hello everyone! somehow i am coming down with that cold again after recovering twice in the last two weeks. HELP! i am in bed in spain, feeling sorry for myself…but it does feel nice to just sit and relax after running around paris for a few days with arian. that’s the best part about having 7 days in barcelona, it doesn’t have to be so rushed. not every minute has to be consumed with exploring.

i am working on a full recap paris post, where we went, what we ate, where we stayed…so stay tuned for that. and and i are working on a few that i will tell you about soon too. i feel so grateful to have a job that we can work on in another country together!

i was saying to arian today at lunch that i am so happy that i got over my fears of traveling. i remember when i used to think “but how will i get around? what if i don’t know the language? where will i stay? is it safe?” so many questions and anxieties that used to hold me back. i’ve learned that you just have to GO. book the flight and figure it all out later. we love renting apartments because when you check in the landlord usually tells you all his/her favorite local spots. last night our landlord took us out for beers in our neighborhood in barcelona and gave us a list of places to check out. the more you travel, the more comfortable you become with it. as a classic type A personality (always needing a plan) i have finally learned to let some of that go.

also, i miss my cats. have a lovely weekend, even if you are in bed sick like me…hopefully you enjoy your tea and down time at least. follow along with our travels ! and don’t worry i will post all about our  soon because you guys HAVE to stay there. -bri

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    joy says:

    feel better soon bee! miss you and look forward to reuniting!

    Meg Sylvia says:

    Hope you feel better! I never thought of staying in an apartment while traveling until reading your blog. As soon as I plan a trip out of the country, will certainly take your advice!

    Nigel says:

    If your getting sick again it might be from the recycled air on the airplane. I’e read that that that can happen when you travel a lot. Love the blog.

    Quinn Cooper says:

    So excited for the upcoming posts on Paris and hopefully Barcelona, along with the travel videos. You should check out ‘s travel videos, they are just unreal. They have a whole series on each country they go to. So well done and edited.
    Feel better.
    xo Quinn

    bri says:

    nigel – i think that’s it! every time i get off the plane, i get it again 🙁

    giulia says:

    Oh my! You’re in Barcelona! Me too! That’s were I live! I hope you get better soon because there is simply so much to see. I love it over here! (you can probably tell because of all those exclamation marks…) if you need anything.
    Please go walk in the ‘Born’ neighborhood, eat ice cream, have tapas (‘croquetas’ and ‘pà amb tomàquet’).
    Visit la Gaudí’s Pedrera and walk down Passeig de Gràcia (admire the design of the pavement tiles).
    Buy good bread, cheese and meat and spend an afternoon in Parc Güell.
    Or, since it’s so nice out right now, go to the beach and eat a paella at Pez Vela (it’s the only restaurant you can have a good paella in my opinion, and it’s right by the sea, under the W hotel)
    And if it gets cold, go somewhere for ‘xocolata amb melindros’

    I get easily excited when it comes to Barcelona and eating…

    Mel says:

    Bri! What is the app you use for your pictures to look like that… i mean not sqaure?
    Looking forward for all the trip info!

    Poor you. Hope the little tips I gave you will come in handy when you finally ditch the bug for good.

    Feel better soon!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    kelsey says:

    feel better! adore that first photo

    Sarah says:

    Aw poor thing! I hope you feel better. Maybe you aren’t fully recovering and relapsing? I know it’s hard, but try to keep it easy. Soak up some sun =)

    michelle says:

    girllll go eat yourself two whole cloves of garlic…seriously works without fail. I always miss my fur balls when I travel, especially if I am feeling lousy. Also I have to tell you that your posts have been on FIRE lately, so inspiring.

    Kate says:

    First of all, I’m so insanely jealous of all your s–especially Paris!!
    Secondly, I was sick when I visited Barcelona as well. Just goes to show Madrid is better 😉 When you get home you should look into some herbal cold remedies, I had a never-ending cold back in college and the pharmacist recommended Yin Chao and it worked like a charm.

