today we answer: “where do you work? how do you stay organized?”

my fiancé is dying to write this post for me. my work habits make him and our apartment a little crazy. i have a nice desktop on a beautiful desk with a beautiful chair next to a beautiful window…that i never use. i always find myself on my laptop on the couch or in bed with my feet up. since i work full time, i freelance on the nights and weekends. the last thing i want to do is sit at another desk all night. i want to sit next to john on the couch and catch up on our favorite shows. i want to hang out! i don’t want to be stuck in a corner by myself. so my desk area goes untouched collecting odds and ends i don’t have a place for. i probably haven’t turned my desktop on in two months because the batteries in the keyboard died and i have yet to replace them. that corner is a waste of space (but it looks pretty).

staying organized and clean isn’t too hard since i’m restricted to an apartment that i share with my sweetheart. i need to be considerate of his feelings to. nobody likes a mess. there are days that i leave my drawings scattered on the floor or my pens all over the couch. i try to contain it all by picking a spot in the apartment and staying there. when i’m done working i take the extra 2 minutes to throw out the weird sketches, put away the ones i’ll need for tomorrow and put all of my supplies back. i do almost everything digitally so it’s easy to organize my files and inspiration. there is a wall that i took over that i’ve been taping up some inspiration for projects. it is the in-between area until i take the time to scan it in. one day…

ha, katie’s answer made me laugh. sometimes people ask me to photograph my “work space” and i want to just send them a photo of my couch. yes, i have this space that i work from 2-3 days a week, but recently i have been waking up and go straight to the couch (before anything else) and get caught up in emails, checking the blog stuff….and then it’s 7pm. it’s just been more convenient. this past month i have been getting into a bad routine of this, and i know it’s important that i at least sit in a DESK. my back has been killing me lately from it, so it’s not something i recommend.

and as far as being organized…i am starting to feel bad i am giving advice on this topic. i would love to say i have file folders with printed invoices and cabinets with everything organized perfectly. but it’s not like that at all. i use google docs to record my income, i use a couple of to throw some stuff in. oh gosh, this post is getting a tad embarrassing. sometimes creatives can’t do both though, right? it feels overwhelming. but i think it’s time i get off this couch (currently there) and sit in my desk. it’s all about breaking routine and making a space feel inviting and comfortable to work in.

ps. how cute is katie’s illustration today? i love it.

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    katie says:

    CUTEST ILLUSTRATION EVER. and yes, I have a fantastic desk that has become cluttered with paint, drawings, etc… and I sit on the couch. so silly.

    Taylor M. says:

    It’s funny how the most perfectly organized and inviting work spaces never get used! I suppose there is something to be said for a good ole comfy couch. Is it because it’s more comfortable, or a subconscious fight against the corporate feel? When I work from home, I’m always on the couch and I’m certain it is a conscious effort to avoid my usual corporate work style (hello, cubicle)! Nice to know you two end up on the couch too. 🙂

    Katie says:

    No body puts baby in the corner! I loved Katie’s post. All I want to do when I’m freelancing is sit on the couch, watch TV and hangout with my bf and cat. My beautiful desk has so much random things on it… except my laptop. Glad to hear there are other creatives out there doing the same thing.

    cianne says:

    this is one of my favorite columns.. katie’s illustration is adorable! and bri, we love you even if you blog from the sofa 🙂

    Heidi says:

    My gosh, I can so relate to this. I live in a small apartment in SF, had carved out a nice little space in our bedroom with a desk and some cuteness. Never ever used it. I find myself sprawled on the couch or at the kitchen table most often. So I got rid of the desk and just accepted that I’m more productive elsewhere. Ah well. Glad I’m not alone.

    Brooke says:

    Love your answers—now I don’t feel so bad that I do the exact same thing!

    PS The illustration is perfect!

    Brandy says:

    the illustration is so eye-catching!

    i love working on my couch… or somewhere that has good acoustics so i can sing while i work..

    So, this picture is absolutely adorable. It describes my office perfectly (Well, minus the top two pictures, ha!). Katie – great job!

    Bri – I hear you with the back problems. I just moved my laptop from the couch to the kitchen table to try to fix my back a bit! You are right, “it’s all about breaking routine and making a space feel inviting and comfortable to work in.”

    With your new house do you have an office space? We are writing an offer on our first house! It has an extra bedroom I will be turning into an office. I hope I use it. Maybe I will have to put bean bags, pillows and a coffee table in there instead of a desk… ooh I like that idea! 🙂

    Alison says:

    This must be an epidemic! 🙂 I have a really nice desk setup, with two large monitors and a comfy, white leather swivel chair, but I usually end up on the couch with my laptop. I’ve been using my desk more lately only because my right wrist starts hurting when I use the laptop track pad too long – not very ergonomic. – Alison

    Latrina says:

    Oh man! I’m really bad at working from bed. My husband and I live in a tiny studio.. We dont even own a couch! So I’m usually working from bed or at the dinner table which now doubles as my “desk”.. But it’s not the same! I can’t tell you how much i look forward to owning a home and having my OWN studio in the spare room. Ah! I can’t wait. 🙂

    Mai says:

    advice or not, i like that you keep it real. 🙂

    I appreciate the honesty! I have a long IKEA table top I’ve been ignoring, because like Katie, after sitting at a desk all day I don’t want to sit at another when I get home to do my “love” work! It’s also collecting random things. Eek!

