hello everyone, how are you doing? i’ve been going through a pretty rough time in my personal life this week (this year has been one for the books!) but i’m trying to just stay positive and know that feelings like this always pass. no feeling is forever. my friend is trying to get me to go to spin workout class with her to let some anxiety out, which is slightly scary, but hey maybe i’ll give it a shot. i hate to be a downer over here for you guys! here’s to hoping for a relaxing weekend and brighter days ahead. happy friday, friends. -bri

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    Kellee says:

    I would be so miserable if I didn’t go to spin class. Coincidentally today is my one year anniversary of starting spin at YAS in Silver Lake, and I couldn’t be happier. I say do it! Hang in there <3

    You go to that spin class!!! If anything it will break you away from what’s going on and give you some much needed distraction. I live right by the waterfront in Portland and have been purposefully going out and walking around it. It has really helped me get through some tough times. Clears the mind and heals the heart. Here’s to wonderful days ahead…

    bridget says:

    Oh, Bri. I hope that things look up soon, and that regardless of what life’s putting you through, that you can find some semblance of peace of mind. You are such a good one. We are all rooting for you, always.

    bri towne says:

    exercise is the only thing that keeps me sane anymore. i’ve gone from exercise-phobic to addicted in the past 8 months. i kind of hate myself because of it. ha! but i love it. hopefully spin class will help ya! i saw in a movie once a place where you can go and throw plates at a wall to get out your aggression and frustration. i don’t know if those exist in real life but i feel like that would help too. i’ll keep my eye out 😉

    simone says:

    I am sorry to read that things are challenging for you right now, I really hope that life gets better for you very soon.
    Best wishes from London.

    Jess Zimlich says:

    A good workout always helps me to clear my head. I love your honesty 🙂 Here’s to better days ahead.

    Martha says:

    Hope you start to feel better soon. Love you!

    Maria says:

    Get those endorphins pumping! (And don’t worry, they yell at everyone at spin classes-hehe) Hoping for your silver lining this weekend.

    Allie says:

    Hope you are encouraged this week! Spin class sounds like a great idea. Exercise can sometimes be the best mood booster. xoxo

    Taylor says:

    Bri, I’ve struggled with anxiety for 16 years of my life. It is rough. Mostly, it’s like the waves of the ocean, coming and going. Knocking you down and then retreating to either gear up for more or to just lick your toes. I’ve always found exercise to help me out, so a spin class may be good! My preferred method is yoga as if gives me alone time to reflect on my feelings while doing something active. Baking is also a wonderful route.

    I sincerely hope that things get better & will be sending so many good and loving vibes your way, sweet girl.


    Amy says:

    Bri – I totally understand what you are going through. I’ve had a bad week as well with work and personal dating life. But the feeling is always temporary and things will always look brighter on the other side. 🙂 I try to not let it get me down, I lift weights, run, plan things with friends, or totally veg out on a comedy TV series with friends or by myself. Eventually, the anxiety and stress melts away and things in focus again. Have a great weekend! *interwebs hugs*

    lisa says:

    Sorry to hear you are having a tough time, hang in there, you’re right that it will get better. And yes to spin class! Exercise has always helped me clear my mind, burn off some stress, and given me the time to consider what I really want/need. Best wishes to you!

    Duyen says:

    Sending good vibes your way! This feeling will pass soon. Just rememebr that there are people in your life that love you very much! I hope your week gets better soon! ♥♥♥

    Hayley says:

    I love that you’re down to share this kind of stuff! Life ain’t always easy, and it’s nice when someone you admire can be open and honest about that. I’m sending some good vibes your way, and totally encourage you to try out that spin class, if you want 🙂 Keep looking up, Bri!

    Robin Reetz says:

    Hang in there, sweet gal. You’re not alone in what you’re going through and this will totally pass. Have a great weekend!

    yvonne says:

    Working out is the best for that stuff! Endorphins, baby! Do it!

    Lynne says:

    For anxiety and depression there is nothing like running. I can’t tell you how much a difference it will make in your life. But, all exercise will help. Some day you will look back and be so glad that you went thru these things that brought you to the better place.

    nicole b. says:

    Hi, Bri! I feel you. Stress, anxiety and insecurity are creeping in over here, as well. Trying to stay positive, be good to myself, make healthy choices, stay active and also allow myself to rest. Sending good vibes your way. I appreciate your honest, personal posts the most. Thank you, lady. xoxo

    Anonymous says:

