own car on top of taking care of my grandmother who has advanced Multiple Sclerosis and requires 24 hour care from medical staff. No matter the debt my mom accrues, she refuses to put her mother in a nursing home and asks my brother and I always take care of her.

    Stephanie says:

    My husband and I have been having the hardest time finding affordable housing in the San Francisco Bay Area (where we’ve both lived our entire lives), and it’s really putting a damper on the whole newlyweds thing. I would love an extra thousand dollars to use toward getting our first apartment or home together as husband and wife in our favorite city, Oakland CA. The money would be that extra help we desperately need to get us back on track financially after my knee injury. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Shauna says:

    I would put it towards my student debt, which I am working to pay off early. For the last 4 years I have been monitoring my spending drastically to chip away at it week by week at it. It’s hard to say no to new clothes, nights out, fun things. But so worth it. $1000 would give me an added boost of inspiration to keep seeing those numbers go down.

    Gabrielle says:

    I would without a doubt use it to travel. A summer roadtrip is next on my list!

    Lisa says:

    Oooooh my goodness I would use $1000 to take a long weekend in the Carribean with my husband! We just got married, have been job searching and finishing up MBA school, and it would be such a relaxing treat to hang by the pool, eat seafood, and relax. Preferably with no internet 🙂

    Christina says:

    I’d use $1000 to take my boyfriend on a spa weekend getaway from Los Angeles. He’s been taking care of me non-stop for a few weeks post surgery, getting no sleep and just generally being a badass, amazing man. I’d love to pamper him with some spa treatments and boozy nights in Palm Springs or Ojai as a thank you for how ridiculously awesome he’s been.

    Stephanie A. says:

    I just got engaged a week ago! I would love to spend the $1000 on a dreamy wedding dress!!

    Kiana says:

    I would grab a pack of diet coke, pay my rent check for the month, take the rest of the money and hop in my car with my best friends and start driving up to the North Cascades to explore, hike and adventure with my best pals. We’d sip on Diet Cokes at the top of a mountain or around the campfire. We’d make memories that will last us through the rainy winter of Seattle until spring roles around.

    Tahiti says:

    I just got my first apartment. It’s a slow process with buying furniture to decorate it to my taste. With $1000 I would buy a couch that I have been dreaming about for a while. 🙂

    Antoinette Elbert says:

    I’d love to visit my Mom in Seattle, WA. I love the mountains and the weather in Colorado, but never imagined my Mom wouldn’t see my kids grow. I have two kids, 16 and 12, and a baby due in January. We haven’t been back for over 5 years since I went back to finish my degree. I’d love to fly into Oregon, show my kids the coast I visited in my childhood and drive up to Seattle to spend time with my Mom and family next summer!

    Bettina says:

    A crazy weekend trip with my fiancee! Plane tickets, live music, art, cocktails and dancing the night away <3

    Alli says:

    I would grab that cash and include it in a down payment for a house!!

    Joanna L. says:

    I would love to buy a plane ticket to Australia! My husband was born there and we absolutely need to travel there before we start a family. This is a total bucket list item for us! We’ve been saving up for a while, but life (i.e. car repairs..rent…boring stuff) keeps slowing us down. This $1,000 would make it possible for me to see Daved’s homeland for the first time. I’d overcome my fear of spiders to travel to an awesome place to have an adventure with my best friend!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway Diet Coke & DLF!

    Tara says:

    An insane shopping spree. One day, me, a friend who are will tell me what looks decent, and $1000. This college student hasn’t bought new clothes in years.

    $1000 to add to the savings account which would hopefully help save enough to go to India with my love and eat lots of curry and visit amazing places!

    clémence says:

    I would offer to my true love a surprised weekend in London ! Shopping, kissing on a bridge, sightseeing hand in hand, drinking a tasted cup of tea looking into his beautiful eyes…Amazing !