    Katy says:

    Well my day job/career is 9-12 hours each day in a big corporate (5000+ employees) company building. In the design department we have a few more amenities than the average corporate setting throughout the rest of the company but still I’m almost always stuck sitting in my office chair at a small bleak desk all day. When I get home I try to work on my side projects or commissioned/freelance work and the last place I want to do this is at the beautiful 1/3 of my apartment living room that I have set up for design, sewing and crafting space lol. Like everyone else I usually end up on the couch with my laptop. I have a great drafting table but when I’m sketching I usually end up on the floor with paper and markers strewn everywhere. Maybe its me missing my college years 🙂

    I wish I had a desk as an option!!! Right now it’s couch and dining room table…I long for a space to leave my work supplies all.spread.out!

    Sarah says:

    I do the very same thing! I have an amazing built in bookshelf in my bedroom wall with a pull out desk! It’s brilliant and a space saver….but I find myself blogging in bed a lot, which can be really bad for your sleep/life habits. oh well.

    i can’t even stop laughing at this article. thank gawd i’m not the only one who sits on the couch and works. the problem is though, that the tv automatically goes on whilst trying to do my freelance work…hence not getting my work done. bad girl. i know. i must change my ways. ps. my husband is in the background yelling at me that my office is a mess. haven’t been there in weeks…it’s across the hall.

    Jessica says:

    I love this column. I work from my couch waaay too often too! Thanks for the honesty 🙂

    Amy Potter says:

    I could not agree more with everything Katie said! I freelance and work a full-time design job too. On the weekends, I love working at my ‘home office’ space complete with desk and tablet. But during the week, when I come home from a day of working at a desk, all I want to do is sit at the couch and *try* and get some kind of rest in while I continue working! It’s a crazy life we freelancers lead!

    Laura Bear says:

    ahhh you girls never cease to inspire. The illustration is amaze and all in all, couch workers are my favey-gravy.

    I can completely relate to this…. I like to work from my couch and bed, too! It’s easier and more comfortable. One day I’d love a pretty office in my house, though. 🙂

    Erica says:

    You guys should check out this (very appropriate for this post) stationary:

    Serena says:

    Oh my gosh – I can completely relate to this. I too have a ‘pretty’ workspace but it’s the LAST place i want to go after a long day at work. Most of my work too ends up being done from the couch or even my bed! Thanks girls for making me feel less like a freak! Love it 🙂

    nathalia says:

    i join the club!
    I’ve had like 7 workspaces, i decorated them very nicely but at the end, the bed/couch is so much comfortable!

    Silkie Lloyd says:

    I love the thought of a tidy desk…woefully wherever I seem to go piles of paper follow me around,so I try to keep away from the couch as there are normally two small boys bouncing on it! I love this blog,it has become a firm favorite! If only you’d bring your blogshop to England soooon!

    Jaclyn says:

    I still balance a full time job my blog so when I’m home working it’s definitely hard to keep things perfectly organized. My husband and I share an office at home and we’ve definitely gotten in the bad habit of sitting at our computers for way too long! Changing up the scene a bit might make me focus on work and get some new inspiration. I’m thinking the bed will be next 🙂

    Abby says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that my ‘work place’ has gradually gravitated to my bed….I used to be really good about working at a desk but then I just gave up! To be honest, I always do my best work when I’m relaxed and comfortable, so why not be in bed?

    That’s so funny. I completely relate. I work from home, and that means, bed, couch, or kitchen table. And, sometimes even the floor. But my desk? No way! Honestly, I use my desk as a place to store all the “desk stuff” and jewelry-making equipment that I don’t need at that moment. But, the kitchen table is always a mess.

    I’m going to purchase this double-drop leaf table from ikea (HERE :: ) and I think I will make the house appear cleaner, and more organized.

    Kasey says:

    Bri, you totally need to check out Evernote, it’ll help you get organized 🙂 I’d be happy to give you a tutorial (disclosure: I work there, but am a total die-hard user and use it to manage everything from work, to my blog to freelance gigs..)

    Sarah says:

    I’m in the same boat. I have a cute little office upstairs with a desk and everything, but I choose to work from the couch or outside on my deck. I’m much more productive when I’m comfy.

    this is so me! I feel better that other people work like this too. sometimes I sit there thinking i’m the only one who can’t get her act together with perfectly organized folders!

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