i have the incredible opportunity with to inspire people to do what makes them truly happy.

i’ve received some beautiful emails from people saying how much they would love to take one of our workshops but they simply can’t afford it right now. photographers desperate to make a name for themselves…students with a dream…moms looking for a creative outlet…

we decided to give away one free spot to our three day photography workshop with and . i am really hoping in lands in the lap of one of those people who so desperately want to learn. here’s how to win…

1. leave a comment below with at least 150 words answering “what does photography mean to you?”

2. bonus: tweet about the contest and let us know if you do!

Workshop Dates: April 26-28 in Los Angeles – $1850 value. (travel & hotel not included) Read about the workshop and here (there is still 3 open spots) We’ll be choosing one winner on Tuesday March 27th at 10am PST. Good luck to ya!

UPDATE! WINNER! #48: Bry – congratulations & can’t wait to teach you!



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    Pegah S says:

    Photography to me is capturing an image that makes my heart beat at a different pace than it does normally. Pictures of my daughter melt my heart every time I see them. Pictures of food, makes me excited to make them. Pictures of lovers remind me of mine, and I miss him. Pictures of nature make me humble and remind me of how small I am compare to the world around me. I would love to learn to take photographs that do all of that for others and for me. I truly love your style, and would appreciate the opportunity to take your class with Max Wagner. What I would take from your class would help me improve the quality of what I have to offer on my blog. I am a graphic designer, so I understand layout and design, and I know the editing soft wares very well. But the art of applying all of that knowledge to my blog and creating beautiful photos to present on the blog is what I need help with. And I am positive that your class will give me the knowledge that I very much desire.
    Thank you
    Pegah from Baftani.blogspot.com

    Doing something with a little creativity, a little soul & a little love – is photography.
    It’s the perfect amount of light with the sun falling and as the night settles in. it’s the perfect moment you capture of someone mid laugh, all the crinkles around their eyes, & the most gorgeous smile on their face that conveys all the happiness they feel. It’s the double exposures, it’s the mess-ups that you thought didn’t work, it’s the candids, and it’s the love between two people or a whole group on individuals. It’s simple yet so complex. It can be down right beautiful, or it can be tragically misunderstood. It’s these moments that create inspiration, these moments of love, and these moments that will never ever happen again. I can’t help but fall in love with it every time I pick up my camera, and even though I sound like such a goober – it’s my heart. I’m just thankful everyday that I get to wake up and follow it.

    Thank you thank you.

    Stacy Bauer says:

    In the simplest terms, photography is how I make people happy and inspired. To really show depth behind people’s eyes and capture what makes them focused and motivated to keep going every day, then to share that with the world. Photography opens the world up to things that are unseen or unimagined.. Personally, photography is my personal outlet to show what I see everyday and help people to really embrace the beautiful world that we live in — from the smiles on children’s faces in the slums of the Dominican Republic to the passion felt between a couple that has just been married. I try to find beauty in peculiar ways and document that so that I can personally grow a little more thankful every time I look over my photos. My passion in life is to really just use my photography to move people and help them to recollect their memories in return that they will keep those memories close to their hearts and continue to move forward in their lives, but never forget their past and how much they have to be thankful for. Photography is the world to me, it’s hard to just put something into words when you’re so used to expressing it through photos. . That is what photography is to me, catching the right moment at the right time, no matter how quirky, but always providing a sense of passion.

    (PS — tweeted at this contest! @stacy_bauer)

    Anni says:

    A few years back, I fancied myself a writer. I loved the feeling of artistry that came with storytelling, but I couldn’t shake a nasty bout of depression, and I needed it to write. I didn’t have much joy in my writing, because all I was tapping into was being a “writer.”

    So I gave up creativity. For about four years, I blocked that side of myself out. I wasn’t depressed anymore, but I was boring. I wasn’t proud of myself. I didn’t get that crazy passionate feeling about anything. I just went through the motions.

    Then I picked up a camera one day before going for a walk. I rediscovered photography, and I rediscovered myself. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Here I could tell stories, but they were someone elses’ words. I could make others happy, while feeling this immense joy in capturing the world as I was seeing it. I had a voice, and it was separate from the concept of “talent” — because even as my composition and mechanics improved (and they continue to) my voice remained the same. I rediscover this over and over again when looking at old family photos — the ones that matter are never the professional studio photos. They’re always the crazy ones taken in the context of life as we live it honestly. The ones where my grandmother’s personality shines through a photo taken 30 years before I knew her.

    That’s what I love about photography. It allows me to document. I’m writing without words, and living a passion that makes me so very happy.

    Anni says:

    PS – I tweeted, too!

    Photography for me is a connection on many levels. It can be with others, with a time, a place, with my authentic self, who I was meant to be, who I am, who I want to be. The image can be so many things, from real, raw and gritty to whimsical, playful, and beautiful. In an instant, it can take me to another place, maybe a place I’ve been or have yet to see. It’s a moment in time that I never want to forget. Photos can invoke emotion, memories, senses and inspiration. They are 2 dimensional, yet so deep and layered. Photography moves me and I couldn’t imagine life without it!!

    Thanks for the inspiration and teachings! tweeted @citygirlfinds

    If you can give yourself a moment to capture all the little things you surround yourself with, you can get a big picture of the life you set up for yourself.

    Jumbled up words that sometimes get caught up in misunderstanding are silenced with one photograph. So for me, photography is not only an extension of my thoughts, but also a way to see the bigger picture in my home, in my work, and in my mind. You can see where you’ve been and where you are. And sometimes, if you capture it just right, you can see where you are going in the shinny little glimmer of one’s eye.

    Creating a space for us to explore those areas that are hidden somewhere inside would be such an amazing class to take. Not only would I be able to hang out with fun, creative people full of awesome sauce, I’d be able to learn how to capture those perfect little moments that only last a second. Thanks for such an amazing opportunity Bri.

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    photography to me means freezing time. no matter where you go or what you do, looking at an image can bring you back to that moment. that moment of happiness, love, surprise, heartache, fun.. whatever that memory was that you may have forgetton really can never be misplaced or erased because that for that one moment you froze time, you froze your emotions, you captured it forever. and you are lucky enough to feel that way whenever you want, just by seeing those photos again.

    Migdalia says:

    Photography is love. It’s taking little moments in time that may not seem so epic and making them memorable masterpieces. Something as soft as hair blowing in the wind, or the first smile of a new born. Things that we may see often but sometimes may not have the time or right mind frame to let it sit and impact us. Photography is my expression of the loves in my life. Family, food, fashion, sunshine… All the things that make me happy are catalogued through the use of cameras. Photography brings my friends and family together. It brings my clients happiness to see their work and services portrayed in the way they love. It brings everything in my life to a happy place. It ties together words, ideas and imagined thoughts. It evokes emotion, strong emotions. It takes the things we love and keeps them in one place forever. This is because photography, it is love.

    Elizabeth says:

    For me, photography is the threshold between experience and memory. It allows me to remember the moments that have shaped my life and the stories that I will tell my children and family until the end of my time. My photos capture everyday life and the simplicity of human interaction in our global environment. I long to share my work with more people and hope that a feet first + blogshop workshop would help me spread the joy I receive from being a photographer with the rest of the world.
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    robin west says:

    Photography to me is how I express myself. Being a child that found art their easiest way to truly express how they feel, photography became that for me as an adult. I am not the most outgoing, but these forms allowed me to show people a part of me that is always inside of me. Even if only 1 other set of eyes was able to enjoy something I photographed and changed their mood for the better for just 1/2 a second, that truly makes it worth everything to me. Photography gives me a joy that nothing else can compare to.

    tweet tweeted.

    I’m not a professional photographer… not even close. I write a blog and felt the need to invest in a DSLR a couple years ago using some recent college graduation gift money. My perception of a photographer was that of someone with years of experience and fancy equipment. I had neither. But I picked up my camera and through trial and error (and a little bit of friendly advice from some real professionals) I managed to navigate my way into a few decent photos. I had no idea how much of an incredible creative outlet photography would become for me!! My background is in interior design and my passion has now become my blog. Photography is my #1 tool for communicating on that blog and I can’t imagine trying to share what I now do any other way. I’m slowly learning the ropes and discovering new techniques. It takes time and hard work!! But that’s totally doable when you’re sincerely interested in what you’re learning. For me, photography is about the opportunities that lay hidden underneath the mystery of minimal experience and the reward that can be achieved when you simply try.

    Jillian says:

    Photography is my no pressure moment to tell not only my narrative, but the stories engaging all around me. A distinctive point of view is what I crave to carve out, so I can better communicate what I am taking in. Photography means that someday my son will look back through stacks of photographs and know exactly how I felt about him and his daddy. Photography is similar to a dance and is one of the best ways I know to reveal myself without using any words. I am in no way a professional, but I love the true grit and raw beauty that film brings and the sparkling quality of digital when light is captured correctly. I respect so greatly, those who have come before and have poured so much time and effort into the study and knowledge of capturing memories & beautiful images. My desire to grow my comprehension comes from an aspiration toward creative integrity.

    What a beautiful gift to give someone Bri, any person would be lucky to be at this event! 🙂

    Jillian says:

    and I tweeted under the handle @jillianpye

    HalfPint1011 says:

    Photography is the tangible link between words and imagination. It helps make sense of abstract thought and concrete information. Photos capture the essence of emotion, experience, memory, fashion, history, inspiration. Personally, pictures are what conjure the strongest emotion and lead to an outpouring of creativity. What is frozen in an image helps unleash a string of words that weave beautifully with the visual. I don’t feel as though I would be a strong writer without the motivation of beautiful images.

    Photography is capturing time to keepsake forever. It’s about being able to have that gift, make it beautiful, and share it with others so that they can think of it fondly. Whether it makes their heart happy, makes them laugh out loud, makes them cry – photography evokes emotion. It helps you remember. It’s a wonderful thing that I love to share.

    oh i retweeted @seattlejoanne

    Joy says:

    as a designer – photography is an irreplaceable tool for communication, documenting and expression. it is almost always preset in my work. there is something special about my relationship with photography and the way it inspires me. i photograph things around me, without and idea or particular need, but later (might be moths later) the photographs find their way of the archive and jump into a project or blog post.

    as a gal – photography brings me joy, tears and inspiration to love… everything around. you know how that works 🙂

    to summarize i’d like to say photography = OPPORTUNITY to express, create, inspire, communicate, document, remember, educate, demonstrate, impress, enjoy…

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    Lee Hershey says:

    I have moved before and behind the camera; I was a writer and a model, and I either was directed by the photographer, or as a stylist, I directed the photographer. It wasn’t until I flew to France to be an English teacher, that out and about, I came into photography of my own. Here, on adventures, on explorations, there were things to see, and I wanted to record and remember these sights and moments so that I could trace back to that time, that place.
    I do not have fancy cameras or fancy software. That shouldn’t matter. All I have is my iPhone that I pull out like a paparazzi to take photos of fleeting images: an old woman resting in the square in Bergerac, France; my students, sharing their earphones to listen to music; people walking along the quai in Bordeaux; the flowers in Monet’s garden. I work with the simplest tools, as a writer would, documenting my way around the world and the lives of those that I cross.
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    Heather says:

    Photography has always been a pet passion of mine. It allowed me to feel truly creative and challenged. I was the happiest then when I was in the dark room. The smell of the chemicals and the magic behind the developing process are intoxicating. As a graphic designer I utilize other photographers work daily and my passion for the snapshot has faded away due to time constraints. I need to get back to that, it really grounded and inspired me. I believe your workshops ignite the spark that so many of us are desperately missing.

    Heather Marie

    sarah.a says:

    Photography – capturing a snippet of how I see the world through my lens and the ability to create art from everything, the everyday to the spectacular. The opportunity to share beauty in the world that not everyone notices. Inspiration to myself and others through colour, light, shape, contrast, texture and design. The feelings that are evoked through the medium are endless and amazing!

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    yan palmer says:

    there are times when you have the crappiest day in the world. your job sucks, your relationships suck, you wonder when you’ll ever be better at being you. you are on your way home and you notice the sun going down, the way the light slants and bounces– how everything looks golden for awhile. you are at peace. maybe it only lasts a second, but its there. photographs are sunset moments. whether shocking, quiet, or beautiful, its about grabbing the moments that remind you this human experience is pretty okay. you have loved, lossed, lived, and you’re actually happy to still be around.

    Alison says:

    For me, photography is a way of life. It has not only become my voice, but it has also become my pass to enter all kinds of different worlds. Throughout my entire life, I have been fascinated with stories and the art of storytelling. I deeply value how stories communicate another person’s experiences to someone else and how they create understanding amongst people of varied backgrounds. Furthermore, I have always been interested in human creativity, and so photography provides the perfect outlet to both create my own work and communicate these stories with the world. I am a strong believer in service through photography and so ideally, I strive to make pictures that will make a difference to someone else, pictures that will bridge gaps, pictures that will expose what is new and unknown, pictures that will show people that if nothing else, at least one other person does care.

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    Amylynn says:

    What photography is to me::

    Photography is an expression of how I view the world around me. It is my passion, it is my calling, it is how I get lost & how I find my sense of peace in this busy thing we call life. Photography is something I can give and share with the people around me. It is beauty, provokes emotion, feeds my soul, sends a message, brings people together, it’s a moment shared, it is timeless and a passion for me that comes deep from with in. A connection between people & Raw emotion, it is a connection to life. A representation of what my eye sees, each pair provides a different prospective. Photography teaches me about myself & it pushes me to dig deeper. “There are many forms of expression, this is mine I visualize. I capture. I create. I am Amylynn”

    Photography, for me, has meant becoming closer to my future family. When I first met my boyfriend’s parents, things were icy, at best. I had just moved to LA all the way from my home in Philadelphia, and I was missing my own family. It was hard for me to be around his family, not because of them, but because of me. We went through the motions but because his parents never felt fully accepted by me, I never felt accepted by them. Being in a new place thousands of miles from home without family was hard.

    Months went by, and one day, I picked up my boyfriend Marcus’ Canon DSLR and began asking him about it. “My dad bought that for me,” he said, “he’s been into photography since the seventies, it’s just not my thing.” I took it to the beach and began to explore my new home through the lens. I read up online about all the dials and settings, and on our next meeting, I asked Marcus’ dad a few questions. He sat me down in front of his computer and began to show me about Photoshop. I feigned ignorance at the time; I didn’t tell him that I had been a self-taught Photoshopper since the age of thirteen. I let him teach me.

    A year later, my relationship with Marcus’ parents continues to thaw. I am much more comfortable in my new family and home, and my relationship with Marcus is stronger than ever. I really think that I owe much of that to photography. Things really have come full-circle, because just last night, I sat his dad down to teach him a thing or two about blogging!

    I tweeted!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity, Bri and Max – it would be such an honor to learn from both of you!

    Daniel says:

    I work a typical 9-5 in the world of investment finance. I get up at 6, sit through traffic, do my daily tasks, snack, work, lunch, drive home. Wash, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. I am only 23 and I can already feel it. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful. When I get home, I get to live. I started a photo business the same time I got my day job and have secretly kept it going in hope of one day being able to drop everything and commit to only that. It makes me genuinely happy. It’s personal, taking ownership of my work is fulfilling, and most importantly, making others smile is priceless. My cubicle at work and all the walls are gray. My work at home is color. It’s life. I’ve been following Max, LaborOfLove and DesignLoveFest separately for a while. When I heard you’d be doing a website together, I freaked. It would be a dream to learn and just to hang out with you guys. Ya’ll rockj. Seriously, keep on inspiring!
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    Amylynn says:

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    Jen says:

    Working a full time job and having to live on my blackberry when I was not in the office, wasn’t exactly the life I thought I would have. My creativity died a little everyday. My boyfriend could see how unhappy I was and encouraged me to dream about what I would like to be doing instead of sitting in an office bored out of my mind. I had always loved taking photos but never thought of it as a possible career. Once he knew about my passion, he encouraged me to take a leap of faith and quit my job to pursue photography full time. A year and a half later, neither of us have looked back. To me, photography is my passion, my career and my dream come true. There is so much more I need to learn and I would love the opportunity to learn it from you!

    Jess Davis says:

    Photography to me is a moment, a memory, an expression. I can take a photograph and it’s an image of what I see with my own two eyes. But to make a photograph really sing and really evoke what you feel in the moment, what your creative idea is behind an image…. that is the art of photography. That is what I hope to learn to do in blog shop. Through photography I seek to let people linger in a fleeting experience, to convey a message about my subject and allow people to share in my creative persona. As a interior and product designer, photography is so important in showing the products and spaces that I strive so hard to perfect. How to you make a three dimensional space come to life in a 2 dimensional image. How do you show the texture and quality of the product you’ve designed. I hope to gain the concrete skills of photography that allow me to then express my creative ideas more fluidly and freely.

    alicia says:

    I’ve always had a huge passion for photography, especially portraits. There is so much expression and feeling you can capture when you take a photo of someone. After high school I had to make a decision and went to study graphic design, I do not regret this one little bit, I love being a Graphic Designer. I am just slightly disappointed that my Photography always comes second. I am however more then ready to combine both my skills now and learn more about the amazing art of Photography. I have a very good eye for detail, light and composition and love things like catching the beauty of imperfections. If I could I would be taking photos all the time, even when I’m just walking down the street my eyes are like a shutter and my mind like a lens. I have a HUGE crush on both Bri and Max Wanger, seriously my top two role models. I would be so excited and so very honored to be able to meet these wonderful people and learn from them and hang out with them for a few days! Thank you for considering me <3

    Amy T says:

    Thank you Bri for this amazing opportunity!!

    I may not know a lot about photography, but that doesn’t keep me from knowing how a photo makes me feel the things I feel when I revisit them.
    Photography connects me to a time I want to relive again, a time I can never get back. It’s a silent language that brings tears and laughter. They create moments you never thought existed and it inspires you to re-create those moments as well.
    Even when the most cherished moment begins to fade into a distant memory, photography brings it back—it allows me to bring those moments to life once again to share with my closest family and friends.
    It’s not just about capturing those moments and “keeping” them in thousands of virtual albums that may never see the light of day—it’s about revisiting those photos every now and then and remembering all the special moments.

    Also I am tweeting this under @swttangerine23!

    Picking up a camera was the way I found myself. I started shooting in high school and then foolishly abandoned my love for photography during college when it seemed like it would just be one more thing taking up my time. All it took was picking up my old film camera one day. It truly felt like home. I had at that point graduated from college and was at that pivotal post-grad point of no return, wondering what in the heck I was going to do in my life. I promised, no matter where I went professionally, that I would never forsake the joy that photography provided. I shoot because it is my artistic outlet and my way to capture the world around me. If I could paint, I would paint. If I could write poetry, I would write nonstop. I’ve lucked out though, to find that instead of using a brush or a pen I can capture the world around me with a camera. Photography for me is a way to take in the world and breath deeply into life’s seemingly ordinary everyday moments.

    Jess Davis says:

    Also tweeting about it right now!

    Noelle says:

    Photography to me, is capturing life as it happens. The good. The bad. The in between. The beautiful. I am passionate about telling stories through my images. Stories of love. And life. Stories that evoke thought. And emotion. There are so few words to truly explain what photography means to me, so I often let my images do the talking and hope that my photographs make a difference, somewhere, somehow.

    BEC says:

    Photography is a vessel which provides a way out of the stifling office cubicle, an opportunity to pause and—finally!—breathe in the world, a moment to appreciate the beauty in the small things, a chance to practice even if that means not being perfect, a window into someone else’s perspective, and the ability to silently connect with another human being and feel, if even for an instant, like something other than a number. Perhaps most importantly, photography was, is, and always will be something that you can return to when you crave inspiration. (At least that’s the internal pep talk that you can give should you one day find yourself sitting on the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan playing with the aperture settings on a new and totally confusing camera and wondering why it’s been thirteen years since you allowed yourself to try anything other than the automatic setting.)

    Kay Walker says:

    My lens is my eye. And my camera is my mind. Photography provides me memories in the most tangible form. When I am presented with an image, my mind stimulates not one sense, but all five. The smells, feelings, and sound all come rushing back to me. I view photography as not just an incredible pastime, but as a fundamental international way to communicate. Rather in an amateur family scrapbook or in an art exhibit, photography allows all of us to reflect. With reflection comes understanding of the story each image yearns to tell. As I take a picture of that prairie dandelion, I suddenly feel connected to all of the journalists, artists, and scrap-bookers. For we are all historians, just trying to capture that moment, that feeling. Aaron Siskind once said, “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

    F. Robertson says:

    To me, photography is an escape from reality. It is the simple powerful act of capturing a beautiful little (or big!) moment. My motto is, “If you loved it, even for a second. Capture it. You deserve to remember it.”

    I don’t have a lot of control over a lot of the things in my life. So to me, photography is a fun uninhibited form of freedom and expression. Be if through my DSLR, or iphone. I love to save albums, look back and reflect on that day, that moment, that emotion in time. Sometimes I am moved to tears. many times I feel inspired and reinvigorated. And I realize that life is short. And I need to remember this wonderful world and the people in it. Its my way of leaving a little legacy behind for the next generation.

    *retweeted contest from the username @fcerobertson

    Photography is my creative lifeline. When I was in 2nd grade, my art teacher wrote on my report card that I “possessed no artistic ability whatsoever.” This quote became indelibly inscribed on my spirit and her message to my 8 year-old self took root, growing tentacles and strangling my creativity. Rather than play and explore various creative pursuits, I shut down that part of myself and only consumed art. I grew into an adult who loves creativity in all forms – film, theatre, paint, sculpture, mosaic, music. But to try any of those for myself? To be the creator of any of that? Oh no. I couldn’t do that. Lodged in my sense of self was the belief that art wasn’t for me. And with that belief firmly entrenched, I remained on the creative sidelines. However, a personal health crisis (cancer!) five years ago woke me up and helped me realize that life is waaaay too short to “sit on the bench.” I’m now using photography to build a creative life and focus on what matters.
    ps–tweeted @meghandavidson

    Kimberly says:

    Photography is a way for me to document my life and the life of those who surround me. I’ve always kept a camera in my bag, and I’ve always been so proud to take photographs for the people that I love. I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. I used to steal my father’s slr so that I could photograph my friends at school. We used to organize photo-shoots during lunch hour, it still makes me smile when I think back. I’ve always done this with my friends, and it wasn’t until recently that I realized how important it is for me to continue documenting every little moment in my life. I lost my best friend recently, I won’t go into the details of what happened, but what I will say, is that the only thing that has helped me get through this tragedy, is the amount of photographs we have with one another. I photographed every little moment between us, and those moments will never be forgotten. Carrying a camera with me at all times helps to never forgotten what life is all about; it’s a way for me to pause life forever.


    (Just tweeted!)

    ojus says:

    I’m not very good at explaining things, or putting my thoughts into spoken word. I know I don’t make a great first impression. I’m shy, fidgety and not much of a smooth talker—but, I am a writer, and that is something I pride myself on. I use written word the way I crave to use my camera—to capture emotion, invoke feeling and display little pieces of life.

    Photography, like writing, is something that is important to me, and speaks to me. It is one of those realms in which I feel safe. Photographers are people I admire, because of their ability to capture little pieces of joy, torment, loss, relief and life.