    Julie Wylie says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. I have to say, what I’d do with the money isn’t very glamorous, but it would definitely be life-changing. My husband and I inherited a house from his grandparents, and to be honest, it’s in the worst condition you could imagine. The bones of the house are good + there is so much history there for my husband, so we just can’t give it up. And really, it isn’t a lost cause! We have been running into some financial trouble (and a lot of annoying legal trouble at first) with fixing up the house. We just found out we are going to need a new well drilled on the property + it’s going to cost… let’s just say a LOT. If I won this giveaway, the money would most definitely go toward the cost of our new well. It isn’t a trip to Europe (which we would LOVE), but it is something we truly need. Crossing my fingers. Thanks for the chance!

    Leah says:

    I’d put it toward a new Mac computer! I’m a new mom starting up a stationery small business and my old Mac computer just isn’t cutting it anymore. A new computer could help me create more designs faster to get things up and more quickly!

    Chelsea says:

    I would use the money to travel to the Lake District in England with my husband so we can see where his family came from, and feel like we’re in a Jane Austen book!

    Tamara says:

    A mid-century modern console cabinet for the family room we’re remodeling! I have a great sectional sofa already and just need to pair it with a beautiful wood casegood piece. This piece would accommodate a television (which I don’t own yet–haven’t had a TV in 8 years), a great smelling candle, a framed picture of my son, and a decorative bowl carved by my husband. Relaxing on the couch looking towards this piece with these objects would definitely be a good-life-moment!

    JenFurr says:

    If I won $1000 I would put the money towards photography classes to help start a business.

    steph says:

    I could take a really nice trip for that or maybe it’d be worth the weight off my shoulders to just put it in the bank. That’s not fun. I’ll go with the trip and lots of pictures and drink soda and smile a lot. They can use me for a commercial. I’ve been wanting to go to Montreal for ten years. Would be beautiful. Hope I win!

    Annelise Pollard says:

    I would use the $1000 towards studying abroad in Paris! It’s been my dream to go there my whole life. Now as a fine arts studio major, I’d love to take the opportunity to go. Having some extra cash would definitely come in handy for the trip. Who knows when I’ll have another chance!

    Kira K says:

    Hmm, I think a chunk of it would definitely go to a spa day, after which I’d pick up my new bag, and then the remaining half (or more) would go to my parents, who deserve a spa day and treat of their own! <3

    Gwynne says:

    Recently broke up with my boyfriend and have a new apartment and no furniture. I could definitely use that $1,000 for an awesome mid-century couch that I’ve been eyeing.

    Christine says:

    With my diet coke in hand I would use the $1,000 to take my husband to a Chicago Bears game. He has been dying to go to one but they always cost to much. It would be a great gift for a very giving man and a first time dad. 🙂

    I just paid around $850 at my local vet. It was a big chunk of change, but anything to make sure my doggie Tallulah is healthy and happy. I would replenish my account and go see Belle and Sebastian play at Radio City Music Hall!

    Autumn says:

    I would put it toward an assistant. My business is booming so much that I just can’t crank the work out fast enough. It would make managing money and workload much easier. I’d be able to have a life again. <3

    Morgan Gardner says:

    I would buy myself an amazing new digital camera to replace my old one! I’m starting to build a photography + art/design business and this prize would be an amazing step towards leaving my 8-5 desk job!

    nicole b. says:

    A plane ticket to Florence, Italy for my birthday in May. What better place to “get a taste” than in Italy. I would invite my boyfriend to meet me there; we’ve daydreamed and game-planned this for over a year now. It’s time to make it a reality, because why not. Being in love with him makes me feel like anything is possible, and everything is an adventure. Italy has always romanced me with its landscapes, food, culture and history. Another reason to travel in May is to catch a stage or two of the Giro d’Italia, a professional bicycling race, and experience the local pride, flavor and excitement as the maglia rosa flies by. My boyfriend is a cyclist; his passion has inspired my fascination with the sport and has encouraged me to ride. This would be such a dreamy way to celebrate another trip around the sun in a romantic place with my love watching a race, renting bicycles, going on motorcycle rides, sharing delicious meals and grabbing gelato every day. A trip of a lifetime. Thanks so much for the chance to win, Bri. xo

    Aspen Cross says:

    My dream award would be a late honeymoon to Greece for my husband and I. We had a very intimate tight-budget wedding and although it was very special to us, we would like the chance to get away for a few days and enjoy life without kids and work, and just enjoy some good relaxation and adventure. It would be nice to have a bit of extra money to contribute toward that trip together.

    Christina says:

    I would buy a nice cannon camera and lens to shoot my YouTube videos…right now I use my iPhone, which works, but a camera would insanely step up my quality and help me follow my dream of being a you tuber.

    Shelbi O'Connor says:

    I would use the money to take a small vacation to Kansas City with my husband. He’s a football coach so we don’t get to see much of each other right now, which is tough. We just got married in June and never had a newlywed phase because football started in July. Kansas City is where we fell in love and we can’t wait to take a trip back there. It would be amazing to get to spend some time away. I would say that’s something that would taste as good as diet coke. Some quality Vaca time with my new husband! 🙂

    Evan Olson says:

    A trip to Hawaii.
    Or NYC.
    Basically, someplace other than Iowa.

    I am working on a book right now, and so I would use a part of the money to buy more research materials (romance comics!) and I would use the other part to buy some new glasses and s which I am very much in need of!

    Margaret says:

    Nothing beats cold hard cash… except what I’d put that cash toward. 🙂 I would definitely spend it on a dog from a rescue shelter. I fell in love with my boyfriend’s dog but we both work full time and my heart breaks every time I have to leave her alone. I’ve been wanting to take home a shelter dog for the longest time but don’t have the money to take care of all the initial investment in medical bills and pet supplies that it requires. Thank you Bri and to Diet Coke for giving someone the chance to make one of their dreams come true!

    Alysia Alex says:

    The love of my life just moved to Copenhagen for work and it’s been a hard transition for the both of us. I would take that $1000, book a spontaneous ticket to Denmark and show up on his doorstep like an old time-y romantic movie.

    Kelsey Cox says:

    I would use it to go to a blogshop weekend class!!!

    OR I would use it to buy a new puppy!

    Those are pretty much the same right? 😉

    Khaia brogan says:

    I have a couple vacation days left for the year, and almost every morning on the bus to work I think, “what if I just took the BART to the airport instead?” I’d jet off to Tulum for a couple days alone to rest and recharge. I’d spend that $1000 on spontaneity, reading a good book while on a lounge chair in a bikini, and on finding my center again.

    I’d spend it on two 2-week JR rail passes to travel around Japan with my wife (we just got married less than 3 weeks ago!).

    Hebe gutierrez says:

    My dream will be to have tickets for me and my hubby to go to Mexico for Christmas. I was born in Mexico, and haven’t been there for 2 years. I miss my country,my family( haven’t seen my momma in 2 years too) and just being able to eat a good taco lol. This will mean a lot to me! Hope I win! 🙂

    Jacquelyn says:

    I would use the $1,000 to finish my basement letterpress studio! My boyfriend gave me an antique letterpress for Christmas and it’s been sitting lonely ever since. I would use the money to get her up and running again and buy the additional tools I would need to get my print shop started!

    Kelli says:

    I would use it to pay back some of the debt my ex left me saddled with!

    fariha says:

    I would buy a pair of plane tickets and have my parents visit me for a week 🙂

    Sarah says:

    A weekend away for my husband & me! $1000 would get these two wanderlust-crazy lovers two plane tickets, a hotel room, a few epic meals and some wonderful memories in Austin, TX!

    Marcela says:

    I would use it to buy my first LV bag!!! I would love to have an original one!!! Not the chinese one!

    Megan says:

    With $1k, I would refurnish my bedroom!! Not the most exciting use of money, but it would be so nice to come home to a relaxing bedroom, instead of mismatched pieces.

