good morning! earlier this year we decided to start . over a two day period, you can watch us guide you through all the lessons we teach and you’ll have time to rewind and practice from your own couch! we started this because we weren’t able to travel to every city or country and also wanted to offer a who couldn’t fly to blogshop in person. ()


we have done 3 sold out classes so far and we have another one in two weeks. we’re starting with 125 students in each class (open internationally) so that everyone can get really great live chat support if they’re feeling stuck.

you can see some student feedback about the class here,  and

today we are giving away 5 free spots in our march online blogshop! have you already bought your spot in the class? no worries. if you win, we will refund you! if you want to attend!


to enter to win a spot in blogshop online: (a $297 value) CLOSED

1. go to the site and tell us in a comment below what you would use your new skills for? are you a blogger and want to make better looking blog posts? do you own a small business and want to learn skills for that? does your company want you to learn photoshop? do tell!

five winners will be chosen on wednesday, march 11th at 10am PST. open to international. sign up for the class and you will be refunded if you win.

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UPDATE: winners are…

#14, giselle

#314, jennifer

#487, rachel

#709, claire

#821, achiamar



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    I would love an opportunity to go to Blogshop online! I’m a newly-graduated freelancer graphic designer who’s also just started blogging – so this class would be the perfect fit for me on all fronts!

    if you are looking for the most artistically frustrated blogger…that would be me! i don’t have a company or one that wants me to learn photoshop, but i am artistic, and i do have a blog that i’ve been working on for about 5 years now. i know what i want to do, what changes i want to make,and how i want my blog to look or be, but i don’t exactly know how to do it! it’s so simple yet so frustrating. i would love to take part in your on-line course. LOVE!

    Liz says:

    I’ve been trying to pull the trigger on starting a blog for almost a year now. and the main thing stopping me is my skillz with a camera and learning how to use Photoshop (I grew up with Corel products and now just use Gimp so I always feel backwards!).

    This would be amazing to get the push in the direction I need!

    deborah says:

    yay! i blog in my free time and at work, and am looking to improve (and speed up) my design skills, so i would love to take blogshop!

    Kristen says:

    Oh my I would love love love to win this. I just had a baby and am taking my time off (yay Canadian mat leave) to learn everything I can about design so I can take my web design skills freelance! I am definitely going to sign up sometime, but this would be so helpful for my budget 🙂

    Thao says:

    How fun! I’m a new business owner, and though I know Photoshop, I would love to learn some techniques on how to create a more dynamic blog and social media presence through graphics. Original content is tough, but you guys make it look easy!

    Aly says:

    My best friend and I just started a blog and we need all the help we can get!

    Cristina says:

    I would love to win for my friend Stefania! she is super creative and she would love to attend the course! We have a blog together but she is the real mind of it so I think she would love to attend!
    Thanks for the opportunity,

    I’ve tried and failed to learn photoshop to improve my blog posts on my own way too many times. I think blogshop is the answer 🙂

    I’m both an interior design blogger and a small business owner – my biz partner and I just launched our firm a few months ago. I’ve always wanted to attend blogshop here in New York but because of cost I haven’t made the jump yet. I’d love to win and use the skills I learn not only on my own blog posts but towards the business as well. I’m crossing my fingers!

    Brianne says:

    I’m a graduate student studying Ecology. I would like to get into web design for academics and make sciencey websites that are well designed and more friendly to a broader audience. Blogshop would provide me with a skillset to get started!

    Katie says:

    I would use my new blogshop skills to make both my personal blog and my small business blog look totally KICK ASS, of course!

    Silvia says:

    That is awesome! I would use it for a small project that my dad and I are working on, where we document our family’s history with pictures and videos. for this, we interview my grandpa and grandma, who are turning 75 this year (!). if everything looks good and professional in the end, I would love to make a bigger project out of it…and since I’m a student I can’t afford a blogshop class right now. crossing fingers… 🙂

    I just started blogging and I will eventually be starting my own business. Blogshop would be an amazing help! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome opportunity!

    Iquo says:

    I just started my own business/online shop:
    I also have my music site/blog:
    I would love to learn more about web design, photoshop, blogging and business tips and so much more. If I could win a spot in this class that would be so helpful!



    Would love to use blogshop to improve the overall look of my music blog This Is Our Jam, while opening up new opportunities for more creative posts and collaborations!

    karly marie says:

    Started my love of design back in my high school yearbook class – since then I’ve moved on to designing everything from church bulletins to office Christmas cards to baby announcements! A BlogShop class would give me a chance to focus on a side project I’m starting – calligraphy! Would love the opportunity to learn from you talented girls!

    Samantha says:

    I’m a content marketing specialist (a lot of blogging) at a marketing agency, and I’d love to use my blogshop skills toward the work I do for my clients!

    Good morning! This is so exciting. I’ve got a double-whammy, I work as a Marketing Coordinator and a Lifestyle Blogger. On the marketing side, I could cut some of the costs I have to outsource things to ad agencies and on the blog side, I could make things look SO much prettier. Polyvore and Canva just aren’t cutting it anyone. Thanks for this opportunity! Jess

    Danielle says:

    Just what this girl needs! I’d love to learn some quick commands and what fonts go together!