    (tweeted via @ojieocean)

    Photography, to me, means a chance—a chance at a life I can be proud of, at a world I can discover, at making lasting and meaningful friendships. Photography, to me, is a platform, a staircase leading to confidence, fulfillment, pride and happiness. Photography, to me, is an opportunity—it is hope, and dreams, and life all rolled into one.

    Kelly says:

    photography for me, is the tangible memory of a story that lives on forever. capturing a single experience, a fulfilled emotion and a moment in time in photographs, is one of the most awe inspiring capabilities of our time — and quite honestly — one of the only ways to prove that such a thing really did occur in this life.
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    Kelly says:

    uh oh got post happy! the other half of my comment:

    there is no other way that one can capture so many thoughts or emotions in a single frame and have the ability to look back upon them and conjure up that emotion once again. a good photograph can transport you back to a place of love, pain, joy, sorrow and bring you a sense of peace like you’ve never had before. i surround myself with photography in my home because it tells the story of my life, my loves and my journey. someday, for my daughter, it will tell her everything that I won’t get the chance to.

    miguez says:

    what does photography mean to me? it is simply life on its own… it goes hand in hand with my everyday lifestyle, every emotion, and every breath you take.

    whatever gadget you have, may it be from your cellphone’s camera or your most expensive dSLR… photography captures the moments of life + people + things we love.

    thanks for this great opportunity and good luck to all entries!

    Lindsay R says:

    Over the last few years, I have been able to challenge my creativity with the camera. It has captured the best moments of my life—something I cannot get any other way. I love that photography can be captured in an untypical way or an unexpected way. A way that when you look back at a photo, you can feel what was present. Then again, we can play with it and create a moment that was imagined—seen and felt through the photographer’s eyes. Photography is what keeps a memory, and then in turn we fill-in the sounds and smells and other senses. I love that it bares everything in its truest expressions—I am amazed of what beauty it can catch within its lens.

    Lindsay R says:

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    Bry says:

    Photography is perfection in an imperfect world. It is a moment of serenity, a moment of bliss, a moment of joy, a moment of despair, a moment of sorrow, it is just that: a fleeting moment put on pause. Photography preserves. When a moment is captured, it is never truly lost.

    This winter I experienced the most heart-wrenching break up of my short-lived life. Two months later my mom passed away. It is easy to get caught up and lost in overwhelming emotions and moments. In my life as of late, photography acts as a reminder of love and beauty, while simultaneously providing a source of expression during a time that words are of no use.

    Photography is a method of healing. A way of speaking in silence. It is louder than words because it speaks directly to the soul. A photo can be interpreted in many ways, catering to a range of peoples’ needs and desires. Photography encompasses everything beautiful in the world, whether it is bright and cheery or dark and dreary. It reminds me to love a moment while it is there, to capture it and hold it in my heart, and to never overlook the small things or take them for granted. Photography is the color in my life.

    tweeted @bryannadee

    What does photography mean to me? I breathe it. I’ve missed it. Isn’t it funny how you come back to something and it’s like you never left it? It is incredible how much I can’t stop learning about it. It’s almost like I didn’t put it down for years. I love photography because I can create pictures that say exactly what I want them to say. The greatest beauty of it all is that they exist. For that brief moment in time, I captured everything I wanted to say in one close of the shutter. My expression. I can let you in my brain for a few moments and see what I see. The best part? I can’t stop. At the end of every project, I keep looking for more. This is one of those workshops that would be an unbelievable/amazingly awesome/crazy wonderful moments of my life. Thank you for this great opportunity. xo

    Brit says:

    Photography to me means the ability to capture what I see with my naked eye the images that would pass in a moments time. The ability to change and manipulate my surrounds and characters in order to convey a point a view that may not be seen by others. Photography is simply an essence of my life that will never go away and that can never be suppressed. It continues to be my main form or expression. A camera is simply an extension of my hand. Thank you for offering this amazing giveaway!

    Victoria says:

    To me, photography means a chance to share with the world what comes alive in my head at 2am. A chance to take the creativity that I dream up and put it to work inspiring others. It exists to bring forth the details of a project or the design of a concept. Photography makes reality, that which seems conceptual in nature and then allows it to be singed into our minds. Whether shooting an event, a DIY project, or the smile of my twins… Photography is what allows that complication of information to have power as an image breeding emotion, learning and memory to our lives. Photography is how we communicate. Photography is how we teach. Photography is how we remember.

    Sarah says:

    Photography is about being fearless. When I first started calling myself a professional photographer I was scared to death. I constantly worried about what people would think or say about my work, but the more I shot, the more confident I became and now – there’s no stopping me! My photos are all about putting a little bit of myself in every portrait that I do. I try to show my clients that all of their sides are good sides and I will always go above and beyond to make our experience together memorable. My photos are ones that you’ll want to put up on your Facebook wall immediately, you’ll send one to your mother and you’ll give one to your sweetie to keep in their wallet.

    Allison Rhee says:

    Photography is an opportunity to freeze a unique and beautiful moment. Never again will there be the same exact memory, with the same exact people, setting, or feelings. Photography is a powerful tool to capture moments that will never be made again. Seeing a photograph from the past brings up the sentiments a person once felt, whether it’s love from a wedding, a sense of accomplishment from a graduation, or joy from a birthday party. A photograph has an amazing ability to relay the details that are usually overlooked in everyday life. It somehow allows people to appreciate what they are blessed with, when they are able to see it in a still shot. For me, personally, photography gives me a sense of purpose and identity. It allows me to look through a lens and see the world in a beautiful light. It always gives me a newfound hope, optimism, and appreciation for life.

    p.s. I tweeted about your giveaway <3 thanks for the opportunity!

    Abigail Bobo says:

    Photography is a way to observe the world in a way that the human eye alone cannot. It’s a way to express emotion and to construct reality as we see it in our minds.
    Photography allows us to appreciate the things and people around us. It’s a way to see light and really relish it in the best way.
    Photography is intimate. Rarely is the photographer seen, but the world is seen through their eyes. Viewers are invited into the innermost circle of the photographer without ever meeting them. The photographer can interpose a camera between themselves and the subject and tell the world what they see without ever showing their faces.
    It’s a shy art, and it’s a bold art. It is shy because the photographer hides behind a camera. It’s a bold art because it takes guts to portray what you really see.
    It’s more than looking through a hole and pressing a button. It’s more than f stops and shutter speeds. It takes something in your heart.
    I’ve long admired both Max Wanger’s and Bri Emery’s work. While so many have made wedding photography and business cards mundane and straightforward, they both have crossed the line from mundane to interesting fine art. I have been desperately seeking to cross this line over into fine art in my own works. I’d like to push my own photography even further and to make it even more beautiful. I also desperately want to learn more post-processing techniques to make my photos look extraordinary.
    I’ve also never been to LA. Give me an excuse 😉

    Conveying a feeling of a moment that will swiftly pass away.

    Steve Cowell says:

    Photography to me means freedom…freedom of expression, freedom of mind, and freedom to be and create. Coming from an outside sales career over the last 6 1/2 years, I became a slave to my quota, to the road, to my demanding customers and to a complete lack of creativity. After being laid off about 6 months ago, I faced a reality I had long avoided…I can either continue being a slave, or I can take a risk and pursue a passion that can help me not only regain my sense of self but also the side of me that had long since been lost. I chose the latter and have discovered that freedom I had always desired. My only roadblock now is trying to support my wife with this freedom which has its inherent difficulties in terms of steady work. I need all the training, advice, marketing ideas and encouragement I can get to continue pursuing this passionate freedom, rather than being forced to take another job where I become lost. By choosing me for this scholarship, you would gain someone who truly desires to better his craft, brings smiles and laughs to the group, and you’d be providing someone with a true shot at making his dreams come true!! Please, send me!!! Thank you so much for reading my story -Steve. (p.s. I tweeted this as well!)

    Bernadette says:

    I see the world through a camera lens; I cannot look around without envisioning how I would frame things in a photograph. After tinkering around with several careers, it was the times when I’ve been behind a camera, photographing a wedding, that I really thought, “This is what I am meant to be doing. I am good at this. I love this with my entire soul.” How else could you feel, capturing love on film?

    Portraiture is also astoundingly important to me, it is what I am most fascinated by and would love to learn the most about. Susan Sontag has really pushed me in this direction, and her following words mean a lot to me: “To photograph people is to violate them, by seeing them as they never see themselves” and “To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.” I want to be the one capturing moments in ways the subject could never imagine.

    Both Our Labor of Love and Max Wanger’s work is brilliant and I know they both would greatly influence my work and career path. I could think of nothing better to help push me in this new direction (literally, I quit my day job to pursue this passion) than this workshop. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Tweeted under @bernmatthews

    Makia says:

    Photography and art gave me an identity and allowed me to finally understand who I am. I am currently a college student studying studio art, but before I got to this point I felt so lost trying to find my place in school and in life. When I came across the world of photography, design, and art blogs, I knew that I was meant to have a part in that. From simply looking at blogs like yours, I was opened up to a world of beautiful images where I found so many inspirational things. I have since found my place as an art student where I have grown and learned so much about art but also about myself. The opportunity to attend your blogshop would honestly be life changing and it would help me to fulfill my dreams of running a successful blog where I would be able to share with others the love and passion I have found for art.

    Ali says:

    We all look at the sky and say that it’s blue. But what if “blue” for me looks different than it does to you. We’ve all gone through life using words to describe our perspectives. But in truth, we probably all see the world a little differently. If we can only use words to describe what we see, we’ll never fully understand each other.

    Photography is the only medium that really allows other people to see life through my eyes. So, a photo is no longer just a photo – it’s the chance to bring someone else into this crazy head of mine and reveal what the world looks like from here. A true photographer is then a great communicator: one who can utilize a camera to honestly reflect their perspective of the world.

    I’m only new to photography. But, I’d really like the chance to learn from those whose work so often inspires me to see life through a different lens.

    Jamie says:

    Photography to me means capturing the moments happening all around you. It can be from the trees blooming in the spring to them losing their leaves come fall to the coldness of the winter, or it could be your children as they grow all around you, or a fun event you’ve attended or even a mystical rainbow that appeared out of no where. It is all around you, and to me, it’s meaning is endless.

    Jamie says:

    I just tweeted about the contest too. What a fun and great opportunity for someone!

    Kate says:

    Before my daughter, photography was an inconsistent ebb and flow of inspiration. Some days I would feel a pull toward the lens, others I would seem to be stuck in a rut. Through creating this beautiful new life, I’ve finally found my muse, my missing piece, the words to which I tell my stories. For me, I now have the tools and inspiration to share these stories in my heart, but could truly use the foundations of respected creative professionals like those at FeetFirst to take us to a level we’ve only imagined in our dreams.

    Ali says:

    I tweeted too. 🙂

    Shauna says:

    Wow, these responses are so inspiring! There is so much passion in this comment form.

    It seems that for me, photography is less of a noun and more of a verb. Photography for me, is an action.

    Photography (as a verb) means going out of my way to make each day special, making the effort to make my life more beautiful and exciting so that I may capture it. It means seeking to meet more people, and when I do, to learn more about what excites and inspires them. Photography means getting up each day with a strong purpose. It means visiting new places, and unexpected places! And most importantly, it means reveling in all the precious little moments, because it is the little details that make life so incredibly beautiful.

    But I have so much to learn- technique, personal style, post-processing. I would absolutely love to take advantage of this opportunity and learn from such talented artists. Thanks!

    kevin falk says:

    Every picture I take is for my dad.
    Since I was old enough to hold a camera, he taught me all he knew, as if he could see the future and knew one day I’d be a photographer.
    His training as a naval photographer, although not glamourous, brought him a joy and personal satisfaction he wanted me to know and experience.
    Ever since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the strength no longer there to hold a camera, my dad is always “with” me. The camera and photography our bond.
    I’ve admired Max and Our Labor of Love for many years now, and the opportunity to learn from them would be priceless!