    Ashley says:

    I would use the money to take a long over due honeymoonish trip (is it still a honeymoon a year and a half later?). We’ve been so busy growing our personal businesses that we have not had the time nor the funds to take a breather – $1000 would be perfect kickstart 🙂

    I would use it to take a spring break bike-ride vaca through napa vally!

    Ivana says:

    I studied English and I’m an English teacher now, here in Serbia, but unfortunately because of the financial situation I didn’t get a chance to travel to an English speaking country, and I would love that, that’s one of my dreams 🙂

    Carrie Brickey says:

    I would put the $1,000 towards a surprise Christmas trip to Denver to spend the holiday with my sister and niece. Holidays away from family are never easy so anyway I could be there, I would do in a heartbeat.

    Jess says:

    Such a great idea for a giveaway and with a lovely sentiment behind it! I am currently getting up the courage to take the leap from my cushy 9-5, salaried studio photography job into freelance photography. Most photographers would kill for what I have, a reliable schedule and a consistent paycheck, but it’s not where my heart is. So I’m probably crazy but I am transitioning into nature and landscape photography. I would put this money behind my dream and replace my terribly out of date wide angle lens. Either way wish me luck! x

    Katherine Dagen says:

    My rent paid and a small madewell backpack

    stephanie p says:

    I will love to get the new iphone 6 🙂

    Bailey says:

    If I could win $1000 dollars towards anything I wanted it would be for a plane ticket to New Zealand. This is for many reasons, one is because it would be a dream come true to be able to see all the filming locations of the Lord of the Rings movies. But, thats just a small part of why this trip would mean so much to me. I have been saving my money fora few years now to go and travel to New Zealand. Theres just something about this county that really calls out to me. The beauty of it and how theres and endless amount of things to do and see. My major in college is video editing and New Zealand has a very good film/video program so not only will the plane ticket help me travel to my dream destination, but it would also help me move forward in my degree and earn better experience that could help me get a better job. I know plane tickets run a little high for New Zealand so I would take a visa or gift card with the $1000 on it. It would be extremely helpful and I would be forever grateful.

    I would spend the $1000 on my backyard patio redesign to make it my dream getaway! I would use it on new seating from from Wicker Lane (Wicker Lane Conversation Sectional 3 Piece Seating Group with Cushions – $999.99). Patio furniture is EXPENSIVE, but this would really make the space amazing.

    Lauren says:

    I would save the money to pay for an anniversary trip for my husband and I! It’ll be my year to plan, and the destination is a surprise to him!

    Shanna says:

    I’ve had my eye on this couch:

    And then I’d probably buy a swing arm lamp or a new coat.

    Alison says:

    A bike! A super-light bike that I could carry up the stairs, and a car rack, wall mount, etc.

    Sarah says:

    I’m about to start traveling on foot around California for a few months. Right now, we have no housing arrangements so I would use the $1000 to pay for hostels and places to stay each night as I travel.


    Thanks Diet Coke & DesignLoveFest for this awesome contest!

    I recently just relocated to a new city to pursue my dream job, with nothing but one suitcase of clothing. Since August ( when I started the job), I’ve been living in my new apartment with only an air bed! No other furniture. It’s pretty bare bones in here. With this $1,000.00 I would get myself some furniture to fill my empty apartment, and use the leftovers for a date night with my handsome man whom I’m doing long distance with. (we’ve only seen each other twice since I moved to Philadelphia). Living with only the bare essentials has been a humbling experience, and has truly taught me to appreciate every little thing I have. That being said, a little extra cash to afford that couch, table & rug I’ve been eyeing would be just amazing!

    Lauren says:

    I would love to win this contest. A month ago my best friend and I finally took the plunge and started a lifestyle blog which has been a dream of ours for years. We are hoping to open an etsy store in the next year and this money would help tremendously with upfront costs. I am planning my wedding so all of my incremental funds go to that and this would really help us get our dream and business off the ground. I love this contest idea- making dreams come true! Thank you so much for the consideration!

