we east side girls traveled west to visit in venice beach. just off the abbot kinney strip and down a tiny garden path is a beach bungalow surrounded with bikes and full of beautifully made , bells, and all sorts of other must haves to style your ride.

i really love the look! sleek and chic. reminiscent of the french bicycle design of the 50’s and 60’s. its with this spirit that the sweet people at let us take the bikes out on the town for an afternoon of flowers, farmers markets, and fresh juice. all day long I kept saying to myself that it doesn’t get better than this!

in keeping with the spring farmers market afternoon i filled the baskets with all sorts of spring flowers like daffodils, ranunculus, fritillaria. i also incorporated sweet pea tendrils and kale into this bouquet to give it that extra from the garden touch.

another great find of the day were the beautiful white forsythia branches which have a sweet fragrance. (i must have left a spring scented trail behind me.)

if in venice be sure to take stroll into linus. we heart them and their bikes!

and guess what! we are GIVING AWAY A BIKE!

here’s how to win one of these linus bikes!Β (CLOSED)

1. head over to the linus bikes site and tell me your favorite product from their shop! bike or basket πŸ™‚ and leave us a comment below! we hope this ends up in the hands of someone who has been really wanting a new bike!

2. you can chose to win the or the style in the color of your choice!

oneΒ winner will be chosen on tuesday, march 26th at 10am PST. open to us residents only. the retail value is $475+

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store: photos by:Β 


UPDATE: winner is #1182 Jessica O!


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    Shawnee says:

    Sounds like a perfect afternoon πŸ™‚ lovely photos! Send some spring my way!

    Katie says:

    Perfection! I don’t even have a bike, but I love renting them when I travel. I could ride “my” bike around a new city all day long.

    giulia says:

    the photography here is simply perfect! beautiful:)

    rachel says:

    i love the use of kale in the bouquet. i really love it.

    Katie says:

    I love the Dutchi1 in cream! This would give me the motivation to bike to work instead of drive. So lovely!

    Courtney says:

    Love these bikes and the photos are beautiful! The Dutchi in Spring Green would be perfect for cruising around town!

    Jeweli says:

    I love the market bag!!

    These bikes are so dreamy, especially the Dutchi 1 in cream. Who doesn’t want to take their bike with a good book and picnic out to the park on a sunny day?

    Brandy says:

    A bike is smack dab at the top of my wishlist, the Roadster Classic in black gives me heart eyes!!

    So pretty! The roadster classic in rosewood is my favorite πŸ™‚

    Kristin says:

    Ah! I’ve been wanting a Linus bike for awhile – The Dutchi1 in green is swoon worthy – as is the rear wire basket! Ding! Ding! Cuteness coming through!!!!

    Laicie says:

    LOVE the rear wire basket — and would love a brand new roadster classic to put it on! Either way, that basket might need to be mine.

    FINGERS CROSSED! I love the Dutchi in cream. Simply beautiful πŸ™‚

    lauren says:

    eeeeep! would love a bike… i’ve missed riding around houston since my bike got nabbed last year. (now have garage to keep it safe). anywho, favorite accessory would be the nantucket pannier (and the market sac, to boot). fingers crossed.

    Rachel says:

    My favorite basket is the Nantucket Tuckernut!

    Also – I would love to win the Roadster Classic for my husband’s upcoming birthday! He really wants a new bike and I haven’t found one nearly this cool yet!

    Sarah says:

    My bike (my way to work) was stolen!!! It made me sad, but the Roadster Classic in cream or rosewood would make me so happy!!! I would have to get the wire rear basket to go with it…Thanks for this chance!

    Christa says:

    Ahh, spring! What an inspiring layout with the flowers and the market. I have been saving up for a Linus bike — love the dutchi 1 style in cream. I’d accessorize with that cool headlamp and rear wire baskets in teal. While it’s dreamy in your California setting, it’s the perfect New England bike, too. I’ll be riding in style through the Cambridge, MA bike lanes if you pick me. Thanks, Bri.

    bethany says:

    The Mixte 3 in cream is beautiful and slightly vintage! I’m moving into the city this summer and need a bike before-hand so i can really take advantage of the great weather and summer activities… even when commuting (whether its to the beach, street fests, the local deli or any other place i can get to without compromising for the train.)

    thanks for introducing everyone to this site! just what i’ve been looking for.