    Thank you for your consideration. My is @kevinandrewfalk

    Rebecca says:

    holy moly I would so love to come, but can’t afford the travel at the moment (at least not from Australia!)
    Please come to Australia!! Good luck to everyone else.
    I would SO love to come to LA and work with you, it would be a dream.
    Best wishes!!

    Photography is a vivid gift for memory-keeping, but for the artist in me, it is also a creative outlet. My favorite challenge is capturing moments that I can proudly display as not just a candid photograph, but as art.

    It’s fascinating that budding creators can have a vision of what they want to create without yet having the skills to achieve it. I know what great art is…but I am still developing my style so I can one day hopefully create it myself.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Manuela says:

    Photography to me is a tool to express my thoughts, ideas, struggles and my perspective of this world. The photos I take often start in my head and imagination. I think visually and feel visually, and when I have a certain image in my head, I love that I can recreate it with my camera. When I was young I wanted to be an actor. I have always been fascinated with film and theatre. But things worked out differently for me. I am glad because I think photography is the right tool for me to use my creativity. I can be behind and in front of the camera.

    Photography also inspires me to see, to look at things from different angels, to try to find beauty in the ordinary, to take one specific part out of the bigger picture.

    Since i started photography about five years ago, I realize that it has helped me to
    become, to develop, to be authentic and to accept myself for who I am.
    I am grateful that I started this journey. I know I never want to stop taking pictures. I know that I want to learn, and continue to grow.
    For a long time I thought about participating in a workshop.
    It would be an incredible gift to participate in your workshop.

    By the way, besides my Flickr address, I also wanted to mention my blog
    . A lot of what photography means to me, you can find on there.

    Rou says:

    I’m on the east coast at the moment so I can’t participate but I just wanted to say how kind and generous this opportunity is! Thank you for making this an option for all of us 🙂

    Molly says:

    Realizing this is a bit backwards, here instead is what a place at the workshop would mean to my photography.

    Two weeks ago I moved from San Francisco to Las Vegas in pursuit of my dream photography project; capturing the redevelopment of the city’s Downtown region. This is an area of town almost as famous for poverty, crime and drug abuse as the Vegas strip (less than two miles away) is for glamor, wealth and excess. A small group of dreamers is working to make downtown a safer and more beautiful area. I’ve moved here to document that, and also to play my part in the transition.

    A place at the workshop would offer SO MUCH that I can apply right away to the project. I want to develop techniques that will creatively — and visually — communicate the achievements and struggles happening Downtown in the hope of inspiring locals, potential visitors and professional artists alike.

    I first saw the ad for this workshop a few weeks ago, as I was preparing to move. I knew immediately that it would help me beyond measure and promised myself I’d save up for a several months to attend a future one. Being able to attend sooner rather than later would mean the WORLD to me, and to my photography! Thank you so SO much!

    I’ve also retweeted via @friendlyskies 🙂

    Megan says:

    I have been a creative person my whole life. I can’t help myself. I’ve been working for the past three years as a kindergarten teacher and love how creative my day job can be. But even after a full and exhausting day wrangling 5-year-olds, I come home and make. I knit, I sew, I love to embroider, I am currently working on a ceramics collaboration with my fella. Last month I started a blog to share my creative process and join in the wonderful community I’ve been following for so many years online. I took photography classes in high school, and know my way around the basics of photoshop, but I didn’t realize how much more there was to it. I look at the beautiful photos and vignettes I see on the blogs I follow and I am blown away. I have so much more I need to learn. To me photography is a way of sharing my passions. A way of capturing the beauty I see in art and the world around me, to share it with others. A spot in this workshop is something I could never afford on a public school teachers salary, but I know the opportunity would do so much to improve my art.

    p.s. I’m ing it! But I’m still figuring this whole thing out, so it might be my only tweet.

    Kendra says:

    The ability to capture a perfectly imperfect moment and hold it close forever is one of the modern miracles of our day. Harnessing this power and using it to invoke emotion and inspiration is one of the enviable talents bestowed upon photographers. Since beginning my blog 2 years ago, I have discovered a real passion for photography and the opportunity to encapsulate moments big and small and share them with others has become one of the great loves of my life. I exist in a world fueled by beautiful imagery and nothing excites me more than the ability to contribute to this bank of overflowing inspiration. It is my belief that we need to take advantage of every opportunity to make the world a more lovely place and to do everything you can to fuel your own fire of creativity. Learning, growing and experimenting all contribute to a life filled with beauty and I would be honored and thrilled at the chance to better myself with a group of talented creatives. To make reference to a well-loved cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words, and my love for writing is only out-shone by my love for beautiful images that speak volumes in a language that is universal.

    Kendra says:

    I also tweeted about this fabulous opportunity under the handle @myideaofalady 🙂

    Photography. I owe it a new and complete start.

    My children are young: Julia is 2 1/2 and Max is a new 1. I love them, and I love being a mother. But I struggle with defining my new life, because it is an entirely new life being a mom. There is a different focus, different interests, different friends. Not worse, not better, just different. And in my new roll, I felt that I was losing myself and the woman I was before my children. I remembered being creative, exciting, and fearless. But I couldn’t figure how to go back and still keep my priorities. So when I picked up my camera to shoot something other than playground or tummy time shots, I found that amazing woman again. I felt confident outside of motherhood. I was sure of myself. But more than just feeling like my old self, I realized I wholly new: improved, stronger, overhauled. I feel almost bionic with my camera in hand because I’m able to express both my super-mom side while being that fearless and creative go-anywhere-strongly woman. I can. And I take pictures while I do it.

    (Thanks for this chance! And I tweeted too @InTheNext30Days.)

    Ashley Rose says:

    So let me preface this by saying that I was/am absolutely petrified to actually fill this out. Finally I decided to just say “F IT” and do it. What is Photography to me is such a HUGE question. For me when I discovered photography as a creative outlet I found my voice, I found everything I had ever wanted and never known. But I think what I love the most about it is the fact that it is a gift. I always feel like whenever I am giving clients their images i am giving them a gift. Something that they will ALWAYS be able to cherish and reminisce about! I don’t know what is truly better than that.
    I think I was so nervous to fill this out because frankly I am sure that their are better people who deserve this, more articulate, more compelling, but dammit I will work my ass off for this opportunity!!! 😉
    Thank you for be a constant source of inspiration max wanger & our labor of love & of course design loveliest! 🙂
    Ashley Rose

    Yvonne says:

    In a huge leap of faith, I decided to move from New York City to LA. Like anything new, moving is scary, exciting and exhilarating. I am excited for this new phase in my life. Two years ago, I taught myself how to take pictures by doing a 365 project. I wasn’t amazing (especially at first), but I kept at it and I learned a lot about myself. Photography, to me, represents trying out new things, going outside your comfort your zone and always pushing yourself to expand and be more creative. I would love to use my new photo skills learned from this class to visually document my crazy journey from east to west coast. Plus I really admire the artists who run it and would love to learn from y’all 🙂

    Anna says:

    Photography to me is not simply a career, but a passion. I am currently in school studying photography and coming to find that although this is a difficult path to tread the feeling I get from the outcome of my hard work is indescribably delicious! I recently visited L.A to meet with photographers and learn a little more about the business and in the process I fell in love with California and found a new passion for photography that has given me the hope and the drive to become the best I can be. Photography is about showing your viewer your passion and giving them a window into who you are. A photo is a gift, a statement, and more importantly a new and fresh view of the world around you. Through my photographs I try to show what I believe is beautiful and my goal is to find beauty in simplicity. So, what does photography mean to me? It means that I am giving a piece of my heart to the world, it means I am helping to promote something worthwhile, and that I have had this amazing opportunity to learn something new.

    Lauren Keeler says:

    Photography means something my dad and I can really do together. It means he thinks I’m pretty cool. It means I can capture moments I always want to remember. It means I get to decide how those moments take shape. It means I that no matter where I am, alone or lost in a crowd, I am never by myself when I have a camera with me. Photography means I finally found a passion and my need to learn and grow is never weaning. It means I can tell a story, capture a smile and share little joys. It means even when I’m shy I can express myself and who I really am through a snapshot. Photography means that the best souvenirs from world travels can be hung on walls. It means learning from the best, from the most creative, from the everyman on the street, for everyone has a different view of the world. Photography means I can be me. I can create. I can share myself with the people I love. I can learn about myself. I can find new perspectives, colors and corners. I can live. Photography means everything.

    sooji says:

    i’m a huge advocate of embracing who you are bc being yourself, exactly as you were intended to be, makes you one in billions. photography to me is about making a connection with another person(s). it’s that moment of vulnerability and trust that is exchanged between two people as you get to know one another. i think that the ability to capture the uniqueness and process of who a person is in an image is invaluable. i love beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete because it’s proof that life is always a work in progress. that we’re a work in progress, that it’s never too late to reach for your what your soul desires. photography is such an incredible medium that encapsulates emotions and moments in life that we often forget about in retrospect.

    ps. tweeted on @soooji! 🙂

    Andrea says:

    Photography is a little observable piece of my mind. It’s the trigger to all my captured memories that I sometimes neglect. I look at a photo with a group of friends, one is candid and the other is clearly posed. Both are equally meaningful yet totally different. I’m reminded of Christmas parties where we hiked up a hill in pouring rain because we didn’t realize that our friend’s house was at the peak of this Mt. Everest-esque hill. Then I have simple photos via polaroid or phone camera, where I see simple aspects of my life. Whether that be a photo of my mom and I in my room, or out to dinner with the family. However, photography is not only the memories that border my years, it’s also a format of expression. When I set out to take a picture that is either assigned or for self enjoyment, I have an idea that comes to fruition at the sound of the shutter. Of course, I have to take several steps to formulate what I want to do, but it doesn’t weigh me down. My camera gives me control and offers me an edge that is an awesome break from life. It’s weird how life can push you around, but when my eye meets the viewfinder, it’s refreshing and little empowering. As of right now I have a blog and I named it Quiescent Shimmers which I’ll ultimately transfer to a my very own domain, blog site, etc. I got the name “Quiescent Shimmers” from how I define a photograph. Quiescent, ideally is defined as still, and shimmers is simply something that shines or glimmers. I thought that photography as an amalgamation of both daily life and art created for me “still glimmers” or “stills that shine”. And soooo, that’s what photography means to me! 😀

    p.s. I tweeted (@aandreaveronica) and included your name on the tweet, too 🙂

    Elizabeth says:

    Photography has become my tool to preserve my family’s history. Before my husband and I were married, we traveled to a large extent (from short road trips along the California coast to Europe). This was 16 years ago in the pre-digital age so we relied on our cheap 35mm camera. Every time I would have rolls of film developed, I was crushed to find photos of our heads cut off and unusable prints. Today, it’s becoming harder to recall those cherished memories of the early days of our relationship so I find myself snapping photos of every moment. I took photography for granted back then. Now that we are parents, I have been given the moniker of Mommarazzi because I’m constantly photographing our lovely daughter. I want her to have a visual chronicle so she can see all the joy she has brought to our happy lives. Looking at the thousands of photos we’ve amassed from the past 16 years is one of our favorite pastimes. I always joke to my husband that if our house was on fire, the first thing I’d save would be our scrapbooks we made in the late 90’s/early 2000’s filled with those horrible photos we took. In reality, it’s our photos that hold the greatest value to me. I am eager to learn how to take my photos to the next level. I’ve had my Nikon D3000 for 2 years and I’ve never ventured past the automatic setting. I have been blogging for 4 years now, and I feel like my content is getting stale. This could be the perfect opportunity for me to rekindle my creative passion for photography. I am blown away by Max Wanger’s work and I love to incorporate video on my blog too.

