for all you cooks out there, this one’s for you! (or maybe you want to gift it to that special cook in your life?) our 6th giveaway is this  from in the color of their choice! gather your friends and family and cook up something delicious in your new enamel french oven. this is an item you will have for years and years…


here’s how to win… (CLOSED)

1) “like” the designlovefest  page.

2) go to the le creuset  and take a look around.

3) leave a comment below letting me know your favorite item. 

one winner will be chosen on monday, december 16th at 10am PST. open to US readers only. the retail value of prize is $350+. photo above via 

UPDATE: winner is #1070, jessica!


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    Isabel says:

    Love the white 9 QT. ROUND FRENCH OVEN!

    heather says:

    i am loving the 9 1/2 QT. OVAL FRENCH OVEN – perfect for making a big pot of homemade meatballs!

    Layla says:

    The round indigo french oven is dreamy. Perfect for a baked mac and cheese.

    Layla says:

    The round indigo french oven is dreamy. Perfect for a baked mac and cheese

    I could totally make my family’s chili in the White 9 Qt. round french oven! I love timeless peaces like that. I always remember my great aunt minnie making chicken noodle soup in hers before she passed away. So beautiful!

    Wow! I might even have to get myself a BOUILLABAISSE POT to go with!

    Jessica says:

    I’m so excited about this giveaway! I’ve always wanted a French oven, but I’m also in love with their bakeware. Have you seen the little pumpkin cocotte? The cutest!

    Jennifer says:

    The white round french oven would be fantastic!

    Beth says:

    Loving the Heritage 4 Qt. Square Casserole in orange!

    Meg S says:

    I like on FB (Amy J) and I love the Mariner Star Round French Oven! How pretty – I’ve never seen it before!

    Victoria says:

    The indigo 9 QT french oven is wonderful!

    I love a classic french oven. But what color?? Maybe yellow 🙂

    Holly says:

    I love the classic French oven!

    I love Le Creuset. I don’t have anything in soleil (yellow) yet.. so pretty much anything in that color would be awesome!

    Jessica says:

    I need a whole new set! Since Oprah knows best, her set would be a great replacement for my beat up ones! Great giveaway!!

    Cait says:

    Ooooh, the Mariner Star is great! Though the 9 1/2 QT French oven would be better since it would go nicely with my current one which is 4.5 qt.

    I love the one I have, I found it at a Marshalls and when the kid at the counter rang it up, he was appalled that a pot would be so expensive so he called for a price check. When the price check confirmed the price (which was substantially discounted but still not cheap), he knocked off 15% just because. I should have purchased an entire set that day.

    Katie says:

    Obviously the Le Creuset French ovens are the pinnacle of all things kitchen! I love the red, round one in all sizes!

    Evelyn Theus says:

    I love the Perfect Pie Set.
    Greetings Evelyn

    Katie says:

    They are all so beautiful!!The blue is stunning and would match my kitchen!

    Stephanie says:

    the orange one is killer!

    Emily says:

    I love these! I need brighter colors in my kitchen! the red or green ones are awesome

    joanna says:

    the yellow stock pot is definitely my favorite!

    Dana Rudolph says:

    I love love love the 7 1/4 qt. oval oven with the grill pan lid

    Keagan says:

    The 9 QT French oven has been on my Christmas list for years! What a wonderful giveaway!

    Kari says:

    I just love all of their white french ovens in all sizes. Everything from them is too good to be true!

    Alexandra says:

    Any of the red ones would be gorgeous.

    Nathalie Trepo says:

    Thank you!! I had a fun time of the Creuset website. I had no idea they came in such fantastic colors (the orange, and that yellow! wow. Favorites are the yellow round French oven and the orange signature skillet. Hiiii, fingers crossed

    Eileen says:

    LOVE the bold color of the yellow 5 1/2 qt Round French Oven!! 😀

    Madison says:

    I love all the red ones!

    Amy says:

    I love the sweet corn set! So cute!