    Brandie says:

    My dream would be to buy furniture for my new brooklyn apartment. I’ve been here only 3 days. I am making a board of my dream items and I’d love to snag a few of them. Especially the 600 dollar couch!

    Here’s hoping I win!!!

    Brian says:

    My boyfriend and I are moving in together for the first time! Would love some help with making our studio as functional and relaxing as possible while somehow managing to fit ourselves and our stuff there!

    Morgan says:

    What a fun and generous giveaway! I’d love to invest the $ into my business to get it off the ground and on it’s feet. It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time, and I’m on the cusp of launching, but it’d be awesome to have a little extra cash for promotion, organization, etc. Fingers crossed!!

    Kimyee says:

    I would absolutely upgrade and give my circa 1980’s kitchen a facelift! (It’s complete with orange countertops and all!) I’d upgrade to a new dishwasher and put up some white subway tile. It still has the yucky wallpaper residue on the walls from when we removed the ancient wallpaper.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Carla says:

    This is such a thoughtful giveaway! Well, this year has been full of surprises. Biggest one was when my boyfriend of 5 years asked me to marry him. My parents can’t afford a wedding, so I suggested eloping. He immediately shut down the idea because he thinks that I will regret not sharing that day with our loved ones. Now we are having a small wedding and we are doing everything ourselves (yes, everything; *insert YIKES here*). Needless to say, we won’t be having a honeymoon. I would use the price money to take my fiancé on a surprise honeymoon. He has been so thoughtful and amazing throughout this entire process, and I think it would make for a great adventure for us to have together after the wedding madness. Maybe a trip to Alaska or somewhere where we can go hiking together. He loves being in the mountains. He bought me my dream ice blue sapphire ring, so why not make one of his dreams come true! 🙂

    kalie says:

    my life would look like this, being able to go on a week long vacation at surfcamp, and being able to pretend/work towards making that part of my regular life instead of being landlocked in the midwest, dreaming about catching waves all day, at a semi-corporate job :)that is what it would look like if it tasted as good as diet coke!

    Felicity says:

    I would use the money to visit my boyfriend (he’s currently in Dubai and I’m in Seattle)

    Corina Nika says:

    oh what i wouldn’t do? I guess a trip would totally worth all the money! Nothing better than making memories

    Kelly says:

    I would spend it on a new lens for my DSLR in hopes of upping my photography game! 🙂

    Stephanie Bleckley says:

    I would put the $1,000 toward one of my student loans. College is so expensive and as a result I’ve been saddled with a lot of debt. My husband is now in medical school (yay more debt) and has a year left before he starts rotations. Even if he is an incredibly successful doctor it is still going to take us hears to pay it all off – and we want to start a family in about two years!! So needless to say, $1,000 isn’t huge in the grand scheme of our student loans, but it would put us ahead a couple months to say the least (:

    Laura says:

    I would use the $1000 on my honeymoon next year! I want to travel across Europe with my husband, exploring England, Scotland and Ireland. However, a weekend getaway in Paris sounds so romantic! Sipping expensive french wine along the Seine, eating baguette and croissants like they’re going out of style and taking in the Eiffel Tower sounds like a dream!

    Kathryn says:

    A weekend getaway to Palm Springs! I wait tables in Los Angeles and barely get by. Palm Springs is a quick get-away that I’ve always viewed as a luxury because I can’t afford to take the time off work. xo

    Bobbye Jo Green says:

    Ahh the good life…
    In one month and two days, my paramour and I are off to Europe! It will be his first trip over to the old world and he is not going to even know what hit him! We’ve been saving for an entire year, I work two jobs each day, and our social life has dwindled to, “We’d love to see you! Come over, and bring wine.”
    Our trip is on a budget, but because we’ll be together it will also be pure magic. I can’t picture the look on his face if we bumped our flights up to first class! $1000 would do the trick and start our adventure off with a bang. Not to meantion, in first class our whiskey and Diet Coke’s would be on the house.