    Merci Beaucoup

    Tweeted @sunkissis

    Marie says:

    Photography. It’s so many things; it’s hard to put it into words. When I’m taking pictures, I feel like I’m capturing my mood, my thoughts, my feelings, my style and beliefs. It’s freezing a moment in time. It’s transforming the plain into something beautiful. It’s story-telling. It’s capturing the memories that I don’t want to forget; big or small. Day-to-day life gets so busy and it can be hard to remember the little AND big things from the current day let alone what I experienced two, three, four days ago. That’s why having a camera on hand is so important to me; whether it be my fancy pants camera, my point and shoot, or my iphone. Just knowing that I have a camera in my back pocket (sometimes literally) puts me at ease because I know I won’t miss my son’s firsts, my daughter’s cartwheels, the cute outfit I wore to work, or all the silly things my husband does to try and make our baby boy laugh. It’s the map of my life. Where I’ve been and where I’ll go.

    Marilynn says:

    I am a visual learner and communicator. But that doesn’t just mean I absorb (and convey) information visually. It means I experience and re-remember emotions, colors, textures, and scents through a visual prompt. For this reason, photos take on an extremely important and visceral meaning for me. When I look at my wedding photos, for example, I fall in love with my husband again, am moved to tearful gratitude for my friends and family, and feel beautiful in my own skin, my wedding dress, my wedding hair again. One of the greatest passions in my life is undoubtedly food. I think it’s a common language that everyone can get excited about and talk about but I definitely feel stunted when I just talk about it. Food involves all your senses and photography performs the duty of sharing it much more honorably. I would LOVE to learn some photography skills for my food blog, something I’ve invested in for over two years and so ready to take to the next level!

    caren says:

    Since I was young, I was a squashed creative. My parents insisted I get a 9-5 job where I’d sit behind a computer all day, preferably with a stable, boring company. They were immigrants and had nothing. They wanted me to be something. I wanted to be an actress and an artist, but it was not to be.

    Even long after I grew up and moved out on my own, I continued down the traditional path that my parents had insisted on. Even though I hated most of my corporate jobs, I stayed. Because subconsciously, I knew there was no space in my world for creativity. It wasn’t allowed.

    It wasn’t until two years ago, when I picked up a camera and started to shoot, did that little creative part of myself light up. I AM a creative, and I so desperately need to express that part of myself.

    My evolution as a photographer has been slow. I still have my ball and chain corporate identity out of sheer necessity, so it’s not easy to balance my creative growth with the other demands in my life, but I have made a promise to myself never to give up uncovering who a really am…. An artist.

    amy says:

    it’s easy to be so lost in the day to day. lose myself in mundane bits and conversations and actions, but even mundane bits and conversations and actions create memories.

    so much of a moment can be lost in my own head, the things i hold dear enough to recall. with the simple click of a camera, i can breathe it in a little deeper.

    so much of a moment can be lost written out with words, over analyzed and saturated onto a page. with the simple click of a camera, i can sing such a sweet, effortless melody.

    i’m not always great and i’m not always quick, but when i use my camera, when i hold it close to my eye, focused in and framed by these teeny quiet spaces, i am present.

    staying present in that day to day, even in the mundane bits and conversations and actions, is what makes the whole point of existing so so so much more magical.

    alexandra says:

    For me photography is about soul. My favorite photographs are the ones that show feeling – that show a relationship between two people, or that evoke some kind of emotion in you. It’s not just a pretty picture – its about freezing that moment and that feeling that you felt at that moment. Finding the love between two people or the sadness in someone’s eyes, connecting on a deeper level and exposing your soul for the world to see. Those photos are rare and hard to come by but the ones that bare your soul to the world and that show the viewer what you were feeling in that moment are the best. For so long I have been searching for a creative outlet, for some way to express the things I feel inside – the ferocity of the way my emotions consume me. I have recently left my full-time, steady job, because I know that if I can achieve that level of talent – to be able to capture soul in a photograph, that will be enough for me. I feel that there are so many people out there who just live their day-to-day, doing what they have to do, to get by. But how many of us actually search for something more? For something that fulfills us deep inside, that speaks to our heart and squeezes it, that makes us feel something real, that tells us we’re alive? How many people search for something they truly feel motivated by and something that they FEEL something for? I don’t care about the rest of it. Photography, for me, is about soul. its about feeling. i love to feel things.

    alexandra says:

    tweeting this under @alexandr62984

    alexandra b says:

    I love history and the thing that I love when learning history is looking at photographs. To me photography is the best way to tell a story. Looking at a photograph can make me laugh, curious, sad, or happy. Even though I have a lot to learn, it thrills me when I take a photograph and think of how this picture could last so much longer than me. After a rough few years, photography is one of the things that has brought happiness back into my life and is the way I can express my creativity. Even though I have a lot to learn I always feel satisfied that even with my little knowledge I am creating a little bit of art.

    Anna P says:

    As a shy kid, I used to take pictures of strangers interacting with each other, zooming in as close as possible. Thinking back on it now I guess that was a little creepy, but photography to me is capturing a moment in order to tell a story. Whether you are capturing a private moment between two people or catching a moment between a person and the camera, photographs tell stories all on their own. Without the help of words. That’s what photography is all about, framing this moment in time. It helps us remember the stories that would just as easily slip out of our minds years from now. Looking at specific photographs can bring back emotions long thought forgotten. We all want to be important enough to not be forgotten once we’re gone from someone’s life. Photographs and photography help us remain in the memories of loved ones.
    Tweeted it too! under @annarebeccap

    Jill Thomas says:

    How fun it would be to come attend your workshop and see what you and max do best! here go sweet girl:

    No beauty in the world is completely independent of its observer. Photographer Ernst Haas said that “limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”  To me, this means where you stand—literally and figuratively—determines what you see.   While it might sound a little overstated to say that I have a “philosophy” in mind when I click the shutter, I do have a vision for every image that melds together a few themes that are meaningful to me.
    I grew up in suburban Phoenix with a home full of brothers, sisters, animals, and parents who understood that the only permanence in life is the things you feel and remember.  All of my fondest memories in that house had a subtle backdrop of a small grove of orange trees in the backyard that threw their fruit on the ground, on the trampoline, and in the pool every summer. The fondness I feel when I see the grainy, sun-drenched moments of my past inspire me to create images for others using the same elements:  sunlight, warmth, timelessness, emotion, longing.
    Photography is about a photograph so delicate you’re afraid it might vanish if you look away; so classic, it will endure all the whims of fashion; so inviting you feel like you’ve been wrapped in your favorite blanket.   

    Photography is sanity. It’s a window into dreams & madness. It’s connection with the world around you, to one small still moment in time that passes in an instant and then it’s gone. It’s light, sweet gorgeous light that kisses the edges of everything, that gives and takes away. It’s intimate. A gift to watch incredible moments pass between two people or inside of someone as they show you their heart. It’s question marks and exclamation points. Light and shadow. Photography is creation in it’s purest form. The ability to build something from the bottom up, shape it, and then share it with those willing to look. Photography is growth. It’s almost always the path of most resistance until that sweet sound of the shutter when everything collides to make one perfect image. It’s a powerful thing.

    With each experience, trial, and passing day my love for photography grows.. Much of what I’ve been through has not only shaped me, but shaped my work, and given me a greater appreciation for an excellent photograph. It’s caused me to strive to do my very best in each moment, and not take one bit of it for granted. I was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, I’ve had many near-death scares because of it. But, though hard, it has been the most bittersweet blessing. I now appreciate colors, light, moments, and memories in a way I never once fathomed. To me, a photograph is my personal art form of self expression. It’s how I can express the depth of true emotions and make that moment last. Sometimes it’s a hard moment, but even hard moments need to be remembered. I love to shoot people because each one of us has a story to tell. I want to forever remember my nieces giggle, her angry, but still adorable and slightly overdramatic cry, and silly faces. I want to forever remember my mothers eyes. And I want to create beautiful images that my clients can share for a lifetime. To me, photography encapsulates the most important moments of our lives.

    oops- forgot to tell you, I tweeted! 😉 @swonderfulphoto

    Lauryn says:

    I. would. die. to. go. to. blogshop. die. That being said, photography represents therapy. When things are tough with my family and just life in general, it transports me to a simple, creative, and pretty world.

    Photography is a therapeutic outlet.

    It’s also glittery, sparkly, colorful, and shiny. & I love it.

    (I sent out a tweet too @TheSkinnyShow ).

    rebecca says:

    Photography to me is art. It is a way of expressing my creative energy. What i love most about photography is that it is so diverse and there are no rules. Each creator expresses in their own eyes and each interprater views it in theirs. Photography is a way to capture authentic and organic moments that we can relive through an image.Photography is endless and there is always room to learn and grow. Max Wanger is my biggest inspiration in photography and it would be a dream come true to learn and create my never ending love of photography with him and other passionate photographers. PHOTOGRAPHY TO ME IS LOVE AND LIGHT!

    Christina says:

    Happy Week!

    Photography makes life more.

    Rachael B says:

    Photography to me is speechless dialogue. I think it was the first thing I truly loved. There’s something about fumbling your way through rolling 35mm film on a reel and praying one piece isn’t touching another. And nothing compares to that moment when the exposure comes to life for the first time in the baths. That hazy moment where details slowly come to life on a piece of paper. That was love for me. Hearing the shutter of my camera, the whirring of the film; it gave me peace that I rarely found in my crazy life. Photography is a different kind of artwork. It requires no words or explanation from either the viewer or the piece. Sometimes it doesn’t even need color. It has its own speechless dialogue. That’s what makes it so special. I’d love the opportunity to attend the blog shop. I think it would help me express a part of me that I don’t often get to and a great way to start up my new blog.

    Happy Spring Bri!

    Kristin says:

    First of all I want to thank you Bri & Max for offering this wonderful opportunity. I read the negative comments about what others had posted about this workshop, I could not believe it. I truly believe that the y’alls talent and expertise is priceless. I was blown away by style posts that you and Max collaborated on…. This is a workshop that someone needs to take if they are serious about taking it to the next level.

    What photography means to me…
    Photography has caused me too look at the world in differently than I have ever have before. In this busy world, it forces you to appreciate the details, see the beauty in the ordinary and simple, and capture a moment in time that will never happen again. It also allows you to tell a story, your story and how you see the world around you.

    I am a self taught photographer who is looking to take that scary leap in to freelance work. I believe this workshop would be an invaluable tool that would help me start my business, and help me define my creative eye and style to set me apart from other photographers and bloggers. You both truly understand the importance of creating a brand for yourself and I believe that you could help me discover mine too.

    so… pick me! pick me!
    I have been dreaming about attending this workshop from the first moment y’all decided to do the one in atlanta. I would be on the first flight to LA at a moments notice. If not I will continue to save my pennies and hopefully one day be able to attend 🙂

    I tweeted too! (@kristinkirkley)

    Sam says:

    All of my life, I lived with the labels of “brainiac” and “athlete.” So when I divulged to people my secret passions, including art, fashion, photography, and graphic design, friends would literally laugh in my face. “Don’t be silly,” they would chide, “you’re going to go to medical school, or law school, or space.” So I let my passions stew silently while in high school, not really exploring the creative itch that was so constantly nagging me.
    But by now, as a student in college, the creative pressure has built. Everywhere I look, I see inspiration and beauty and vitality, and I feel like I’m about to burst into a confetti cloud if I don’t somehow focus this energy into something I love, something tangible and real. To me, photography means sanity. Photography means finally being able to focus on art and my true passions. Finally scratching that itch to release my creativity. Photography is more than a camera and a subject. Photography is the act of creating. Photography is my passion and I’m desperate to learn more. But this time I want to let everyone know. Let them laugh; I’ll catch it on film :).