    Ana says:

    OOOOH the Dutchi 1 in cream :))

    brookstar says:

    I am totally looking for a new bike. The one I have now barely has brakes and has been to Burning Man twice, coming home a bit shabbier and dustier each time. My favourite is the Roaster Classic in small – I’m excited they have smaller bikes for petite girls!

    Becky says:

    Oh goodness. I love the cream Dutchi 1. The Rosewood Roadster isn’t bad either…

    I’ve been shopping around for bikes, and haven’t found anything perfect yet. Having this newbie would be a sweet way to ring in my fresh move to Austin as a new, frugal freelancer. Someone is going to be a lucky lady (or gent).

    Rachel says:

    I want the basil bottle basket!!! would be perfect for the farmers market!

    Debbie says:

    I’ve been dying to upgrade my bike for months! The cream colored mixte 8 is such a beautiful bike, and would be perfect for my daily Chicago commute! Linus makes such stylish and high quality bikes.

    Andrea Zamboras says:

    Oh my goodness!! I live in Austin and it’s bike town, USA! I love the Roadster classic in cream… With a basket of course. Great prices too!

    Ilenia says:

    the little rear wire basket is just so cute, it looks pretty but also very comfortable to use on a daily basis and the roadster classic is the perfect bike for brooklyn! thanks for the giveaway.

    As a Chicago city girl I have been itching to get a bike for the last 6 years that I have lived here! I’ve yet to find something that suited my style though until I saw these beautiful gems. Sadly out of my price range, I can daydream (or cross my fingers to win!).

    I’d get the cream Roadster, put on some gold glitter tape in stripes around parts of the frame and daydream about that basil yellow basket and apple green bike saddle!. *swoon*

    Oo the photos are amazing.
    Would definately go for the Dutchi in green.
    My high school bike doesn’t quite cut it anymore;)

    Yvonne says:

    Oh what fun!!! I ride by Linus bikes everyday on my beach cruiser to work. I have always wanted one of there bikes. They are tres chic. I love the Dutchi 3 Limited Edition!!!!

    Errol o'falahee says:

    The dutchi with a Nantucket basket would be a dream to ride to farmers market!

    Sara Kay says:

    Holy lovely photos and beautiful bikes! I don’t drive (my low vision can’t be corrected to pass the vision test), so a bike would be perfect for this gal! I’ve been wanting one for a long time, and that Dutchi1 just stole a little piece of my heart…!

    michelle says:

    SQEEEEEE!!! I love the Dutchi 1 in Spring. With the adjustable rear rack with the market bags I would be the talk of the farmer’s markets πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed!

    I adore the Dutchi 1 in cream, would be a great 30th birthday gift (on the 23!!) to ride around sunny san diego in the summertime with a cute little basket to carry all my beach/farmers market/festival gear!

    caroline says:

    I love the style of the Dutchi 1 because it’s elegant and designed, but still practical. The copper bell is a perfect accessory for the cream bike, and it adds to my current copper/bronze obsession!

    Caroline Cutshall says:

    I’m a Dutch 1 girl in green kindofagal. As a kid, my grandma would take us on bike rides to go get ice cream, and this summer, I’m keeping the tradition going when she comes to visit!

    Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love the Roadster Classic in rosewood! This makes me so excited for Spring!

    Bree McCool says:

    Im so glad you did a post with Linus! I go in there nearly every weekend and stare at the beauty that the MIXTE3 Limited Edition…THAT HEAD LAMP! I die. I finally got a used bike a few weeks ago and it completely broke apart on me. I will use this EVERY DAY, Id be so completely stoked! πŸ˜‰

    Vanessa says:

    These are the perfect LA bike for a ride along the strand. I love the Dutchi 1 in spring!

    Tracey says:

    Love this post – the styling, everything is gorgeous. My favorite practical accessory is the head lamp and favorite splurge would be the child seat. I would love to take my 2.5 year old on rides through the neighborhood this summer!