    Jennifer says:

    I have been hoping, wishing, wanting, dreaming of owning one of the Le Creuset Dutch Ovens, I love their vibrant colors! I am pretty much loving the red and the teal!

    Callan says:

    I’ve lusted after a Le Creuset French oven for so long! The 9 qt. in Marseille is gorgeous. Awesome giveaway!

    Anna says:

    I love the dark blue french oven! matches my pans!

    Jamie S. says:

    I have always wanted one of these! I love the dark blue/ indigo color!

    Jess G. says:

    I’ve been eyeing those French ovens for so so long now. I’d like one of those and maybe a stockpot in the gorgeous light blue variegated enamel. Since you asked… (:

    Elizabeth says:

    I love the 5 Qt. Braiser! You can do anything with it!

    Katy says:

    Any of the French ovens! I’ve been coveting a croque au vin making beauty for a long time, but alas grad student living doesn’t make it a very practical purchase

    Kelly says:

    This is perfect! I love the 5 piece cast iron set in blue. It would last forever!

    I love the white dutch oven!

    Lisa says:

    OOOh la la, the blue french oven is tres’ chic!

    may says:

    That 16 qt saucepot in blue is to die for!

    Jillian V. says:

    The 9 qt. French oven in flame looks amazing!

    Anonymous says:

    That round French Oven in Caribbean would cook oh so many meals for me–especially big cuts of meat for family and friend get togethers.

    Jane says:

    Great giveaway! I have one of the large oval French ovens and love it! Hmmm, from their site…everything or maybe the 5 piece set with the skillet. Thanks!

    Sarah says:

    That round French Oven in Caribbean would cook oh so many meals for me–especially big cuts of meat for family and friend get togethers.

    Gillian K. says:

    I love the white french oven! I think it’s so chic and perfect for my home!

    Anonymous says:

    I have always dreamed of having the round French oven. Oh the beautiful home cooked meals I could make for my family with it. Hope I win.


    megan says:

    I really like the 3 3/4 qt deep covered skillet.

    Rachael says:

    I would love the signature 11 3/4″ iron handle skillet!

    Shevy says:

    I like the French round oven in flame.

    I LOVE yellow 9 QT french oven!

    Marie says:

    I love the classic French oven!

    oh i love these! the white french oven is definitely my favorite!

    Emily Love says:

    the white Dutch oven is perfect! I’m not sure how long I’ve wanted one

    Maci says:

    I definitely love the large round ovens in white!

    Monica says:

    I could really use that 3 qt. covered saucepan … along with everything else. 😉

    Eunice says:

    I love the round French ovens!

    rachel says:

    because i usually cook for a crowd, i would die for a 13 1/4 french oven, round in red. maybe santa will hook me up.

    Jessica L says:

    Love the French oven in white. A must have in the kitchen for sure!

    Kimberly M says:

    I love the 7 1/4 qt. Multi-Function Oval Oven with Grill Pan Lid! How useful!

    Erin Coons says:

    My favorite item is the white 9 qt. French Round Oven!

    Anne says:

    I love Le Creuset and will choose the blue if I am so lucky as to win.

    Marnay says:

    All of their bakeware is stunning! I especially love the 3 qt. Covered Square Casserole in white and teal!

    eva says:

    Love the large oval oven

    Sarah F says:

    I would love the 9 Qt Dutch Oven in Indigo, such a beauty!

    Tami Sawyer says:

    The perfect pie baking dishes are my fave.

    dawn says:

    i have the oval french oven (perfect for a big pot of boeuf bourguignon!)..and i would love to add the round cherry french oven to the collection..oval, meet round. they will be very happy together, i’m sure!

    Jennifer says:

    I’m a summer for clean and simple white – so I’d pick the white one!

    JC says:

    I’ve been wanting one of their French ovens for years! but if I had to choose something else, their ramakins are next on my list!both in orange, because they are stunning

    sharon says: