remember that photography workshop we did in atlanta with & ? (see video here!) well we are doing it again! and in LA this time on april 26-28th!

photo by

quick rundown: 3 day workshop for photographers. learn how to shoot, create, and edit! even if you are a beginner, this will be a blast for you. here are some past student’s posts about the workshop and

but hurry folks, the class is half filled with anxious learners already! all the details & how to are hope to see you there!


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    Anonymous says:

    Your prices for your seminars seem a bit high. I could take a whole semester photography class for what you are charging for 3 days. Unless you are including room and board for those days…you need to re-think your prices.

    Erin says:

    I’d love to sign up, just too much for me to afford right now. Hopefully when I can afford it, there’ll be another one in LA!

    Merve says:

    I must agree with Anonymus and Erin. Your price is high indeed:( And only for 3 days. Anyway I believe that you are very talented and creative people, so can tell you may teach a lot.

    Anonymous says:

    I wish youd come closer to the midwest!!!!

    Leandra says:

    Completely agree with your readers. I heard about your class and while it is a weekend full of fun,for young people who would like to learn, and older people with bills and children, your prices are not worth what you’re offering especially after spending a lot of time with guests of your NY classes.

    katie says:

    did these prices go up? that’s insaaane for teaching people how to touch up photos and add words/confetti to images in photoshop. i mean, c’mon. cuh-razy. but good for you for getting so much dough from this.

    Annie H. says:

    I dunno, I’m sure there are reasons for the cost. I read something interesting recently about pricing events: Let’s talk about what things cost. A higher price tag is also a way of self-selecting a super passionate, committed audience who feel it is worth the sacrifice/investment. The rest of us can still enjoy the free content on the blog.

    Annie H. says:

    Oops, missing the link:

    bri says:

    hi everyone!

    i definitely hear what you guys are saying here. but allow me to explain a bit…

    the prices of our 2 day blogshop have remained the same. this is a specialized THREE day workshop where 6 of us will all share valuable information about photography…lighting, theory, composition, retouching, marketing, work flow, branding…we also spend quality time with the students after class at dinner, answering personal questions.

    let’s say you got even ONE wedding job after this workshop, that could cover the cost of learning from 4 photographers that spend almost all their time shooting weddings. and then you spend a whole day learning how to retouch your photos (which a lot of people pay others to do because they either don’t have time or know how to do themselves). we believe we can provide our students with knowledge that can help get them jobs. and our biggest hope is to inspire them.

    i understand not everyone can afford this, but i hope you guys know we would never ever try to rip people off.
    thanks for listening.

    Annemarie says:

    I haven’t taken any of these classes (not offered in Milwaukee) and don’t have the money right now. However, if I did have the money, I’d definitely do it, and I don’t even have a blog! I think there’s a certain level of professionalism, creativity, and je ne sais quoi, that I simply can’t get in a formal class that I would get here. I also think that it’s a little bit more of the fine art of things which is hard to capture. Anyone can learn Photoshop, but to make something that looks purdy? That’s another story and I think that’s what I’d get out of this class.

    I am glad that people voiced their opinions because as a sort of creative, I think it’s essential that we newbies get our money’s worth too.

    It’d be great if Bri & gals produced a series of ‘how to’ videos for us poor folks.

    amanda says:

    While those prices may seem high to some, Max Wagner and the Labor of Love photographers are some of the best in the business. Those prices with amazing photographers like them are the standard. You really can’t compare learning from them to taking some regular night time course from a community college.

    Mailinh says:

    Bri, don’t take those comments personally! I completely understand the pricing of this workshop. This just means one, who is interested in & wanting to going, must save up his/her pennies because the experience will be worth it.

    I went to a 3-day photography workshop last summer. It cost $1400, and at the time I was an adjunct living on a very low income (only get paid once a month) students load up to my head, and had other bills to pay. However, I saved up money on the side for this workshop and do not regret a single penny I put into it. Why would I do something like that? Because I knew that I would walk away with a wealth of information that would help me grow as an artist.

    And now, I’m saving my pennies for one of your workshops. Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend one this year. But it’s just all about the timing of when these workshops are scheduled and my job. ;0)


    Nancy says:

    I am one of those adults with a job and bills and a mortgage. Paying for one of Bri’s classes was the best money I have ever spent. “You get what you pay for” goes the phrase and that has never been more true where BlogShop was concerned, at least in my experience. I mean really, do you prefer a 1 hour class, 3 days a week, for 5+ weeks… or 16 hours in 2 days… or close to 24 in 3 days for this particular class? It’s intense, trust me, and yes, expensive… but the reward and the take away is priceless.

    quintessence says:

    Let me jump in here for a moment if I may. I just recently took the 2 day class in NYC and must say that it was totally worth the money. A year ago I tried taking a photoshop class at my local community college. Granted it included much more information but that was exactly the problem – it was information I was never going to use. As a blogger, I ultimately found the class overwhelming, filled with teenagers who already knew everything and were just there to get degree credit. I ended up dropped the class, so clearly it was not money well spent. This short intensive class jam packs a lot of great relevant information into a short period. Bri and Angela are totally receptive to questions and less tech savvy attendees. I have already used many aspects of the program I have learned and still have much more untapped information at my disposal if I choose to incorporate it at a later time. So, in summary, while this may seem like perhaps a higher fee, clearly a lot of work went into tailoring the course content for bloggers and web site owners. This is a HUGE asset that should not be overlooked!! I would take it again just to hone my skills to the next level!!

    Karen says:

    I would love to take one of these classes. But I can’t swing the cost right now either. My job would send me but in order to get a spot in the class, I would have to pay and get reimbursed (class spot not held on a P.O. number). But that’s all OK. There’ll be more and I’ll just wait until I can afford it. To everyone who’s going… have fun! 🙂

    krista says:

    Anyone who has taken one of Bri & Angela’s BlogShop classes knows that these ladies are kind hearted people who are incredibly talented. They are not trying to rip anyone off and are providing an important, valuable opportunity to the blogging community. If you stop to calculate the costs to them to put on these workshops (including their travel, food, space for the classes, etc) you would realize that these classes are not overpriced. Oh, and by the way, they deserve to make profit on these classes – it’s called being in business! Sorry for the rant, but I don’t think people fully realize what goes into putting these classes on from a time, resources and energy standpoint requires. I went to the Austin class and can tell you it is invaluable and worth every penny and more.

    Erica says:

    I don’t mean to be super negative about this, but to put it in perspective that price is 2/3’s of the price for a 3 year graphic design program. It’s way too high. I would never be able to afford that for 3 days.

    Danielle says:

    I know y’all are gunna hate me lol… But I paid that much for a ONE day work shop. 1. If you “want” something-you will be willing to pay. 2. I think the networking and friends you make…are priceless. I’d totally pay, and I’ve only recently stumbled upon DLF/Bri’s site a few month ago and was instantly attracted to the creativity, originality & hard work. Impressed.

    Ann says:

    Come back to NY! Would love to take your workshop!!!

    OH MY GOD says:


    OH MY GOD says:

    You can buy a good camera for that price! Geeze

    terepy says:

    yes, i will agree that the cost of the feet first blogshop is pricey but I’m going even without the having all the funds for it. but this workshop is an investment for me and my business. max wanger and our labor of love is a few of my favorite photographers and bri emery is an amazing graphic designer. i can’t wait to learn from them=] because i know it will be worth every penny. & just being able to meet them will be an honor!

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