    Thanks for reading!
    PS. I tweeted! (@bamitssam03)

    rebecca says:

    photography to me is love and light! its a perfect balance of both. being a mother of two sparked my creative energy with photography. it has now blossomed into weddings. i am so grateful to capture the essence of organic love as it unfolds naturally in front of my lens. photography is art and i love it because there are no rules and boundaries..its a never ending creation. rebecca xo

    tamar says:

    Thank you so much to all of you for offering this opportunity to learn and grown. I took up photography 20 years ago when I studied it at university in England. I chose it instinctively and I was good at it but I didn’t follow through because I think I did not believe in myself enough to be able to succeed in it. Now 20 years later, with 2 kids and a husband, I finally got the courage to pick up that camera that was staring at me day in day out and start shooting. I carried it, and still do, everywhere with me. I am so glad that I overcame my fears and just did it! Of course, overcoming fears and challenges is an ongoing process but through making myself vulnerable and just doing it I learnt so much about me. Also, the great perk is that as each day passes I am getting better, my eye is in training every day and I am falling in love with photography day in day out. Thank you again for this opportunity. all the best. Tamar x

    tamar says:

    I tweeted too 🙂 @tamarhaytayan

    Ash says:

    To me, photography is a life saver.

    It’s what pulled me out of my isolation and loneliness when I became a new mother three years ago. As I struggled with postpartum depression and trying to make sense of my new identity, I turned to the camera. Suddenly, I was finding beauty and humor in the mundane landscape of early parenthood. In my sleep deprived stupors, I could capture the fleeting moments of the everyday and find joy and creativity among a sea of poopy diapers and spit up (yum!). Now, as a mother to a 3 year old and 6 month baby, I still turn to the lens to not only capture my daughters’ childhoods, but to keep me sane. To remind me that there is beauty in the little bits of life that happen without pop or circumstance.

    I would love to develop this skill – to learn more about this art form that has become a part of my daily routine – to be able to continue to share these images and stories they tell in all the ways I envision them.

    Oh how I would relish this opportunity! (Just take a peek at my blog to see the daily posts of images and my commitment to the camera and photography).

    xo Ash

    Ash says:

    Tweeted as @tweetalacart


    Lindsay says:

    Photography is a way of portraying the world through your unique point of view. In a visually oriented society, it’s not easy to convey an idea or emotion without the help of a compelling photo. Photography enables us to freeze a moment in time and to capture what we think makes that moment unique and beautiful, whether it’s something as intricate as eyelash lace peeking out from under a dress or as sprawling and vast as a breath taking landscape.

    It’s also a vehicle allow us to keep those moments near and dear. Once you snap a picture, that moment is yours forever, helping you recall details and feelings that may have otherwise faded from memory.

    And being the photographer, to be able to give that gift and help others see the world in a different way? That’s the most rewarding part of it all!

    Thanks Bri! Tweeted about the contest via @linmuemuse

    Dani says:

    There are some really fantastic descriptions on what photography is to a person. I believe that every comment has hit it on the nose because…

    Photography is personal.

    It is creative outlet to let us capture a memory, create a new one, or tell a story. It has the ability to share emotion and ignite imagination.

    In the millisecond a photograph is taken I am freezing that moment. I am saying this is worth remembering and most likely… worth sharing.

    Dani // andbubblegum.com

    Danielle says:

    There are some really fantastic descriptions on what photography is to a person. I believe that every comment has hit it on the nose because…

    Photography is personal.

    It is creative outlet to let us capture a memory, create a new one, or tell a story. It has the ability to share emotion and ignite imagination.

    In the millisecond a photograph is taken I am freezing that moment. I am saying this is worth remembering and most likely… worth sharing.

    katie says:

    Whoa- this is amazing. (I’m not counting that in the 150 words!)

    An image can bring you back to an exact moment- every sense can be rediscovered; emotions re-lived; the weight of the air can be felt all over again. An entire lifetime can be observed in one single shot. And an image’s viewer can sense the weight of the moment in one glance.
    It’s so easy to forget the moment as it happens. But photography catches tiny slices of life- like fireflies in a jar.
    I try to keep this in mind for my clients and family as I watch moments flicker by. To me photography allows us to pause & look back, see how far we’ve come. See where we’ve been and which moments have shaped us. Without photography I wouldn’t appreciate the present the way I do- all the chaos and noise; moments wondering when will the baby sleep and the dog stop barking and will that man ever pick up his own socks?
    Life is captured in photos and photos are seen by the heart as much as by the eyes.

    Thank you for offering this scholarship- it’s an amazing gift.

    Anonymous says:

    Memories captured. everybody has their own way of remembering things, photography has become my journal. it gives me the chance to see what my eyes saw over and over again. &photography provides for the opportunity to be creative, because when it really comes down to it, your creativity is only vital to yourself. it doesn’t always matter if other people like your work, if its a creative outlet its for you and you only. {but when it grabs attention from others tha’ts a too}. if I had all the time in the world I would just sit with my camera, finding new ways to tell my life story through pictures.

    Sam says:

    Memories captured. everybody has their own way of remembering things, photography has become my journal. it gives me the chance to see what my eyes saw over and over again. &photography provides for the opportunity to be creative, because when it really comes down to it, your creativity is only vital to yourself. it doesn’t always matter if other people like your work, if its a creative outlet its for you and you only. {but when it grabs attention from others tha’ts a too}. if I had all the time in the world I would just sit with my camera, finding new ways to tell my life story through pictures.

    Maddie says:

    To me, photography is capturing an essence within a moment. It’s about keeping something you love frozen in ice forever, preserving its imperfect wonder.

    I have this photo of my grandfather being served dinner by my great-grandmother at a fold-out card table in the late 60’s. He’s wearing a three piece suit, she’s wearing a dress from the old country, and the only thing adorning the walls is a picture of the virgin mother. I didn’t meet my grandfather until I was 14 and he passed away just a few years later. That photo tells me more about who he was than a million years of stories could ever hope to. It’s lightning in a bottle, and that’s what photography means to me.

    Anna says:

    Light travels at 186,000 miles a second, our shuttles and vehicles cannot catch it. A strip of film is burned by radiant energy and births a story. In one frame a potential for a thousand words is expressed.

    I want to remember that perfect shade of melon-peach that lined the sky that day; my favorite day. Those tiny feet and crimson lips that were only petite for a moment. Photography is my memory, my medium, and my truth. If I blink, yesterday is gone but the best parts of it are still alive in a photograph. My camera teaches me to see; I look through a lens and become a creator, a painter of light, a stylist of objects with shutter speeds and apertures as my tools. I currently shoot weddings, which means each photo matters; it’s my income, my dream and my passion and one day, my legacy. My camera is always by my side, it lets me be an artist among the mundane of the day, it lets beauty find me wherever I am.

    (p.s. I tweeted it!)

    (first line of info about light taken from JM Helser)

    Justine says:

    Photography to me is about connection. It it takes one person’s unique perspective, something that catches his or her eye, the feelings that individual was inspired by and communicates it to the many. The appeal of photography lies in seeing beauty or interest in a moment, in a passing building, or in how light falls on someone’s smile and trying to capture that well enough that a simple still photograph alone can convey that experience to others. Looking at a photography transports the viewer to the shoes of the photographer, lets them share minds for a little bit.

    It can be used for personal documentation, for individual journalism; what is interesting, however, is that even if it was originally intended for these purposes, even a picture of one person’s most ordinary object can become inspiration for another. I have trawled through numerous flickr sets of old family photos from the 1930s, of TIME magazine archives, and I know I’m not the only one. Photography can bring a connection that spans generations and provide a community. I love taking photographs for my own memories, but even more I love sharing those and when others’ are shared with me. Thank you for the opportunity to share in the magic you, Max, and the rest of the blogshop team create!

    What Photography Means to Me.

    Photography means I can capture a moment and keep it forever. It allows me to fondly revisit those moments and…(needle scratches across record).

    Yeah yeah yeah…anyone can capture a moment and keep it forever. That’s called taking a picture. But photography is more than that. It’s about animating the inanimate in a still. It’s about capturing movement and ideas to illicit emotional responses…a photo can make someone smile, gasp, laugh or even provide an experience…an appreciation. It’s about color and angles and being able to lasso the perfect amount of light to create magic….a great photo can tell a story, tug at the heart or send merchandise to market for big bucks. A great photo is about creating art.

    I know that the actual process of the camera can easily be explained. But for me, I (still) think it’s incredible…baffling actually, that a little device can steal a moment and store it…visually!!! WHAT!!! I mean, I completely get how some cultures believed that cameras and the images they produce were somehow magic. It’s THAT “magic” which makes this photography thing even more alluring. With all the beauty surrounding us..who doesn’t need a little (more) magic in their lives?

    Seriously….pick me…please.


    Sarah says:

    Photography is emotion.
    It’s tears.
    Joy and happiness, sadness and grief, love and hate.
    It’s embarrassing.
    It’s powerful.
    It’s precious.
    It’s meaningful.
    It’s timeless.

    (tweeted via @sarahsthreads)

    Erin Rivera says:

    Photography is everything to me! Being a totally dependent-visual-being I admit, I have trouble with words at times. Therefore, photography + drawing has allowed me to express visually what words can not. Ever since I developed my first roll of film I’ve been addicted to the snap machine. Capturing moments in time is beautiful and the thought of taking it to the next level and making it art is breath taking to me. The thought of my drawings + photographs joining forces in photoshop is UGH-MAZE-ING!! So yes, most def. I would love the opportunity to fully enhance my talents + be educated of the amazing creative visuals I can create. Being as I am behind on the digital snap I would love to be a part of this workshop! Fingers crossed + Toes crossed (visually not appealing, but I hope you get the picture!) And yes, I’m literally tweeting @LiterallyErin

    Anonymous says:

    As a travel blogger, photography is vital in transporting my readers out of their desks and into a dream world. And ultimately, it is all about connecting on a deeper level, a level where my words don’t matter so much as what emotions people get out of them. I want people to see a photo and want to book a trip. I want to encourage them to take more than 2 weeks off each year, to escape, unwind, wiggle their toes in the sand or zip line through the rain forest. I want them to look at my blog and want to explore- and I really feel like good photography, great photos make you want to do that. I also love how instant social media has made photography. with a single slide of the finger, you can update , , , and connect and share with so many different people- see what they are up to and continue to connect with people from all over the world. I’m a traveler with a home base in LA and I’d love to win a spot! Tweeted at Vagabond3live!

    Chelsea S. says:

    My reason for photos is to capture.
    I want to capture every. single. moment.
    Life is too sweet to now want that.
    Of course, this is impossible, so I look for those intimate, split-second moments that come and go, just like that.
    Photography is finding the meaning. Not always the beautiful.
    To find the reason, the feel, the purpose of a moment.
    Capturing that….is why I love photography.
    I want to be able to give life back to people. I want to be able to find those precious moments, feelings, thoughts in a frame. Being able to take a moment and give that moment back to someone forever is what I treasure about photography.
    Photography means finding life. And this is why I love it.

    I am a struggling college student with a passion for life! Last year I decided to make a $900 investment, who knew that this little investment would change my life. Soon after, I discovered the power of my DSLR, and the impact it made on people.

    Photography is all about capturing the moment and when I discovered that I could do just that… well I jumped head first. I had no clue in heaven what exposure, f-stop, ISO and all that other fancy photographer talk was all about all I knew is that I found something that I truly loved, something that made me happy, something that made others happy, and something that I looked forward to before, in between and after class. We all know about those fancy writers who inspire people with words and sentences. Oh how I wish I could write the way they do but, the thing is I was never a great writer and I wasn’t all to into learning where to put commas, the art projects and scrapbooks were more my thing in school. The most appealing thing to me about photography is that you don’t have to write ANYTHING, the picture says it all. After purchasing my camera I realized I could tell stories just like those fancy writers, but without even having to write a single word.The trick to good photography is conveying emotions and expressions within a single picture. Photography is an expression of what I see around me, and how it makes me feel.

    I love that no two people are the same, each person is different, no two people will take a photograph or see a photograph in the same way, each person in the world is unique, just as every photograph in the world is.