    Mar says:

    I would love to learn some fancy tricks, like how to animate gifs and edit photos!

    Pepa Cobos says:

    I would love to learn Photoshop and I would really love to learn it your way. I need it to do a better job, to give even more to my potential clients and….. well, just for fun!!!

    lauren says:

    i’m a blogger and would LOVE to learn to learn the skills y’all are teaching! i have some business ventures possibly opening up in the future that it would definitely help with, too!

    Andrea B says:

    I’m a fashion designer on a denim company and lately I had the desperate need to improve my photoshop skills and give a well deserved makeover to the company’s look!

    I would LOVE to be able to take the BlogShop course! As a blogger from East Coast Canada, I was always bummed that the classes never came to my neck of the woods! It would be great to take the online class from home. I would use it to make graphics for my blog, enhance my outfit pictures, and to make promotional items for my new videography business!

    Jennie Slagerman says:

    I would use my blogshop skills to enhance my blog, as well as use it in my job. I am in a communications role, and do a lot of visual communications, as well as other graphical things. This would be a great thing to win!!

    danielle says:

    bri this is awesome! i just revamped my blog, and would use these skills to take my posts to the next level by getting more creative with graphics, and incorporating videos! this would be such a huge win!

    Laura N says:

    I work for a museum where I’ve recently helped to created an educational website. The process has been amazing, but both my boss and I feel that if I were to become more fluent in photoshop, I’d only be able to help enhance the site that much more. I’ve been searching for ways to afford this class, and being able to take it would be a dream come true!

    kelly says:

    honestly blogshop would be a lifesaver because i’ve been going back and forth about setting up my own blog/shop. i’ve been collecting collectibles and small knickknacks from all over asia and literally have had the stock for months but can’t find the push to master setting up the shop, online presence and taking photos of the products. it’s just the push i need!

    Jennifer says:

    I used to run a blog, and I want to jump start that. There were a lot of things that took too long, ie: preparing photographs, and making them actually tell the story that made it hard for me to continue. I think you can help me with that!

    I’d love a class with Elise- I was so happy to see her on there. I also could use blogging and photography classes as well!

    Tilly says:

    Omigawd I would LOVE to win a place on Blogshop! I recently quit my job to focus on my blog and budding business, Tilly and the Buttons, which offers user-friendly guides to making your own clothes for the new wave of DIY dressmakers. A big part of what I do is to present what is seen as a grandma’s craft (certainly in the UK anyway) to a younger audience who are interested in style, so creating a fresh and modern look is really important! I would lurrrrve to learn the skills to snazzify my blog and shop site, and to create some really unusual images for my online sewing guides. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Kelley says:

    My husband and I are moving to NYC in 2 weeks and we’re going to start a blog about our move from New England to Manhattan. This blogshop class would be perfect to help us get started! I have some experience with photoshop but would love to learn some tricks and new skills to make a beautiful blog. xx

    amy says:

    i’m a blogger who wants more quality posts – but i also have a dream to be a small business owner!

    chloe trudel says:

    I’m just starting my blog (a.k.a haven’t finished writing my first post) so I’m really a newbie at this. But I have no clue how to use Photoshop and I know this class would be SO helpful to help me realize my dream of having a blog. In the description of the class, every thing listed is everything I need to learn! This would be an amazing opportunity. 🙂 YAY!

    Regina says:

    My blog has become my freedom and my jail (as Kanye once said in love song). I love seeing a fresh post up on my page, but I get so discouraged when the pictures or the site itself looks all buttony and poorly made and it makes me wanna quit. I also know I’m needing to build a portfolio for grad school/ certain jobs and unfortunately my Polyvore graphics aren’t gonna cut it! I hope to make my OWN graphics and content to look tip top for personal and professional reasons– which is something you girls have obviously got down. Thanks!

    Lindsay says:

    My need for blogshop is a little unusual, but definitely neccessary! I’m a neuroscientist. When preparing my research to publish in scientific journals, it’s expected that I use Photoshop to organize the data. But I don’t even know where to start in Photoshop. My lack of skills are starting to border on fear, and it’s holding me back. Blogshop seems like a creative and non-intimidating outlet for me to conquer this!

    Laura says:

    Currently doing a little happy squirm thinking about winning this giveaway! I’m in the process of creating a travel + lifestyle blog to document my shift from substitute teacher to (what I truly consider myself to be) a professional wanderluster. I’ll be living in Rome this summer and winning this giveaway would allow me to gain ease in using Photoshop while documenting my time there. Thanks Blogshop + DesignLoveFest!

    Sarah Louise says:

    I am so excited about this giveaway, such a wonderful thing to do! Blogshop is the #1 thing on my list of things I want to do in the near future to expand my knowledge of photoshop and abilities as a blogger. After years of merely admiring blogs from the side lines, I finally decided to dive in head first with a blog of my own. Learning from you lovely ladies would be the bees knees <3

    I’ve always wanted to improve my Photoshop skills for my blog. And now that I have a little one, I’d love to improve my photo editing skills even more!

    Natalie says:

    Blogshop! Blogshop! Oh-Me-Oh-My How I would love to win a spot in blogshop. There are big changes happening in my life right now. The kind of changes that you don’t know where life might take you but you know that if you trust in the process it’s going to take you somewhere good. If I won a free awesome spot in blogshop I think it would give me the boost I need to start my blog. Yours and Angela’s enthusiasm would definitely brighten up my day and give me that push in the hinney that I need to get me started. Plus it would hopefully turn this spell of misfortune i’ve had into a great new adventure. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Jessica says:

    I’m looking to expand my beginner PS skills and take my blog to the next level. Having a job and a two year old leaves me little time to come to one in person (which I would prefer, but anyway). I’d like to be able to make blogging more of a career than a hobby and I think this would help me move toward that goal. Thanks!

    Meghan says:

    I have a blog, but it doesn’t have a cohesive look and is not as professional as I would like it to be. With the new skills I would learn, I would take my blog to the next level. Make it something really special!

    Alessandra says:

    I am a blogger and I would use my new skills to create better blog posts, collages and make my blog look better and more professional!

    Katy says:

    As the anniversary of my sewing blog approaches I’ve taken time to look over posts from the past year. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, but blogshop would really help me to take my look and content to the next level. Fingers crossed!

    Kathy says:

    I want to win so that I can make my blog look stunning! Seriously, this would be my game changer!

    Katharina H. says:

    Dear Bri, dear Blogshop-Team,
    I most recently graduated with an M.A. in Arts and Media Management but a lack of Photoshop-skills. I’d really like to change that because I am sure that the chances to get my dream job will increase a lot after having attended one of your classes… You see, the timing for this giveaway couldn’t be any better! Your online Blogshop is a perfect fit for me since I do not only love and admire the work you’re doing but also live in Berlin and cannot attend one of the classes in the U.S..
    Thank you & all the best from Berlin

    Robin says:

    I’m a blogger and a writer who’s never failed at expressing myself through clothing or words, but somehow I fall down when it comes to graphics. I’d love to improve the design on my blog, re-do my resume, and also start a portfolio site with the skills I’ll learn in Blogshop.


    I would absolutely LOVE the chance to take the BlogShop course! As a fashion & lifestyle blogger from East Coast Canada, I was always bummed that the course was never offered in my neck of the woods! It would be great to take it from home! I would use my new BlogShop skills to enhance the pictures on my blog, re-design the theme so that everything coordinated, and make promotional items for my new videography business!!

    Tanvi S says:

    i live all the way in India, been following bri for nearly 2 – 3 years now, i really hope you come to Mumbai and host a class here, i am sure you will have a lot of takers.

    about how i would use the blogshop skills: host a blog about possible everything that mumbai is about without it looking like just a collection of photos that i took + understand how to put these posts together such that they represent the emotion that i am trying to portray without going overboard or doing injustice to the topic.

    fingers crossed !!!

    yours truly – girl from mumb-eye ()

    alice says:

    ohhh this would be so amazing! I have been looking at your in person classes for about a year now and the idea of an online one would be grand! I would use the BlogShop course to learn photoshop first and foremost so that the images on my blog look amazing and more professional. I am a stay at home mom who is trying to keep a creative spark alive and well while raising my son, not easy to do! so a beautifully curated class would push me into being more proud of my creative outlet. please pick me! I need the boost both creatively and emotionally!

    Jessica R says:

    I would gift this to a friend who has recently graduated and wants to start her own business and use her new blog to promote it. It would be excellent if she could take your class to improve her confidence, as she really is very talented!

    Lauren Wolfard says:

    I would love to win this for my husband, Cody. He has been working in a job that has given him a chance to learn photoshop, but I would love if he would be able to get a leg up with his skills. He has always wanted to be able to freelance and have a reason to purchase photoshop for himself, and I think this class is just the thing. He is very shy, so I think the online blogshop class would be absolutely perfect for him. He majored in international studies and still has such a passion for it; this class would give him a very unique opportunity to be able to delve into the world of his major, and come with a wealth of photoshop knowledge in his back pocket. Cody never spends money on himself, and being a poor newlywed couple, we just can’t scrape together enough money to afford photoshop and a class on how to use it. Thank you so much for considering us! Fingers crossed. Love – The Wolfards

    Theresa says:

    I would love to take the online BlogShop course. I began 2014 with every intention to follow my dreams and pursue a vintage fashion and lifestyle venture. I’ve already begun taking product shots and photo shoots. I would love to use this course to enhance my photoshop skills and create beautiful posts to connect with readers. This would be a blessing and a dream come true! Thanks for all that you guys do at DLF!

    kelsey says:

    this is amazing! i am a blogger and i’d love to make my posts, my photos, my general blog design so much better. they are skills that are really difficult to learn on your own with a full-time job and a limited budget. i’d so appreciate this opportunity!

    Parvina says:

    This is great! I have been wanting to take my brand and blog to the next level, I am always eager to learn and grow!