    Mace says:

    The dutchi bike in spring would absolutely rock! My bike is ancient and basically crunches when I pedal. It’s time for a new one to say the least especially if it was as cute as that one!

    sara niedablski says:

    Oh my gosh! This give away came at the perfect time! I recently had a bike stollen when I left it outside of my office (even though it was locked up!). Desperately seeking a cool new urban bike to commute to and from school/work. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico – an incredibly bike friendly city. I would love to be able to cruise around this summer in a brand new bike! I had been looking at Public Bikes in San Francisco to get the Euro look I want in a bike, but these Linus bikes are AMAZING! I have never heard of this company before, and now I’m completely smitten! Please please consider me for this give away – I have my little heart set on the Dover 1 model in grey. Really really beautiful design πŸ™‚

    Kayla says:

    ALLof it is amazing! I love the rear wire basket, it’s perfect for Saturday farmers market. I could only dream of winning a bike like this!

    Meghan says:

    honestly, my favorite product is the Dutchi 1! the cream is too good, and I’m in desperate need of a new bike!

    emily O says:

    The Roadster Classic in so lovely! I’ve been saying for ages that I would like to bike to work… but I just haven’t ever found a bike- would love this!

    Dutch 1 in cream. So cute! **ring ring**

    Daisy says:

    Lovely post! I would definitely need a oopsmark wine holder to go with my new bike.

    Love the Roadster Classic in black, hope I win!

    I’ve been eyeing the Linus Dutchi 1 bike in cream for quite some time. Living in Chicago without a car for 7 years means that getting from place to place isn’t always the easiest. Winning this bike would be a big game changer, they’re so perfectly made!

    Maria Polton says:

    Good morning! What a great contest. I would absolutely love to win this bike.. considering I do not have one and spring is hopefully right around the corner (I live in Iowa :-/) and I would loveee to break the warm weather in with a lovely bike ride.

    My favorite product was the “The Near Wire Basket” in teal. Even though I do not have a bike I’m contemplating buying it just for an accessory around the house!

    My favorite bike would be the Dutchi 1. It reminds me of Amsterdam!

    Thanks again for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

    xx– Maria.

    Jordan says:

    I really love love love the roadster dutchi 1 in cream! It’s so beautiful and classic and I could really use it for my commute to work!

    Oh my, the Nantucket Tuckernuck Tapered basket is so beautiful! Makes me wanna put fresh flowers in it for sure. This would be perfect for biking around West LA!

    Danica says:

    This is too good to be true! I live in Davis, which means bikes on bikes on bikes, and I’ve been pedaling on my cruiser’s last leg for awhile now. A new bike, especially a Linus one, would be a dream to ride. As for a favorite product, I’m now eyeing that teal rear wire basketβ€”I’ve only ever seen them in white or black, so that would be perfect for standing out in Davis’s sea of bikes!

    The Roadster Classic is { PERFECT } for a ride along Newport’s Ocean Drive this summer! I love, love, love the color.

    lindsey says:

    Choosing a bike is hard! I’m going with the Mixte 3 in sky blue because I’m short and LOVE COLOR!

    Melissa says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one beautiful thing among so many! My heart skips a beat at the sight of the spring green Dutchi. I can imagine many trips to the farmer’s market with that gorgeous set of wheels. Green veggies to match a green bike!

    Cate says:

    I love these bikes! So cute!! My favorite is the cream dutchi 1!

    Trish says:

    I’ve been meaning to replace my beach cruiser with a more practical bike since I’ve moved to DTLA. The Dutchi 1 in Cream with adjustable rear rack and market bag would be perfect to ride around the city!

    Lorie Ann says:

    I live in Minneapolis and don’t have a bike :$ oh oh i really need the Dutch1 in cream and the nantucket adult lightship tapered basket πŸ™‚

    Sara says:

    I love the Dutchi bike in cream! So beautiful, so perfect for LA. The Peterboro farmers basket would go perfectly with it and make it the best summer ride! Love it! Great giveaway!

    Love the office bag! If I had a bike to put it on, it would be perfect for pedaling to work with all my things.