    I have been wanting to attend blogshop since last July when you were in the bay area, but wasn’t able to afford it. I would love the opportunity to learn from the best and I hope that I am chosen to attend the workshop in LA.


    KAY WALKER says:

    // PS — tweeted this! @lefactoryy //

    Theresa says:

    Wow, there are some really beautiful definitions of photography here. Would really love to win this opportunity, so I’m throwing my hat in the ring. (Good luck everyone!)

    For me, photography means capturing an emotion…a moment and having it last forever.

    For me, photography also means picking up my dad’s Nikon when I was thirteen, shooting with film, and waiting anxiously for the film to get developed. (Remember having to wait for film to get developed?!) Photography for me means taking a course in college and learning how to develop film in a dark room. I recently picked up photography again for (of course) blogging and family purposes, and all those first memories came rushing back. Some twenty years later, all the technique is forgotten now, but I like to think I can still take a decent photo. It just needs some tutoring. In essence, photography for me has always been associated with great memories, in both the process and outcome. I imagine this workshop would deliver and create similar types of memories. After such a long hiatus, it would be a wonderful experience to learn from such a pool of talent…to capture moments better and to share those moments in a more compelling way.


    Tory says:

    Photography is capturing moments in spaces, faces, places that are truly one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable.

    It’s capturing moments to tell stories To help others. To expose the rest of the world to something so beautiful they want to look at it every single day. It’s capturing moments to connect, expose and engage on new levels.

    I’ve always loved photography. As a kid I would model my oh-so-patient puppy in costumes and sneak my parents camera out of the kitchen cabinet for portrait shoots, always guaranteeing a surprise when the film was developed. Now the images of our puppy as cowgirl dog, cheerleader dog and Miss America dog never fail to make us laugh or cry.

    Fast forward to today. Within the last year I’ve worked to make photography a bigger part of my life by seeking new experiences and capturing more and more irreplaceable moments. I’ve paired with organizations, family and friends to capture their moments and tell their stories. I’ve captured a Make-a-Wish child transform into a rockstar and another into a super secret agent, I’ve captured my brother and his fiance climbing on rocks in the sea and laughing in the sand, I’ve captured dedicated souls shave their heads with a smile for children’s cancer research.

    Photography means the world to me and I want to capture more of our world with it. I’d love to further build my photography skills and learn how to best share my work to connect, expose, and engage more people to more photo stories and at it’s most core form, give them something beautiful and inspiring to look at every day.

    Many thanks for putting this opp out there! Tweeted x2 via @toryputnam.

    Alex Yates says:

    Photography is not just an art, it’s an act of living. Anyone can take pictures, but it’s how you take the pictures and what you take a picture of. The way the color lives and breathes in and out of the photo can be breathtaking. How do you know when your photo or photography is good or brilliant? When the viewer runs millions of words to describe it through their minds, but nothing comes out of their mouths. That how you know if your photography is breathtaking or not.
    However, photos can never describe the scene we feel, that’s why we created the art of photography. The moods or expressions we can catch on peoples faces, always amazes me. With the right lighting and perfect expression, the photo can feel cheerful or haunting. How the photographer moves and captures the subject at different angles gives me the chills of excitement. When you know there’s no words to describe the photo, you know you’ve mastered photography.

    Thank you so much!!!!!

    xo Alex Yates

    Alex Hughes says:

    I suppose photography to me is (going to be (i hope and pray!!!)) my means of income, education, and inspiration for the rest of my life. I’m addicted to it. I’m addicted to the fact that a single photograph has the power to capture a moment in time. I’m totally addicted to researching the classic photographers, as well as the contemporary. Wedding photography first caught my eye when I was a little kid and I visited my grannies house in Wales every few months (it’s still exactly the same) – and she always has displayed the 5 photos of her 5 children on their wedding day. Wedding photography is the most timeless of all in my opinion. It is so important, and a house without a wedding photo displayed. “If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” Anybody can take a photograph, but once you really can create an image with feeling in it and a photo with the ability to paint a picture or tell a story – that’s a real photograph. I hope to one day be able to inspire people with the images I create. This quote from cornell caps really sums photography-as-a-subject up for me “Photography has the capacity to provide images of man and his environment that are both works of art and moments in history.”
    Thank you so much Bri and the team! (tweeted it)

    Mariana S says:

    For me, Photography is literature meeting sunlight.

    Literature has words that describe what we imagine, and Photography turns that imagination into reality. Sunlight plays it’s part and voilà, it makes it happen.

    Just as literature did for me, Photography will open even more doors for other arts, it’s a Pandora box which you can’t stop from being mesmerized by. Once you start it all rushes in. And what a rush it is!

    Photography will provoke learning and while doing so, it will undoubtedly give us the amazing feeling of wonderment. It will make us travel near and sometimes far, it will make us speak aloud when speaking low was easier done, it will force us to try harder and it will teach us perseverance and patience.

    Such a good medicine for the soul, a happy trick everyone should know. Photography will be a refugee for missing hearts, a peaceful backwater for loneliness, a great ally in joyful moments, a memory provoker and a smile seeker each and every time. For such a resource can be used and reused, for it doesn’t wear away.

    The photographer and the viewer, and the writer and the thinker, as the best things in life, it all comes in two’s, for it’s an art to be shared.
    Maybe one day I’ll meet a photographer who writes with old fashioned ink and a writer that photographs proverbs happening.

    Literature meets sunlight today, and I have my list of new favorite words. Glass. Light. Spellbound. Love. What a challenge it would be to photograph them all!

    Jennifer says:

    My grandpa was a cowboy in the 1920s; as a child loved his black and white photos that depicted a rugged west. He inspired me to want to travel and know more than my small Midwestern town. I currently live in AZ and as I travel throughout the west I admire landscapes my Grandpa Bucky once traversed (and photographed) and marvel at his courage and tenacity. Photography inspires me to travel, step outside of my comfort zone, and look at things through another person’s eyes.

    My Great Gran was a woman who always dressed to the nines. I grew up admiring her stacked bracelets, shiny earrings, and long necklaces. She taught me that it is just as easy to throw on a great looking outfit as it is a pair of sweat pants. Throughout my childhood, I enjoyed looking at pictures of her and her clothes, and even now I use them as a source of inspiration when I get dressed. Photography inspires me to be the best version of myself in all I do.

    So many have said it far better than I, but photography provides a unique window into another time, another place, and another person’s perspective on the world.

    Steph says:

    First off …photography is fun. 🙂 It is both a source of inspiration and artistic expression to me. And it is a gateway to the world and all the different people and all their different situations in so many ways. I think it makes us all a bit more wordly, because through it we can see and get a feel for people, animals and places from all around the world. That feeling or connection you can get through a picture is also important in so many other ways than just being an artist or a consumer of eye candy. One might say photography makes a difference not just to those of us who are privileged enough to know about it or even pursue it as a hobby or profession, but even more to those who need our help and benefit from the visual connection we make with their situation through photography. Charities often depend on this, because a picture of animals or children or people in need truly is worth a thousand words (quite possibly more). The same thing goes for inspiration and art. You just cannot replace it with words. Imagine blogs with no photos…. How neat is it to get a glimpse at Paris and London or remote deserts (and desserts!) and high mountains? Besides inspiration, I love photography because it makes me look at the world in other ways. Yes, I’m (almost) always looking for a good picture when I get somewhere and I think it’s really an eye opener. 🙂 Last but not least, it’s also a way to feel closer to my family who all live very far away. I’m such a big fan of both Max Wanger’s and you blogshop gals, I would absolutely LOVE to win this.

    dee says:

    For me, photography means finding things in life that inspire me, that can’t necessarily be translated into words. It’s taking a moment, a place, a person, or thing and seeing the beauty and the story behind it. I feel that photography is an outlet for me to be an uninhibited creative person. It inspires me to find art and beauty in everything I see and it makes me a well-rounded creative individual. It teaches me how to see things differently and how to frame my ideas and feelings into an emotion. When it comes right down to it, photography is an art that creates emotion and it is the individual behind the lens, who has the unique opportunity of writing that story. I would be more than honored if you’d consider me for Feet First and Blogshop to photograph my own story and learn more about photography. Thank You!

    Jessa says:

    Five senses are what we were given to connect us to the world and each other. Many days, though, we’re faced with an abbreviation of these gifts. Two-dimentional screens, commutes, and distance…the day-to-day flattens our perception down to a few of these senses at any given time (if we’re lucky).

    And, you could argue that an image is just an image; a quick snap, a glossy souvenir. But with skill, an image can expand, calling all of our senses to a moment in time, creating a feeling and a sense of place. A good photograph is creating a way for someone to experience the world as you did for that moment. That is what photography means to me.

    [btw: tweeted @jessicabrookman]

    Lu Curran says:

    Photography for me is snapping shots of your life through a lens and sharing it with those around you – your perspective, your version, your way – and allowing others to share in what you do, what inspires you, what you see, etc. Photography is something that I need to learn more about – I have a great camera, and have been able to get a few of those “perf” shots – but I need to learn to make more of those UNREAL snaps. I currently have a website – with a blog- and I know 100% that my website, portfolio, and experience could be captured and more visually represented if A. I knew how to take the “right picture from the right angle”, edit it to make it perfect, and upload it to my site in a lovely format like I could learn thru this course. I want, need, and can’t wait to take this course! I hope I win!!!! Tweeted @stylebylu

    Allison says:

    Life- Thats what photography is to me… It’s moments… A great meal with friends, an amazing sunset, a first kiss as man and wife, a family… Its everything. Its beautiful because its a moment never to happen again, captured. When I think of photography I can think of many things, technical aspects, posing, business, a ton of various ways to run my business and improve my skills, but at the end of the day strip it all away and to me photography is life.

    S says:

    Photography is capturing real time moments to preserve as memories. It is a way of sharing an experience with those not present. Pictures are a way of reconnecting with the past and reliving events. Through light, focus and a creative vision, I try to capture everyday life with a twist. I am a beginner DSLR photographer and would love to be a part of the workshop. I am huge fan of Max’s photo work and of course Bri’s blog!

    Jeannette says:

    Photography is the human great equalizer; to me, the power of a single frame is unequaled. With the click of one button, emotions, moments, and events are all frozen in time and you don’t need a degree to understand it. Since my first camera, I’ve been enamored by capturing and preserving memories for those around me. It has been my creative outlet and has allowed this otherwise introvert to share my view of the world in a very public medium. I am at a point in my career where I felt ready and took the leap to actually go into the business for myself this year. It has been scary, exciting and above all rewarding. But launching a business on your own also comes with sacrifices; I’ve had to cut back on a lot of things I would love to do and learning from your workshop was one of them. Learning from Max and Our Labor, who are some of my favorite photographers in the business would be a great boost for me professionally, thanks for this great opportunity Bri! I hope I get a chance to learn from you.

    Natasha says:

    Photography is an escape; an escape from the formulas and regulations of engineering, being a student, and a single perspective. I spent over 3 months looking for the perfect camera after I saved enough money from my first internship. My camera’s name is Rory and has been by my side for almost two years now, living through thousands of experiences with me. Photography is a way for me to constantly look for beautiful things around me and record every experience. I love that there is always more to learn in photography, a new way to take a photo, a new place to do it at, and of course a new way to present it to others, it’s an art that constantly evolves to your taste. Photography for me is an escape and an experiment with every photo I take. I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than meeting new friends and getting to learn new skills at blogshop! Best Wishes.

    I tweeted about it @nnelso01 !