    Hola Bri, soy de Guatemala un pais de CentroAmerica he estado siguiendote tu blog inspira! te dejo un mensaje y es el siguiente: echando toda vuestra ansiedad sobre El, porque El tiene cuidado de vosotro 1 de Pedro 5:7 es una porcion de la Biblia. Ambas necesitamos saber que alguien tiene cuidado de nosotras, no sabes que exactamente estas pasando, pero sobre eso hay alguien que quiere amarte y cuidarte y ese es Dios. Es un amor inexplicable. tambien paso por momentos de ansiedad le pido a Dios que el sea mi paz en medio de la tormenta. un abrazo

    kiki says:

    I went to my first spin class 20 years ago at Karen Voight’s studio with Gunnar Peterson as the instructor. I soon became a regular because I never felt better…about everything. Try it. The first time is a little crazy so try it a second time and somehow I promise all that sweating cleans out all that anxiety.

    I hope that you feel better soon and that whatever is causing you stress passes quickly… Your blog is a bright spot in my day. =)

    Isabelle E. says:

    I’ve taken a few spin classes and, though they definitely kick your butt the first few times, they really are SUCH a release! Make sure you try to find an instructor that plays music that you like, it’s SO important. I had one instructor that played a lot of up-beat hip-hop and that really got me going…then tried another who played really slow rock songs…definitely wasn’t feeling that. Best of luck and I hope things start looking up for you soon! xo

    Brianne says:

    When my anxiety was at its worst I’d go to the gym and run so hard to badass music or work out with my roommate who did super intense workouts. I hated every minute of it for the most part and it was scary to go every single time, but I can’t tell you how much it helped. I felt awesome and strong and each trip to the gym was like another victory for my uneasy mind. Slowly but surely it helped me get better. You just have to do it. Try it for two months and keep going even if you hate it. It just might make a good difference. If it doesn’t, stop going. Music helped me too, but a lot of times God was the only thing I could hold onto. I feel ya, and I truly hope and pray for some conquering of anxiety this week for all of us who struggle with it. Can’t wait to read about how this turns out for good <3

    diana says:

    We have down days to celebrate the up ones! May tomorrow be grand for you! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

    Stephanie S. says:

    I turned to reading design blogs after having a rough patch in my personal life and yours was one of the ones I continued reading! I find that dancing to music at the gym really helps and who cares how ridiculous you look doing it! 🙂

    i’ll be there soon!! and we’ll go do lots and lots of fun stuff to cheer you up!! hang in there friend, and call me if you need me. i’m here day and night. xoxo

    kristin says:

    go to spin — sweat it out. i never regret a workout, especially when i’m in a rough spot. hope you feel better soon.

    'Becca'lise says:

    Ugh, story of my life. Insane health problems, roommate woes and family drama. Hang in there and I’ll try to as well.

    I’m a little stressed out because I just started my first year of college in a new country (the States–I studied high school at an international school in China), but tomorrow the town is celebrating, well, the town, so I’m hoping to de-stress amongst all the festivities! -Audrey |

    Meg says:

    Oh golly, me too! Hard when things feel out of control and out of reach and just holding on is all you have in you.
    Hope spin class works for you, if not, a good yoga class might be what you need – always helps me to stretch and sweat out any drama, and practice some mindfulness… xx

    It’s refreshing to know that other people have times like these, especially when you feel all alone in your feelings. Hang in there and know that, I personally, appreciate your condor.

    sbort says:

    im so sorry, sweetheart <3 go to spin! and then go swimming!!!! nothing cheers me up like being in the water. bring underwater is like being in a different world, so it's easy to feel far away from things that bug us and hurt us (just don't go swimming in the ocean, cuz if you get eaten by a shark- you'll be VERY close to the thing that's hurting you. literally.) things always feel more positive and clear after coming out of the water <3

    Marisa says:

    I totally understand. It’s good to know the real, that while you have this beautiful blog that you also are going through tough times like the rest of us. That is where the beauty, the trips and the joy inspire. I have had a very rough year and it seems many people have had a rough year as well. This is a tough time. The way out is through and you have to keep going. That is what I do everyday. I also try to find time to take care of myself and go have some peace and joy. This is the year I have to try and do what makes me happy because a lot of sadness is going on, trying to drag me down.

    kim boswell says:

    I’m telling you – hatha yoga! Will change your life.

    Spin will be so amazing for you! Let those endorphins flow, lady!

    Stefania says:

    Stay strong, sweet Bri! Sooner than later, you’ll work your way out of this funk, and you’ll have grown from it. Try the spin class! Or there’s something else called Soul Cycle…? Someone described it as spinning meets yoga, if that’s more up your alley. <3

    Stefania says:

    ** spinning meets zumba, oops!

    Megan Flowers says:

    I started spinning last year while my husband and I were about to divorce. It was a great release for me. Since then I’ve even gotten certified and have been teaching at a gym in Atwater. You should try it!