    Catrin says:

    I would use the money to help with my move to my new place and possibly rent

    I just moved to Nashville from LA!! I’m in school and although I love it here, I miss my best friends! They’re spread out all over the country (also for school), but with $1000 I would fly some them out here for a spontaneous long weekend trip/ adventure!

    Joanna says:

    Definitely a plane ticket to see my family in the Midwest. I live in Alaska now, so the trip is expensive and does not happen nearly often enough.

    Christine L says:

    With $1000 I would hands down hire a stylist to makeover my wardrobe and my everyday look. I’ve been wanting to doing this for the last couple of years and need a clue on how to put together a style.

    Karissa says:

    I’d put that $ toward more classes for my BA in middle eastern studies!

    Rebecca says:

    We are in need of a new set of couches! We’ve had ours for the past 20 years and they are in dire need of replacement. The color has faded and it seems to be tearing. It’d outdated and we would love something a little more modern. Can’t wait to liven up our living room!!

    erin says:

    I would pay for the trip to Mexico I’m taking in December that is sitting on my credit card, staring me in the face, wondering if I should even go. Yep, I booked the vacation when I was making more $$$.

    Jodie Parrish says:

    I would use the $1000 to buy trees. We just built a house and are slowly completing projects. The trees will no just provided us shade and a beautiful yard, but will benefit future generations as well.

    Lili says:

    I have a desire to start my own buisness.I would really like to open up a second hand clothing store in Bulgaria,and the initial investment of 1000$ would cover most of the licenses and since month’s rent are not that expensive, i consider that 1000$ would be able to do that 🙂 I know it may sound a bit crazy,but thats the truth about what I would spend the money on. Thank you 🙂

    Ana says:

    I would use this to buy a plane ticket to go to Dubai and visit my friend who had a baby last year! Girls trip to the desert!!

    my wish is always to travel! i would use this on two plane tickets to the south of france to explore and show my husband paris and nice. thank you!

    Jeremy says:

    I would take a trip to New Orleans! Airfare and lodging for my girlfriend and me, hopefully with some left over for some great food and music.

    Me and my two best girlfriends have been in long-distance friendship for about 4 years now. We talk every day, continue a group text throughout the day, send photos back and fourth, and schedule weekly conference calls to catch up. It’s continually a struggle to make trips to reunite and cultivate our friendship in person, especially with us all being in college in different states, staying on a budget, saving money with our approaching graduation date. If I won the $1,000 grand prize, I would plan a fun trip for all three of us to a place we’ve always wanted to go together: the PNW! It’s been a dream for all of us but has never happened. We’d spend the weekend/week maybe at an airbnb to best experience the city, adventure around, take fun photos, and knowing us, just sit around and talk about life, encouraging one another, loving each other, and enjoying each other’s presence! Relationships are one of the most important things in life, and I’d use this prize to spend much-needed time with the ones I love. I think it’d be pretty comparable to the joy I feel drinking a Diet Coke 😉

    Allison says:

    I’d love to pay off my medical bills and then open up a bottle of crisp Diet Coke to take a load off!

    Audrey Waters says:

    I would gratefully use a thousand dollars on paying for my mother to have a weekend off of work to go do something peaceful and pleasant that she’d enjoy, ideally having a relaxing tea somewhere near the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She’s a single mother and has been working every week day and weekend to make ends meet. I’m pitching in with bills too. I would also like to spend some of the money on new Autumn attire for myself at Forever 21. 🙂

    Taylor says:

    Lately life has felt dull and depressing. More than anythingI think I would like to go to a yoga or meditation retreat in order to find myself again. I have been eyeing Esalen in Big Sur for years now but with planning my own wedding I have not had enough money to go. Spending $1000 to reawaken my creativity and mellow out my constantly fast moving mind would be wonderful.

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.

    Alisa says:

    I would have the $1000 go toward my hotel for an upcoming trip. A dream vacation to Europe this spring!