    April says:

    Photography is freedom to me. Not freedom from hard work…because it takes plenty of that, not freedom from stress…because you live with the dread of not getting the shot that’s living in your head, and not freedom from worry…because there will always be new trends, depreciating equipment and “the industry”
    -there’s freedom in the hard work – it’s not the sort you dread, but they kind that keeps you up at night…to get the right edit & make sure your batteries are charged
    -there’s freedom in the stress – constant challenge makes for a better photographer, more efficient work and more composing/less “pray and spray”
    -and there IS freedom in the worry – at some point you realize that your art is YOUR ART..no one else’s…and no one can take that away from you. you own up to your shortfalls and do what you can to fix them and become the artist inside you.

    oh, and also…hopefully soon…photography is freedom from the 9 to 5 🙂

    best wishes,

    Jess Jolin says:

    Photography is everything to me right now, literally. I just quit my job to pursue something I have been dreaming about for years but never had the courage to do. I have loved painting and drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, and throughout my life I was told that I would never make money or aspire to anything if I pursued the life of an “artist.” In college I did what I was supposed to do and ended up with a degree in psychology, burnt out a few years later after working long days and endless nights. I picked up a camera and found something that I loved, painting with light instead of pencils, but essentially, one in the same. Life is too short to be afraid of living, especially living the way you want to. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. Good luck everyone! Jess

    dee says:

    #128. and i tweeted @deelights

    Kim Nguyen says:

    a haiku about what photography means to kim:

    cameras means more
    than just treat yo’self, homies.
    capture happiness.


    did i make you giggle? i hope i did. because i really just like to put out good vibes into the world, and that is why i like photography. to me, photography simply means a tangible medium to realign people back into all the positive in their lives. i know there’s a lot of non-good things you can capture on camera, but that’s not MY meaning in photography. a lot of people talk about photography as an outlet or an alternative for their 9-5 job, but my meaning in photography is a reminder of all the good at the present, even while you’re at the 9-5 job. i mean, you’re not going to have a framed memory on your desk of a really crappy time in your life? no, you’re going to frame the memory that makes you smile and say to yourself, “hey, my life ain’t so bad.” and i want to give you that captured memory. i want to give a friend, client, stranger that tangible good vibe. and that’s what photography means to me: a way to capture those good vibes and put some positivity in the world, and i know Feet First would be a great opportunity to grow that meaning. (also, i hope i made you laugh a little because then i would have done my good deed of the day).

    and of course, i tweeted (@kimwrsthepants).

    Jill Sutton says:

    Two years ago, drowning in what seemed like an endless sea of post partum anxiety disorder, I started recording my sons life tirelessly with a camera. My mind wasn’t in the right frame to remember everything that I beat myself up about missing due to panic attacks that I suffered day after day. Luckily, my psychosis didn’t involve wanting to hurt my child like some who suffer; however, it did leave me wondering if I would be alive by the time that my husband finally made it home from work. Sometimes the plan in my head was that I wouldn’t.
    After discovering blogging, writing, and photography, my mental health took a turn. I wasn’t an isolated, stay at home mom. Connection. My images started to bring pride to me and give back to me those moments that my panic mind wouldn’t let me keep. Slowly, I began to notice all the beautiful shots that were in the world, and now, my son is three, and I see so much beauty in the world and photography gives me the medium to share that awesome perspective and treasure it even more because I know what like is like without it. Obsessing about capturing baby eyelashes and giggles and capturing those moments for other people has healed me more than anything else in this world, and I want to give and give and give all that’s in me to it. Max’s photography is some that I go back to time and time again, and the opportunity to work with him would absolutely blow my mind. Thanks for this community that you all have created. I feel the love that you guys put into it, and I think you get a lot of it back too.

    Sara Welch says:

    Many people hang photos on the walls of their homes to decorate. Some put them into scrapbooks with labels and dates as a hobby. I do those things as well, but for me, photos are not just adornment for my house or a leisurely pastime, they are my home.
    My husband and I travel. A lot. We move often. As often as the military tells us we have to. We make new friends that become old friends. We pack and unpack our things time after time. And we build our life by collecting photos of our memoires, not china.
    It’s hard to make a home this way. But what is a home really? Home is where the heart is, some would say. And if that is true, then how do you find heart when you keep having to make a new home?
    Photos. Yes, they tell us our location, but they also tell us more. So. Much. More. They remind us of each house we have lived in, which become our home, even if for just a moment.. Each person we have shared our lives with that became a friend. And each unfamiliar city that became our neighborhood.
    Sometimes, photos remind us of the people we had to leave behind. And sometimes they take us to a place we would rather be. It is how we add to the “home” we have built. Our home is not built of wood, brick or mortar. It is built on photos.
    Photography is the way we remember. It is how we tell stories. It is how we share life’s great adventures and pay tribute to those we’ve lost. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then photography, is priceless.

    P.S. I am tweeting this amazing opportunity out to all my peeps! Thank you!

    Simona says:

    Two years ago I traded the click of a mouse for that of a shutter. I left a florescent cubical to find true bliss in a classroom deprived of all light – the topic, Photography. It was a dream come true to be creating something beautiful everyday. I learned to approach the world through a viewfinder and wide-angle lens. I studied the fundamentals and absorbed techniques. I learned to respect the classics and awe the creative. I am slowly finding my voice, and everyday I discover a little more about my creative style. The Canon I carry is my pen, and its memory card my memoir.
    Many advise that one’s career should be something that excites you, something that you jump out of bed for every morning. Photography is it. It’s my dream job. It’s a creative outlet that I pray I can turn into a career.
    Your blog has been a source of inspiration to me throughout my plunge into the world of photography. It would be a tremendous learning experience and honor to be involved with your workshop. Thank you for your time, and I anxiously hope to hear from you soon.
    I twitted (Simona_lt) and ’ed () about this contest.

    ania s. says:

    diane a. said a photograph is a secret of a secret……….ohhh yes…..the seduction of stealing secrets, asking for secrets, sharing secrets and still wanting more. light exposes shadow hides. fascination. would you let me take photo of you i can’t help myself to ask this question??? would you let me and tell me….i keep asking….and thank you all fantastic people who answer yes and i keep wanting more, can’t help myself!!!!! ; ))))))

    Hey girl, hey! I recently started interning at ban.do and I’m hoping that doesn’t put me at a disadvantage. I’ve been looking to your blog for constant inspiration and desperately wanted to take your Blogshop class when it was first offered in Los Angeles but could simply not afford it. Lately, I ‘ve taken large steps and I finally feel like some of my passions could become my career and this opportunity could really propel me further in the right direction….and, oh yeah, what does photography mean to me? Well…

    Without it, some of my favorite things in life would not exist…The Hunger Games would not exist….Ryan Gosling memes would not exist…and for God’s sake, Pinterset and Instagram would not exist.

    But seriously now…photography, simply put, is evolution. I believe it is the source of education, inspiration, and will always and forever be… magic. I still see magic in images. And what makes you a magician Miss Bri, is your ability to control and magnify that magic. That is where Blogshop comes into play. Photography does not stop when you take a photo. If a photograph tells a story, the postproduction process narrates it. And what comes out of that process is what catches your eye and what enhances emotions.

    I will also be tweeting…

    Ashley says:

    I love this time of day, dawn I mean. Welcoming me this morning is the glow of a pink sky laced with wistful clouds.

    I am breathing.

    Twigs and fallen leaves crunch beneath my weight with each step. The warming rays, fractured by the branches above, dance upon the forest floor.

    My compass is the rising sun.

    The fraying strap of my Nikon begins to feel heavy across my shoulder. I grip tightly at my coffee mug, savoring the last swells of heat applied to my bare hands. I continue forward, tracing the sun drenched path before me.

    I have the urge to remember everything within these early hours. Every detail suddenly feels precious. I take a moment, then begin capturing all that I can frame after frame.

    This moment is ordinary- simple palate, subtle lighting, undistinguished details. But with my camera in hand, what is ordinary becomes extraordinary.

    An instant is frozen..

    The fraction of a second that passes at the release of a shutter becomes your personal detail. In the tangled laces of time, all of our memories will be lost. Emotions are fleeting, memories are malleable or forgotten all together. The details of today, the cool air seeping through my scarf or the warmth of the sun on my face, will be long forgotten. A moment that would be quickly lost in the desuetude of my forgetful memory, now has the ability to live on, surpassing all life that is surrounding me. A preserved detail instantly becomes a cherished memory and a permanent part of history. These unsubstantial details make up a lifetime.

    ..I follow my shadow home.

    Julie says:

    I would love to learn how to take really great pictures, especially now that we moved beyond a simple point and click. For me, photography is keeping records of moments. Yes, you can write about things, but the visual aspect becomes so much more. Twenty years or so down the road, our daughters can read all about their younger years, but the pictures really “tell” the story, their quirky expressions, how small they were coming home. As well, I want to capture more of my own interests. I’m an ardent fan of watching storms roll in, and that’s one area I’m not skilled enough yet to really bring out the best shot for certain elements.

    Kayleen says:

    Photography has been an open door to opportunities, to change, to living my life with open eyes and a sense of wonder. It has fueled momentum and drive inside me I never knew I had and I’ll never forget a moment passed because I will always have a beautiful reminder of the little things in my life.

    Stacy Stranzl says:

    Photography today makes the world a brighter and more informed time to live than at any other point in human history. It is one of few arts that is used as a communication tool. People can document events, express themselves, and communicate ideas and emotions around the globe without the need for translation. There are photos that convey information in text books, television news and blogs. Photography is possibly the most powerful tool for invoking emotion, wether it be happiness, sorrow or nostalgia. For me, photography is a way to communicate. From SLR to iPhone; light, composition, and the processing the image will undergo afterword are all things to take into account in communicating through photos. Photos are a universal language, a single image can be “read” by many people without translation. I also think teaching photography is equally important to sharing photos. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Stacy Stranzl says:

    I tweeted
    and ed. @_ycats

    I’m drawn to people, creating community and building relationships, seeking beauty, learning from struggles and pain, sharing joy, and appreciating the human experience. Photography is important to me because it’s been a way to bridge the gap between my desires, feelings, and the way I view and take in my surroundings.

    I love the process of photographing ideas. Sometimes it’s shooting on a whim, other times it’s taking part in a more thoughtful process–starting from a simple growing idea and bringing it to life is beautiful.

    I think photography is honest, and magical, and fuel for creativity. I thrive on these things and crave to learn more!

    Jess Jolin says:

    #136 My first tweet…

    Lauren says:

    Because I am a graphic designer, I highly value great photography, but I have trouble taking great photos myself. To me, photography is like a foreign language and if I could just speak it, I would feel so free. When I look at Max’s photos, especially the style 43 post of bri’s dream world, it’s amazing how I feel like I’m there in that imaginary world. The colors and airy quality of the photos stuck with me and inspired me for days afterward. Photography allows an artist to invite the viewer into an intimate moment and frame an experience, emotion, or idea in a way that can have such a lasting impression. That ability to inspire people is the power of the language of photography.

    Photography is more than taking a photo, it is freezing a moment in time. The emotions, the sentiment, the bliss, the fear. I insert myself into the lives of clients and try to freeze exactly as they are. I want memories to flood back when people pick up a snapshot, those emotions on the day it was taken. It is more than just carrying an expensive camera and following a bride and groom on their wedding day, it is being a part of their new union and sharing their love with the world. It’s making them feel naturally, hopelessly, romantically in love and the proof is in the pudding. It is taking timeless images to share with unborn children, to illustrate their journeys, capture their hearts, and to tell a tale of two people in love. I don’t shoot technically, I shoot emotionally, from the heart. Attending blogshop would give me the fire and the passion to share my art with the world. One of the greatest joys is hearing from complete strangers of the emotions they have when looking at my photos, I live to tell love stories, love stories about people just like you…

    My developer is trying to persuade me to move to .net from PHP.
    I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses.
    But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using Movable-type on
    a number of websites for about a year and am nervous about switching to another platform.
    I have heard great things about blogengine.net.
    Is there a way I can import all my wordpress content into it?

    Any help would be really appreciated!

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