i love . i do. but lately we have been getting so frustrated with the things that come along with living there. everything is out in the open, so it constantly feels messy. the storage isn’t the best (and the closet space is hardly ideal) what i would give for just one storage closet.

it’s also easy to look at styled interior photos and feel all jealous that your house doesn’t look like that. i mean my bedroom looks this clean almost never. i sort of feel like a fraud actually. my clothes are constantly all over the ground.

tonight arian and I were sitting at dinner talking about what our next home will be like…tons of white & bright light i hope. and walk in closets. have our loft dreams died a little bit? and moving is such a pain! i don’t want to go through that anytime soon. sigh…maybe it’s just a phase.

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    Daria says:

    I myself have moved recently and memories about all difficulties are still vivid.. but, now that the move is over I’m the happiest girl. So good luck! the result is worth some inconveniences

    Esmé Oehmig says:

    Our homes are never going to be as clean and beautifully styled as when they are being photographed for a publication. It’s unrealistic house expectations. I love my house and have some changes, but when all the clothes are scattered on the floor, I wish for light, bright and white!

    Casey Peck says:

    I feel the same way in my loft w/ my bf! I also have a 3 yr old thrown in, a photography studio, and screen printing station set up! I’d give my leg for a house!

    Sarah says:

    Your loft always looks so beautiful in blog posts, but I understand how it can feel. When you’re frustrated with the space, it can so hard to like living there! Even if it is phase, go with your gut! The way you live is so influenced by your home!

    Joey says:

    I’m right there with you. I just moved from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 1-bedroom at a third of the square footage. The furniture I got for Christmas is too big for my new place and the walls are starting to feel like they’re moving inward. It doesn’t help that its all dark wood either. Here’s to hoping more storage space magically appears for us both over the weekend!

    cevd says:

    it seems the only difference between your loft and the photos just posted is the amount of white. maybe you just need more white in your life?

    i know how you feel though, we have no storage and a lot of stuff. we’re working on simplifying. it’s not going well.

    Jess says:

    This definitely happens to me too! Our bedroom has no windows (I know, wtf? Strangely configured condos, that’s all I have to say…) and it’s a weird set-up. It would be nice to have some more closet space and some more white in our place.

    Alison says:

    Oh man, I feel you. My apartment is pretty small – and our closets are so small they just barely fit a hanger. It’s forced me to get reeeallly creative with my storage solutions, and keep things pretty minimal. I don’t really want to move right now, but whenever I do, I just move the furniture around. The mess reminds me what a pain moving is, and I suddenly like my apartment a lot better. 🙂

    Melisande says:

    i used to live in a big one room studio and last year moved into an actual apartment with my boyfriend, and now i LOVE all the small things i didn’t have in the studio: an actual walk-in closet, a bathtub, a balcony. oh man, all those little things really do make such a big difference. i LOVE your loft, but i know how you feel.

    Erika says:

    i totally understand your frustration! i’ve been living in a loft with my man for a year and a half now (we went from a small loft in one building to a bigger one down the hall 9 months later to a completely different loft 6 months later) and i think i’m DONE with loft living. i love having all of the open space and a separate downstairs work area (which has helped immensely) but i miss the little things. like a door to the bedroom. or a real closet to put things in. or even storage in the kitchen. not to mention the fact that having neighbors on either side of us sucks. we’ve only been in our new place for 3 months and i’m ready to book it to a new place.

    Anni says:

    I completely understand — we’ve lived in four apartments in four years. At a certain point, I feel like I’m just in this restless phase in my life. As soon as I really decorate a place and settle in, a month later I’m fed up with it. I guess it’s not a big deal, we’re young with no kids and don’t own, but it’s annoying as all get out to move and change addresses, etc.

    I do adore your loft, but I understand wanting a change, too. I constantly dream about living in a Paris pied-à-terre, a more open, one-room loft, a Brooklyn walk-up… I just crave new, I think.

    amy says:

    I know how you feel! We have everything crammed into a little one bedroom apartment and I feel like all of our STUFF is just sitting everywhere (and we have a lot of stuff). I’m a total neat freak too, so it sends me into a panic when I see throw blankets, clothes and books all over every single surface. Aghh! Maybe you could try out one of those storage systems from Ikea (the armoire type things) for your clothes?

    Sophia says:

    Loft spaces can be intimidating regardless their charm. We live in a house with open plan living, dining kitchen and still feels messy from time to time..

    Elizabeth says:


    I feel the same way. I love our first house (a small 1923 bungalow with an amazing backyard) but I am dreaming of closets that can hold more than 3 dresses and a kitchen so big, I could breakdance in it!! Could you please tell me where you bought your bed? We won’t be moving anytime soon but at least we can update our dark bed frame.

    Colleen says:

    Girl I am with you. We live in an apartment and it is nice and cozy but it feels a fuss all the time. Sometimes I have panic attacks about the fact that I have nowhere to put anything. However, moving is a major pain. And buying a house is scary. You will be fabulous whatever you do.

    I LOVE your loft… because of the concrete floors you are able to pull off lots of wooded furniture. But from the looks of these images, it seems that all that wood and your tweed sofa is what you’re not happy with. Maybe just paint something…? Paint your dining table. You could do it all white or something fun like the benches one color and the table top a different color…. 🙂

    Love that you’re being open and honest. Your loft looks amazing (rooftop pool?!) but I can certainly understand the desire for storage!!

    Stephania says:

    I had the same problem in my apartment! Not so much loft, but zero closets! I found an amazing contractor and had a white custom closet built. It blends right into my room like it was always there and it is pure heaven. He even measured my boots, my suitcase, and my photo equipment so that everything fits perfectly. The best part is that he built it in pieces so I can take it wherever I go!

    Sara says:

    I love your loft! I hope you stay. Lofts sort of call for wardrobes and cool storage to hold all the clutter so you can truly enjoy the open space. But then you have to be putting things away and looking in boxes for things all the time. I think most people would prefer to throw their stuff in an extra room or a closet and organize it when they have time 🙂

    Aw, I think we all have our phases. I’m so happy in our home right now, but I still always have that “dream home” in the back of my mind. I can’t imagine not having at least ONE closet, though! That’s so awesome what Stephanie did! Maybe that will work for the time being? Not to sound corny, but at least you’re sharing your home with the one you love, even if no closets are involved. Hope it gets better!

    OMG at least you have a place! HA! Ive been a freaking nomad since graduating college (almost 2 years, yikes!) and I’m moving out of the country now. My job has me traveling all over the place, but I’m hoping I can call a place home soon enough and I’ll be sure to come here for some inspiration 🙂

    i understand you! i’m very organized and i cant have things and especially clothes out at the open. cant you make any diy solutions? boxes, curtins?

    Kayleigh says:

    i totally know what you mean! living somewhere is actually hard, no matter how small the space is. sometimes when you are going through that type of rut (happens to me all the time) you just need a change. paint a room a different color, organize all of the stuff differently, get rid of some of your objects and get some fresh new ones. moving is generally option c. before you go through all of that trouble, see if you can do something new and fun with the space you already have!

    Stacey says:

    I love your loft! It reminds me so much of mine (). But I understand your frustration, my last place had no closets either!

    Andrea says:

    Perhaps your just looking at the wrong photos? Maybe if you looked at more styled photos of lofts, the feeling would pass. 🙂

    Nancy BlogShop Graduate says:

    Well, given your latest tweet I would say there is more going on than a phase! Happy home shopping! Think how much clearer your wants and needs are now. Lots of white, lots of light and good storage are all at the top of the list! Seek and you shall find. Have fun. 🙂

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