last summer jesse, jen and i were in the car returning from a work trip, headed back to LA and really not wanting to go home. we were talking about how much we had to do upon returning and how we seriously wanted to avoid it. when we hit LA one of us casually mentioned that we shouldn’t stop in LA, we should just keep driving. so we did. we drove to palm springs and spent one night at the korakia and it was magical and liberating. it was one extra night away but it felt like the most luxurious thing in the world.  it felt like we were living the good life that day. we had breakfast by the pool and laid around in our bathrobes in the sun, it was perfect and i’ll always remember it.

recently launched a campaign called “” and when they asked me if i wanted to support the campaign, i was all ears. the project centers around getting a taste of the good life, the times when you actually get to do the things you dream about, like ditching work and having a spa day, or buying that couch you’ve been eyeing, splurging on a pair of over priced shoes or flying to see someone you love, just because. it’s about the things you could only imagine happening, actually happening.

today we’re giving away a chance for you to win that experience, to get to do the thing that would make you feel like you’re living the good life. together with , one person will win their dreamt up experience, up to $1000, whatever that may be. concert tickets, a night away, a plane ticket, trading in your old purse for the one you always walk by at the department store but could never buy…

now, this prize looks different for everyone and we want to know what it looks like to YOU! what could we give you that would make you jump up and down?

maybe it’s saying no more to hand washing everything and finally getting a dishwasher? or putting in the expensive tile in your kitchen just because it’s pretty. let us know what your world would look like if it tasted as good as and we’ll select one winner, at random, to receive their “taste” up to $1000.

here’s how to win…./ this giveaway is now closed and the winner has been selected and notified. 

1) leave us a comment below telling us about something we could give you that would make your world as good as the taste of diet coke. please remember that the prize limit is $1000 so try and make your idea something that would fall in that category.

this giveaway is open for one week. one winner will be chosen at random on thursday,  october 9th, 2014 to receive the prize the described in their comment (value not to exceed $1000) this giveaway is open to domestic readers only. the retail value of prize is $1000. this giveaway is hosted by designlovfest. read official rules and regulations, here

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    Gabrielle Mizrahi says:

    My dreamt up award would be a plane ticket for my mom to Amsterdam. I just moved to London for graduate school, and had to take up loans to do so. But being in Europe, its important to me that I get the chance to travel. My moms favorite place in Europe is Amesterdam, so I would seriously feel like I was living the good life if I could buy her a ticket from the US, and meet her there for a couple of days (without the guilt of feeling like I should have put that money towards my loans!)

    two tickets to venice, which is an intra-European hop for us. check in at our favorite hotel. aperitivo that turns into a dinner of all the good snacks they serve. harry’s bar as a night cap. a water taxi if we have extra, and water bus if we don’t. and walk across st. mark’s. photos on the square at sunrise, when you have it all to yourself and a gondolieri or two as they set up their boats. espresso’s and cornetto’s to start the next day and head home… and this isn’t b/c of the sponsor of the giveaway but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’d be having a diet coke on ice at the airport…

    Danielle says:

    With one grand, I would probably buy myself a really nice camera for taking pictures on my blog, because right now, I have to take them with the front-facing camera on my kindle fire, and they are really low quality.

    nicole says:

    I’m a graphic designer, and I’m very passionate about design. I love creating something with my hands and my mind and being able to do so has brought me through the death of my mom + grandma this past year. I would love to use the $1000 to furnish and decorate my bedroom and home studio. I would love to have a completely inspiring space- somewhere to feel at home, to create, and keep on creating.

    Catherine says:

    I would book a holiday to Santorini for me and my boyfriend. I’ve heard so many amazing things about it – it’s totally beautiful, but vacations there sometimes add up to as much as a trip to SE Asia (from the UK) where my family lives, so it never quite seems justified.

    Edith says:

    As a shoe addict, since 2 years I am dreaming of a pair of Valentino’s flat rockstuds, as unfortunately I can’t buy them. But they are, for sure, my dream shoes.

    Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the
    good effort.

    Corrin says:

    A check made out to Visa to take a nice chunk out of my last remaining credit card debt, which would result in a fabulous nights sleep.

    Lauren S. says:

    I have been dying to visit Iceland, so I’d us it to fund my travels around the country and see as much as I can!

    Brooke says:

    My dream would be ab$1000 Anthropologie gift card!

    Kitty says:

    1000$, hmm… I’d buy two plane tickets to Portugal for me and my mom. We would bond over hiking trips, we’d go snorkeling. I could remind her and myself what adventure feels like. I feel like we both need this a lot, because we wanted to go there for many years. And with all the routine, we have lost our lust for adventures and magnificent wonders of life.