    Megan Flowers says:

    Oh I want to also mention before I took my first spin class I had only been to the gym a handful of times in my life and now I’m a gym class junkie!

    Ang says:

    I feel ya, girl. So sorry this year has been a rough one for you. Do whatever it takes to make you happy again, things will get better! Right? Don’t they? That’s what they tell me, anyway 🙂 xoxo

    So sorry to hear that. I know that “pretty rough time in my personal life” place. ***HUGS and Hi5s*** you’ll get through it…stronger and shinier!

    Jennifer says:

    I’m so glad you shared this. I feel like I’m in the same boat and never want to be honest when people ask me how I am so I hide it and put on a smile. Sending good vibes your way. You are not alone, ever 🙂

    vanessa joie says:

    dear bri, i’m so sorry. sometimes life just piles up on you all at once. i hope it lets up soon. one thing i’ve learned to repeat to myself over and over is that “feelings are not facts.” hang in there lady!

    Michelle says:

    Spinning has been the best for me during difficult times. The focus of yoga with the intensity of kick boxing… whatever you do get all the negativity out. You are way too incredible of a lady to get caught up in that.

    Jenna says:

    I hear you. 2014 has been a doozy for us. Without my running schedule though, I wouldn’t have survived, so go ahead with that spin class and sweat out the gunk in your soul.

    Sending love.

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy! Hope you’re feeling up + up soon! xx

    monique says:

    sending you soothing peace. xx

    Louise says:

    Such an admirer of your work. I am an intuitive empowerment Life Coach and artist in London, (planning to move to LA soon and will get in about teaming up for some workshops -I want to bring all mine from here to there). Meanwhile I’d love to share a popular post from my blog that I feel help you right now -http://louiseandrolia.com/2014/04/24/how-to-cope-with-change-and-during-uncertain-times/. LOVE, Lou x

    Talia says:

    Hey Bri, I know things and situations can be tough at some point to process but better days are coming! And spin class sounds like a great chance to have fun!

    Alicia says:

    Hope you are feeling better after the weekend!

    Jessie Hunter says:

    I just wanted to comment and let you know that I, too, went through a monumental breakup recently and I know exactly what you’re going through. Just know that (1) you’re not alone and (2) you will totally get through this and at some point, believe it or not (3) you will be happier and more fulfilled than you ever were. You’re doing great, looking gorgeous, and you’re going to be okay.

    Tiffany says:

    Hi Bri! I’ve been a longtime admirer of you and your site. Just wanted to send you some positive vibes. And to cheer you on as you go to spin class! But if spin isn’t your thing, you could always try hula hooping! It’s impossible to feel terrible in a hula hoop or while you hula hoop!

    Leanne says:

    It’s hard but it does get better. I’ve been going through a roller coaster this last month. With the help of doctors of course but also getting a routine going and just being outside helps a bit.

    Stevie-Ella says:

    Exercise definitely helps! Running really helped me a few years ago and I haven’t given it up yet. Also check out Neil Gaiman’s ‘Make Good Art’ speech, there’s a video of it online and he’s a very wise man indeed. Hope you feel better soon!

    Emily says:

    What a great friend! I once had a really rough period and my friend Kate dragged (literally dragged) me out of the house to her Bikram yoga class. It was so hot and miserable that I found I couldn’t dwell on any of the things weighing me down while I was in the class. It was a huge relief!
    Exercise helps a ton, but so does getting out of your own head. Bikram allowed me to do both at once (I love a good multi-task) – I hope you find your best bet soon!

    Lauren says:

    I know it won’t feel worth while at first, but I still recommend the Artist’s Way. For me it was a way more therapeutic trip for me as a human being, not just as an artist. It really let me explore everything I’d been trying to smile away, without really knowing it. That process guided me toward what I will always recall as one of the happiest days of my life. Be so good to yourself, be gentle and kind. Take care, Bri! – Lauren

    Bailey says:

    Three things I have learned from all my tough and anxiety-ridden times that tend to apply to anyone in any situation…
    Truth and honesty will always set you free, facing your demons and taking the difficult path is always the best decision in the end, and finally, sometimes it’s ok to be selfish, let go of other people’s expectations and do what makes YOU happy. You deserve it 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. Seems like 2014 is really kicking the butts of a lot of people. I hope things get better for you!

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    Hang in there, Bri. You have so much going for you: great friends, an awesome business, loyal readers, and a kick-ass smile. Don’t forget to use that last one to your advantage. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, science says even if you force yourself to do it that it will decrease stress.

    Best wishes that this weekend will be much better than this week!

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