    Bri says:

    i like to sit in the sun a little when i’m feeling under the weather (don’t forget the sunblock!) and have a big cup of hot water, lemon, honey and burbon. the alcohol is just self-medicating but i swear it helped me get over my cold last week. spain is next on our travel list! have fun!

    Kristen says:

    OMG your life is so freakin amazing. Feel better soon hun!

    Saw some peeks on your Instagram of the places you’re staying at – so jealous! What a dream!!

    xx Ashleigh


    Shelby says:

    If you can, try to find ginger, cayenne, lemon and oregano oil, usually you take it in a concentrated shot but since traveling with a juicer is hard (ha) make it in a tea form. Slice a few pieces of ginger, squeeze in lemon sprinkle cayenne and perhaps a dab of honey. Feel better!

    Erin says:

    Always a traveller, the only thing I find REALLY HARD about it now is that I miss my cats! It’s like an actual physical pain.

    Also, as for your horrible cold, Bri– I had it and I thought it was gone and then, BAM! Back again two weeks later. The good news is, Round #2 was the finale. Hang in there!

    Criss Marie says:

    Wishing you a quick recovery! xx

    Alex says:

    Aw thank you for the text portion of this post. As a regular reader, I just assumed that with all the traveling you do, it comes easy. But I forgot that, yeah, a lot of us have those same worries about those same things. And for the bit of traveling I have done, I realized a good place to stay is very important because, sometimes, I really do just want to stay in the room.

    Andrea says:

    I’ve been sick ALL week too!

    Tiffany says:

    Love you in the mirror! Great picture

    Amanda says:

    So sorry that you are sick! Hopefully you feel better soon so you can enjoy the awesomeness that is Barcelona. That is one of my favorite cities. Also renting an apartment is the way to go – I did it recently in Paris and loved it. Have fun!

    Kimberly says:

    I hope you’re feeling better. xox

    Queen Mother says:

    Hate it that you aren’t well, lovie! : ( If I was there I would drag you to a doctor. I sure hope you are able to get better soon so you can enjoy a few days in Barcelona before you have to head home. XOXO, Mama

    I am so sorry you are in bed sick again Bri. The first day it feels good to be doing nothing, but then you feel to start sorry about yourself and your partner for being stuck inside. I experienced the same in December while traveling through Germany and Italy and I wish we can go back sometime cherish it again properly. Here are 10 ways to survive flu and cold like a pro I wrote some days ago:

    Get better soon and enjoy your trip 🙂

    Rita says:

    Get well soon! Don’t forget to put honey and some drops of fresh lemon in your tea to recover fast. Enjoy Barcelona.

    Rita says:

    Oh and I must share that when away I always talk out loud with my cats like they could listen (is that strange? 🙂 )I say “I’m coming home soon, stay well,eat, I love you”. It makes me feel more relax and hoping that for cats a message from thousand of miles of distance is piece of cake 🙂

    Rachael says:

    I love what you said about just GOING to where you want to go, and figuring all the other stuff out later. Fear definitely holds me back with traveling, so it’s nice to hear that advice about just going for it.

    Ali Mackin says:

    Oh know having a cold is a drag! I have one here in NY. My job moved offices which now requires two subways in addition to a commuter train. The commute wiped me out!

    Ali of

    Sierra says:

    Woohoo I just spent a week in Barcelona with my honey. We rented apartments through airbnb and scooted around town casually, what a beautiful place! My new favorite city in the world 🙂 Feel better and have fun!


    i recommend bar lobo in barcelona – and of course, el xampanyet!

    Michelle says:

    Oh no. Feel better! I always get sick when I travel, its a curse. Sending you good vibes.

    sydney says:

    When you get home, Whole Foods sells an herbal supplement called Source Naturals’ Wellness Formula. You take megadoses when you feel a cold or other ickiness coming on, and I swear it disappears within 24-48 hours. You can also take smaller doses regularly in order to prevent getting sick in the first place. It has been my miracle supplement this winter. Hope you get well and can enjoy your trip soon.

    Ana says:

    Can’t wait to see the travel videos. You and Arian are the video dream team!

    where is that incredible mirror from??

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