    Rachel says:

    I have been sewing on the same machine for 10 yrs. I would really love to treat myself to a new sewing machine. I just can’t justify splurging on a new one right now as I’m 7 months pregnant. But winning $1000 would certainly get me to treat myself!

    erin says:

    I’d take two weeks off from work the end of October to road trip with my bf to Montana and Colorado. I’m out of PTO for the year, and this… YOLO (he’s in between jobs). Biking, hiking, the mountains and fresh air with my main squeeze… yes, please!

    Flor says:

    It seems you ladies want to travel very bad! Mmmm, too bad is only for domestic readers 🙁

    Amanda U. says:

    Oooo great giveaway! Considering I just moved from Florida to Minnesota, I would buy lots of cute winter clothes!

    Barbara Moreira says:

    Out of the closet diet coke fan actually. Id use the funds to
    upgrade my upcoming nye trip which is currently a bit flat to be a true luxury!

    Carrie says:

    I would FINALLY feel ready to buy our dream house!! We have enough to cover the obvious things, but you know those pesky hidden costs are what getcha…This would give me the peace of mind to close my eyes, let go and sign away!

    Hannah says:

    I would buy a new camera! I already have a “beginner’s” DSLR, but to get one with faster fps and higher quality would be a dream.

    I would use it to help convert space in my room into a mini home-office. I’d buy a desk, office accessories and (if funds allowed) an iPad mini to take biz on the go!

    Ioanna says:

    with $1000 I would please like the Nikon D5300 kit (or similar) 🙂 I love my little bridge camera but I think I’ve outgrown it and would love the chance to experiment and improve my photography further. A new camera would make the world as good as diet coke (and I drink a lot of the stuff, in fact I’m drinking one right now with my lunch!) xx

    Rachael says:

    Oh Goodness! I would use it as a down payment on a new apartment. So my husband and I can move our of the in-laws! 🙂 a space to ourselves to create our own home!

    Kathleen says:

    I would buy the Lulu & Georgia rug I have been eyeing for my new condo!

    Taylor says:

    Since my boyfriend and I moved in together a year ago, we haven’t really been able to get away for ourselves. I would absolutely love a nice romantic weekend getaway at a B&B just relaxing with my loved one. It would make my stress go wayyyyyyy down! Good luck to all!


    Erin says:

    I would use it to get rid of stress by paying off wedding bills and then getting a massage!

    Lucy says:

    It would definitely be a trip to London – my fiance and I haven’t been on a trip together in so long, as we’ve been saving for our wedding, so a little time away would just be a dream! 🙂

    katie says:

    I would want to travel abroad with my boyfriend.

    I just got my beloved Fuji camera stolen, just before going on my honeymoon to California! Sad sad sad! I know it’s not the end of the world but it would mean the world to me to get it replaced! Especially after saving every little penny we own for this trip!

    Courtney says:

    A trip to Colorado to see a concert at Red Rocks!

    A date night fund – to pay for babysitters and meals out. And to maybe even spring for a movie once in a while, which we never do. With my husband’s busy work schedule these times are so crucial for us to be able to reconnect!

    Carissa says:

    a plane ticket to Greece would be the most fabulous thing in the world. I’ve wanted to go since the 7th grade when we learned about Greek mythology and I couldn’t imagine anything better!

    Danielle says:

    My dreamt up award would be a plane ticket to visit my long distance girlfriend… living 3,000 miles apart (East Coast to West Coast, as far away as possible and still in the United States). The time we get to spend together is so precious. So even just a weekend getaway; I would make that 11 hour flight just to see her for a couple of days. With the leftover money, I would take her out to eat and to a movie. Regular date stuff made special just ’cause of all that distance 🙂

    Gnome Lover says:

    A weekend away with my husband. A very much needed weekend away. Thank you for the chance! Jenni

    Charity says:

    My $1000 prize would be well spent on: a shiny, new digital camera for filming and snapping photos, and the leftover change would surely be spent at a thrift store on a tiny treasure.


    dot says:

    I have four siblings, and we all live in different cities–DC, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Talahassee, Gainsville, FL. With $1000 to spend freely, I’d buy four plane tickets–one to visit each one of them! My family’s really close, and it’s been difficult living so far-flung!

    Mar says:

    My husband has never been to New York! I know it sounds crazy since we live on the east coast, but I would love to surprise him with the trip of a lifetime! We would walk in Central Park, take the subway all over the city, sit at a rooftop bar, and be touristy in Times Square! He has done so much for me, I would love to be able to treat him with this special trip.

    Brianne says:

    I would go to Blogshop!!!

    Megan says:

    For the last 2 years, my husband and I have been paying down credit card debt we accrued in college/graduate school. Every extra cent goes to paying it off. We want to start a family, but are hesitant to start trying until we have this debt under our belts. A $1,000 payment would help ease the stress so much and get us one step closer to family member #3 🙂

    olivia says:

    ahhh so cool. a ticket to paris, no question!

    Sarah says:

    Right now my biggest travel desire is a road trip with my boyfriend to New Orleans. By far one of the most magical places in the US and the closest thing to traveling out of the country while still being here. I want to go and try on masks in the quarter, see my family grave, wander the streets where my grandpa grew up and share all of it with that boyfriend. (And obviously stuff my face with beignets and all the cajun food I can get my hands on.)

    Abby says:

    If I won $1,000 I would love to go on a relaxing getaway! My husband and I own our own small business and work together and it’s rare that we get an opportunity to escape and fully relax.

    Jane says:

    It’s so hard to choose, but I’d probably treat myself to the Kitchen Aid mixer that I’ve been lusting over for years and a plane ticket to visit my best friend in San Francisco.

    Hope M. says:

    A plane ticket to Hawaii would be a dream come true :))

    jody marie says:

    I’d take myself to somewhere magical and stay forever–maybe a surf camp in south america? or a yoga retreat in india? Travelling for 1000 is my specialty and a nice big get away is just what the doctor ordered for 2014.

    Emily says:

    I would buy a trendy couch that I normally couldn’t afford for years for my new apartment!

    Lina says:

    My dream of Paris. I’ve wanted to go my whole life, and due to other travel, work and the rest of my life, it has gotten put on hold for one reason or another. A dream give-away like this would make that dream a reality FINALLY <3

    Allison says:

    My best friend Mollie moved to Winter Park, FL with her husband about three years ago and I’ve only been able to see her once. I’d love for my husband and I to be able to fly down there and Mollie and I spend the evening at the Park Plaza hotel while the boys stay at their home.

    Meghan says:

    I was leaving a meeting with some pretty high up folks in my company two weeks ago and on my way out, my long suffering work bag’s handles just gave out and all of my things tumbled to the floor. Since then, I’ve been carrying my work things in an old gap leather tote that has seen better days. If I had a $1000, I would replace my dingy bag with something beautiful and professional and eye catching. With whatever is left over? I would go out and grab a pair of repetto ballet flats. Because they make every day better!

    Maddie says:

    honestly? probably a gift card to target. I know that’s not the most exciting thing in the world but on a college student budget with college student debt, it’s hard to even think about things like luxury handbags or a vacation. A trip to target to get some new things for my bedroom and replace shoes/jeans with holes would make me about as happy as can be.

    Danielle says:

    My dream would be a surprise trip to Europe for my husband and I. He supports my dreams – even if it means he has to work a little harder – and never asks for anything in return. I have never been out of the U.S., and I would love the chance to experience the life there with him!

    Nicole G. says:

    I would splurge on a spa day, and then use the rest of it to have a massage once a month as long as it will take me.

    Mary Ann says:

    Some new workout gear! Currently on a health kick and would love some fresh duds.

    Annette says:

    I would buy a ticket for my mom to go to Hawaii to visit my brother. My brother is in the Navy and hasn’t been able to come home to visit us for the past year and a half that he’s been stationed there, and we don’t have the extra money to travel that far. I would give anything to give my mother the chance to travel to see my brother.

    Shannon says:

    I am getting married in January and my fiance and I will be moving in to our new home together. We are in desperate need of a new couch to snuggle on after a long day of work, to watch movies on rainy days, or to take long Sunday naps. (And to replace the futon he’s had since college that is currently serving as our only seating option).

    Jennifer says:

    My world would taste as good as diet coke if I could swing a girls trip with my sister and mom! Would love for us to go on a local adventure to New Orleans, as that’s where my mom is originally from! The $1,000 prize would help get us there and start our adventure!

    amanda says:

    well first of all, great giveaway! i lovvvvve diet coke! 🙂

    what would i do with 1,000 bucks?hands down, without a doubt, i would buy a bed for my new house! after years of moving and sticking to the same bed we’ve had since college – it’s time for an upgrade!

    Quetzalli Aquino says:

    My husband and I just bought a house, and there’s so much to do! I’d use it to improve it so we get our dream home so much sooner 🙂